SMV JAPAN: Stay Alert Song


The state of emergency has been lifted! But what do I have to be careful about? A song about what to do when you see everyone for the first time in a long time. Animation movie ” Stay Alert Song” When the self-restraint is over and you can finally see your loved ones. But don’t let your guard down just because you’re happy, and don’t let it lead to the second or third wave. We, SMV JAPAN, which sells “mobile alcohol disinfection spray”, That’s why I put what I wanted to be careful about in the song. By taking care of your safety when you’re out and about The happiness of being able to meet your loved ones. May this continue for a long time to come.

Be aware if your friend?s looking healthier Just smile and let it go And be aware to trim your nose hairs Cos they could put up a fight And be aware that your lunch doesn?t smell Cos that?s not very nice at all And when you go to work wear comfortable shoes Cos it?s been a while since you walked Be aware, but don?t be scared You gotta take care, cos I can see you again Be aware, but don?t be scared You know I love it cos I can see you again Your underpants are fine at home You?ll get in trouble if you wear them out Don?t cry if your pets aren?t with you Just go play with them at your house And be aware to remember people?s names Your screen can?t help you there And you can?t mute your behind So be aware not to pass air So what I?m really trying to say is When you meet me on a sunny day you better Be aware, but don?t be scared You gotta take care, cos I can see you again Be aware, but don?t be scared You know I love it cos I can see you again So be aware to keep up your daily chores It?s always gonna make someone smile Don?t be embarrassed to tell the ones you love That you love them if it?s been a while So beware to always wear a mask And be aware to wash your hands please Cos taking care of you means taking care of me Be aware, but don?t be scared Cos if you take care of yourself It means taking care of everyone else now Be aware, but don?t be scared You gotta take care of you me And stay alert for everybody

Advertising Agency:Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director & Copywriter:Yusuke Shimano
Executive Producer:Masaomi Watanabe
Film Director + Art Director:Ryosuke Sone
Copywriter:Chiemi Manako
Planner:Yoko Asano
Music:Erik Reiff
AE:Yuu Iida
Pr:Takayuki Tomita
Logo Design:Katsuhiro Uto

CandA: Own It!


Advertising Agency:Havas Germany

Terveystalo: The Essential Influencers


During times like these the world needs essential influencers. Influencers with factual, unbiased and up-to-date information. COVID-19 has and will dominate online conversations and misinformation has taken over social media. This is why Terveystalo wrote an open letter to the social media giants. We need their help to elevate the health care professionals who are exactly the influencers our world needs right now.

Advertising Agency:TBWA, Helsinki, Finland

Mexsana: Be Brave


Take off your shoes freely anywhere.

Advertising Agency:Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia

Nescafe: Good Morning


For decades, NESCAFE has grown with the idea that everyone in the world deserves a great cup of coffee. For all the coffee lovers in the world, the first cup of coffee in the morning is undoubtedly an essential moment of their day. A ritual to which the world’s largest coffee brand has been associated for decades.

‘Good morning’ is another universal moment of our everyday lives. We say ‘Good morning’ to our family, to our friends, to our colleagues, to everyone. And sometimes without thinking, just to be polite. A ritual we may have not said with meaning for quite some time.

NESCAFE, with the help of Publicis Worldwide (Paris and Milan offices), launch the new ‘Good morning’ campaign, with the idea of bringing an optimistic ‘Good’ back into ‘Good morning’; a promise to a new beginning, a celebration of being together again and make the best of a new day.

Advertising Agency:Publicis, Paris, France
Advertising Agency:Pulbicis, Milan, Italy
Global CCO Publicis WW:Bruno Bertelli
Global Creative Director:Davide Boscacci
Executive Creative Director:Hugo Gallardo
Acd:Jen Smith, Gustavo Lacerda
Head Of Copy:Jen Smith
Art Director:Gustavo Lacerda
General Manager:Dennis Deyonker
Business Director:Arnaud Tillon
Client Service Director:Prigent Guiganton
Senior Strategic Planner:Daniel Groh
Head Of Production:Francesca Zazzera
Production Company:Prodigious Italy
Producer:Sanam Bartoletti
Music Production:Yessian, Music Sound Design
Artist:Bright Eyes
Song:First Day Of My Life

Korean National Police Agency: Hope Tape

Direct Marketing
Korean National Police Agency

On International Missing Children’s Day (May 25), Cheil Worldwide and Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) announced the launch of HOPE TAPE campaign to help find long-term missing children. In South Korea, 661 children have been missing for over one year, and 638 of those have been missing for more than five years.

Cheil created a new packaging tape – also named HOPE TAPE – which contains details of 28 children who have been missing for a long time. With HOPE TAPE, boxes delivered to every corner of the nation will be transformed into a new medium to spread information that are crucial in finding missing children.

HOPE TAPE carries children’s photos taken at the time of their disappearance, their age progression images using KNPA’s technology, and other information including their physical features and places last seen. It also contains QR code that connects to police’s dedicated mobile app where people can report and search about missing children, and register fingerprints of their children that can be later used in case of disappearance.

From May to June, HOPE TAPE will be used in packing 620 thousand parcels to be delivered across the country through courier service providers Korea post and Hanjin Transportation.

