Halloween Mugshots – Criminals Caught in the Act While in Costume (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) Everyone loves to look at a good mugshot (celebrity or not). The pictures in this gallery are a special breed of mugshot – criminals caught in the act while in costume.

All of the unfortunate souls pictured…

Penguin Books | We Make Stories


A tendência da colaboração chegou ao núcleo editorial infantil. A Pinguin Books, por exemplo, maior editora de livros do Reino Unido, acabou de lançar um projeto online chamado “We Make Stories“, focado em um público infantil (crianças de 6 a 11 anos de idade). Um forte apelo à precoce “Geração Conteúdo“. O site permite fazer com que os usuários criem e montem os seus próprios storybooks virtuais e historinhas personalizadas. Os pais podem registrar os filhos no site para facilitar o acesso das crianças. Em seguida elas podem começar a criar seus storybooks e compartilhar as historinhas com outros usuários. O site, que conta com um layout super bacana e uma navegação simplificada, ainda faz uma seleção temporária dos melhores trabalhos criados pelos usuários. Cool!

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BET Awards Ratings Soar Thanks to Michael Jackson, Twitter

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Broadcast networks may have gotten a boost from Michael Jackson tributes over the weekend, but the biggest benefactor was Sunday night's BET Awards. The Viacom cable network's annual ceremony drew the year's highest-rated cable telecast, with 10.65 million total viewers watching live-plus-same day, thanks to its last-minute tribute to the late singer and more than a little help from a partnership with Twitter.

So, Crispin, How Do You Like Bing?

Crispin Porter & Bogusky joined the Web 2.0 website bandwagon today with its revamped site that remembers to jump into the conversation.

Pop Culture Remains Faithful to TV Marriage

MINNEAPOLIS (AdAge.com) — Before last week's wave of celebrity passings, the political and pop-culture worlds were engaged with the marital woes of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and Jon and Kate Gosselin, as inferred infidelity was laid bare for all the world to see. But despite — or maybe because of — Sanford's Appalachian-turned-Argentinean adventure and the Gosselins going their separate ways, marriage, or at least the pursuit of it, is a hot topic.

Advertising: The Price of ‘Free’ Media

The march of technology has disrupted the implicit contract that has driven the media business for a hundred years or more. We need a new contract.

Inked Pin-Up Studios – 666photography Has Handmade Costumes, Props Burlesque Tattoos (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) 666photography has clever vintage ideas, beautifully mixing old and new styles. With the help of old-school theater style sets, hand-painted backdrops and retro costumes, 666photography is able to transform…

Take a Vacation and Let Chevron Take Care of the Gas… or the Car

RevisedGasQQLast summer, the price of gas skyrocketed through the roof. At one point, in Chicago, the cost to fill up my little car was $4.60 per gallon for premium. Thankfully, the price cooled down as the recession heated up, leaving lower prices for gasoline and less buying power for the dollar. Hmm.

Although prices have risen somewhat this summer (at least here in Chicago), it doesn’t seem to have quite the impact. This is partly due to the absence of media coverage that pounded the cost of gas into our heads every day, just to let us us know how bad the situation had become (and I’d like to thank the media for that). This year, the media has moved on to focus on the economy, Iran, Obama, and other “newsworthy” items.

Yet, with the economy slumping, travel plans for the summer are being cut short, or just cut out altogether. Don’t the economic forces know that now is when we most need a vacation? Obviously not. However, there’s one company that does.

logo_Chevron1Chevron announced the Summer Road Trip Giveaway taking place now at stations nationwide, and ending on July 12, 2009. Entrants not only have a chance to win free Chevron gas for a year, but also new cars, hotel stays, GPS units, and Chevron gift cards. There are 40,000 prizes in total, which means that plenty of them remain.

To enter, go to a local participating Chevron station and pick up a game card and register to play online. After entering the game card code, the winners will be notified via e-mail. In addition to the instant prizes, entrants can also join in the Chevron Car Hunt Contest. Using online clues, users are to track down hidden “virtual cars” in various cities. The person that tracks down the highest number of virtual cars in the least amount of time is eligible to win a 2009 Chevy Corvette 1LT Coupe.

For updates on the Summer Road Trip Giveaway as well as prize winners, follow Chevron on Twitter or go to chevrongiveaway.com. More information on Chevron is available at Chevron.com.

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What to Do if You Forgot to Register Your Facebook Trademark URL

Did you miss the boat by failing to register a trademark URL with Facebook? Are you now scrambling to recover your brand identity from an anonymous Facebook hijacker? Don't panic. You still have options, both through Facebook and the legal system at-large.

Nike | Robot Parkour

Robot Parkour é um filme fantasma produzido pelos criativos da Big Lazy Robot Visual Effects, exclusivamente para a Nike. Quem protagoniza é um ser metade robô, metade humano – feito em animação. O filme segue a linha conceitual da Nike direcionada as pessoas que buscam ultrapassar seus próprios limites. A trilha sonora ficou por conta de “Warrior´s Dance“, do The Prodigy.


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Teen Does Back Flip in WheelChair: HowStuffWorks.com

HowStuffWorks_logoHow does White Collar crime work? What if the safety harness on the roller coaster broke? What are 10 inventions we use daily that was first used at NASA? How does WiFi operate? Who is Aaron Fotheringham?

