Campaign Spotlight: The New Yorker Calls on a Trio of Its Artists for Annual Festival Promotion

Works by the magazine’s artists are the centerpiece of an advertising campaign for the New Yorker Festival, set for October.

Advertising: Putting the Romance in Cold Medicine and Fabric Softener

Brands both expected and unexpected are advertising for Valentine’s Day, using a variety of promotions both online and in person.


Advertising: Super Bowl Ads to Help Start Busy Season

The power of big-event television is on display as perhaps never before.


Snowden to Join Board of the Freedom of the Press Foundation

The foundation set up by Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers leaker and a supporter of Edward J. Snowden, encourages publishing government secrets in the public interest.


Advertising: Grammys Go Live in One Real-Time Show to Promote Another

In a live show on CBS to announce the Grammy nominees, a campaign to encourage viewers to come back on Jan. 26 for the awards show will be introduced.


The Haggler: Mug-Shot Websites, Retreating or Adapting

After an October article, at least one big site has stopped charging fees for removing arrest photographs. But another has resumed the practice.


For Shoppers, Next Level of Instant Gratification

New shopping services will allow consumers to instantly buy items they see on television, in magazines and even in their refrigerators.


Advertising: A Cook-Off Among Chefs to Join Delta’s Kitchen

The contest, the Cabin Pressure Cook-Off, will feature four chefs cited by Food & Wine as “best new chefs.”


Advertising: Commercials With a Gay Emphasis Are Moving to Mainstream Media

Until recently, ads with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender themes were usually limited to media those consumers watched and read.


Advertising: Bieber Promotes a Debit Card With High Fees

In new videos for the SpendSmart Payments Company, which offers a prepaid debit card for teenagers, Justin Bieber talks about his modest upbringing.