Aaron Fotheringham is the seventeen-year-old athlete featured in HowStuffWorks.com’s online and television ad campaign in support of the popular website. The spots have been released on YouTube, and will also be seen on TV starting this week. And, it’s not who Aaron is; it’s what he does:

Aaron, born with spina bifida, and dubbed with the nickname Wheelz, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada (which may play a part in his penchant for taking risks). One day, while his brother and friends were dropping into empty swimming pools on skateboards and BMX bikes, his brother suggested that he “drop in.” Although nervous, Aaron took his first “wheelchair drop” into the pool.

He’s now known as the inventor and pioneer of an extreme sport called “Hardcore Sitting” and competes in BMX racing. Against cyclists.

He’s been competing alongside BMX bikers since 2005 and has more than 10 corporate sponsors. He won the trophy at the BMX Intermediate Vegas AmJam 2005 Finals and spends about 30 to 40 hours per week practicing the sport he invented.

In mid-2006, Aaron became the first person in history to complete a back flip in a wheelchair. On Halloween, 2008, Guinness Book of World Records certified Aaron as the sole inventor and performer of the wheelchair back flip. No one has duplicated his feat. There is a section on HowStuffWorks.com devoted to Aaron Fotheringham and his journey.

Along with the sponsorships, the accolades, and the TV appearances, he’s launched a website, AaronFotheringham.com, and was awarded $20,000 by the FOX reality TV show “Secret Millionaire.” The money will help form a company that teaches other children in wheelchairs the sport of Hardcore Sitting.

This is the second ad campaign HowStuffWorks.com has launched and builds upon the highly successful “Scuba Cat” campaign launched this time last year. The new campaign also features a skydiving car, with both video spots centered around the theme of “Keep Asking.” The spots ask all types of questions, along with a voice-over, “For expert answers to the world’s great questions, go to HowStuffWorks.com.” The tagline “Keep Asking” demonstrates the ability to utilize a single execution to capture a full range of emotions and tackle a wide array of topics.

Preston Kelly, headquartered in Minneapolis, provided the creative juice that powers the campaign.

Jeff Louis: Strategic Media Planner, Project Manager, and New Business Account Coordinator. His passion is writing. Reach out and touch him: www.linkedin.com or www.twitter.com.

Evolving Illustrations – Tracking the Aesthetic Changes to Alice in Wonderland Over Time (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) From the very beginning, it was evident that Lewis Carrol’s tales of Alice in Wonderland were uniquely enchanting. His original drawings were so very magical, it is no wonder Disney jumped on the wonderland…

Marketers Soften Stance on Upfront Pricing

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Advertisers are backing off their most radical and aggressive pricing demands in the upfront marketplace, according to executives at three different buying agencies and one selling executive — a concrete sign that the market for TV advertising time in the new fall season is finally gearing up to move after weeks of delays.

LG | Clube dos Perdedores de Programa


Um concurso cultural criado pela Sinc utiliza o Twitter para dar cara nova aos tradicionais concursos culturais.
Se trata da última estratégia para a LG, que utiliza, mais uma vez, o popular microblog. Nesta campanha, os usuários concorrem a 3 TVs, respondendo “O que você está perdendo agora?” de duas maneiras: via Twitter, dando um reply para @perdendoagora, ou direto na home do site.
O concurso faz parte das ações de lançamento da TV Time Machine Digital que grava a programação para a pessoa assistir quando quiser. Por isso foi instituído o conceito do “Clube dos Perdedores de Programa” – um clube fictício criado para “auxiliar” pessoas que deixam de sair de casa só para não perderem o que está passando na TV – os famosos “vidiotas”.

O site da ação é a sede do CPP, e nele o usuário participa de reuniões do clube, assiste aos depoimentos dos integrantes e conhece os 5 passos todos os passos para participar da brincadeira.
Pelo jeito a LG está gostando de trabalhar com as ferramentas sociais em suas campanhas. Vide LG Renoir, LG Viewty, a recém apresentada campanha para LG Top Mount, entre outras. Dessa maneira, a Sinc consegue desenvolver e executar um trabalho bem estratégico para a marca, estimulando o envolvimento das pessoas com a LG, de uma forma bem interessante. Veja a seguir o making of do CPP (Clube dos Perdedores de Programa).

:: A produção tem o apoio da Talk Filmes.

Multi-media campaign launches new Zurich Connect direct insurance product

LONDON – Ads featuring the voices of comedian Alexander Armstrong and actor Marc Warren will launch new direct insurance brand from Zurich today across TV, press and radio.

Don’t Mess With Mom at Checkout


Yea, we know moms (yes, we are making that assumption) can sometimes get violent at the checkout counter but these two women take violence to a new level in this Mountain Dew Level Up or Die spot for the brand’s Game Fuel.

The Penelopes – Stuck in Lalaland

Le réalisateur Danakil vient de diriger le nouveau clip du groupe éléctro The Penelopes déjà invité du Fubiz Broadcast 43 par le passé. A noter l’élégant travail sur les corps, basé sur le titre “Stuck in Laland”. A découvrir dans la suite.

Westwood Polishes Collars Up Pretty for Corporate Cogdom


Here’s a pair of ads for Westwood College, one of those vocational schools where you can get a degree in three years and start your career!

Unilever TV campaign for Sure focuses on price

LONDON – Unilever is putting value at the heart of its latest campaign for its deodorant brand Sure for the first time in a bid to stop consumers trading down.

Pedigree appoints Clash-Media for lead generation campaign

Pet brand Pedigree has hired online lead generation supplier Clash-Media to generate new customer sales.