KNPA said, “We ask for the urgent attention and cooperation of citizens and communities around the country to help give hope and encouragement to families of children who have gone missing. By organizing the HOPE TAPE campaign, we seek to draw attention to this terribly sad situation.”

Seongphil Hwang, creative director at Cheil Worldwide, said, “With Coronavirus outbreak, people tend to stay home and use more of door-to-door delivery service in that parcels can be a highly effective medium to spread information of missing children. We wish HOPE TAPE provides real help to families who would not give up on searching their loved ones.”

Advertising Agency:Cheil, Seoul, South Korea
Senior Vice President:Hun Choi
Creative Director:Seongphil Hwang, Hyungkyun Oh
Copywriter:Sekyeong Park
Art Director:Miyeon Shin, Yeowool Kwon
Account Director:Joohong Min
Account Executive:Chan Kim, Kyunghoon Woo
Director:Kwangwon Cho, Illri Imagines
Film Producer:Dongjo An, Visionholdings, Sooyoung Yoon, Visionholdings

Volkswagen: Here


Volkswagen offers an ode to « here » in a new series of films from DDB Paris. In the very particular context of the lockdown exit in France,Volkswagen has launched a new campaign along with a dedicated offer (the “Better days” – a series of exceptional deals including 3 years of warranty and 3 months worth of rent offered). A campaign by Volkswagen to celebrate our new-found freedom and the return of the simple joys of life.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director:Alexander Kalchev
Copywriter:Benoit Oulhen
Art Director:Mickaël Jacquemin
Planning:Loic Morando

Tuenti: Unlimited music


Campaing for Tuenti, a telecommunications company in Ecuador, advertising one of its products: Spotify that doesn’t consume mobile data.

Advertising Agency:Sancho BBDO, Bogotá, Colombia

Burger King: Social Distancing Crown

Burger King

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease and restaurants reopen their dine-in service, Burger King is launching the “Social Distancing Crown” to help customers keep a safe distance from each other in a fun way. A play-off of the brand’s tradition of giving out paper crowns with meals, the new initiative aims to add some humor to social distancing policies, and bring smiles to people in this stressful time. The BK crowns are distributed still folded, and a DIY guide is available, prompting customers to make the Social Distancing Crown by themselves.

Advertising Agency:Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, Germany

Covid19 Campaign: #MakeCovidLonely


With a second wave looming and feelings of loneliness on the rise, Covid19 can still feel abstract to many, making it hard to stick to physical distancing. The hero video of the #MakeCovidLonely campaign gave the abstract Covid19 virus a physical presence as an animated character out in the world. The message: Social distancing makes us lonely. But it makes Covid19 lonely too. And that’s the only way to beat it.


creative direction:Matthew Donne, Rich Brown
Thomas Dagg:3D Artist
Editor:Marka Rankovic
Producer:Megan Flett
Sound Design and Mix:Berkeley Inc.

United Nations / WHO / Stratitude: The New Norm

United Nations

As social distancing and lockdowns force people to spend their time indoors, everyone is turning to the internet to stay connected and informed. During this time, people are embracing texting and social media to the point where we’ve seeing an unprecedented increase in screen time. Text and online acronyms have become part of our universal language with words like FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), LOL (Laugh Out Loud) and YOLO (You Only Live Once) being widely used and understood.The campaign uses these acronyms to get the audience’s attention but then gives each one a new meaning to make them current and relevant to the pandemic and messages communicated by the UN. By rephrasing the acronyms, the campaign communicates to the audience that our old way of living is no longer right and how these desperate times call for a shift in thinking and actions, which is the only way that a measurable impact will be made.

Advertising Agency:Stratitude, Johannesburg, South Africa

United Nations: Don't Touch Your Face

United Nations

Help #StopTheSpread of #Covid19Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Why? Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.

Directed and Animated by:Jacob Holiday
Written by:Andy Hartman, Andrew Ecklund
Performed by:Gabe Schonman
Engineered by:Jeremy Chereskin
Produced by:Andrew Ecklund, UMAULT
Creative Director:Guy Bauer
Special Thanks:Becca Kaufman, Ben Mahoney, Beatmix Music

Corporate Voices Get Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cause

Major companies are often wary of conflict, especially in a polarized time. But some are now taking a stand on racial injustice and police violence.

Nike: Don't Do It


Advertising Agency:Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA

WhatsApp: Rays of Sunshine


Advertising Agency:AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Luiz Sanches
Creative Director:Pedro Corbett
Creative:Pedro Corbett, Firulo, Erick Mendonça, Juliana Utsch
Production:Vera Jacinto, Diego Villas Bôas, Aline Silva
Account:Fernanda Tedde, Tatiana Vidonscky, Marcelo Porto, Eleonora Iazigi
Planning:Sergio Katz, Beatriz Scheuer, Luciana Shinoda
Media:Fabio Urbanas, Patricia Rosa, Gustavo Lopes, Daiane Ferreira
Production Company:Stink Films
Director:Irmãs Fridman, The Fridman Sisters
Photo:Pierre De Kerchove, Pedro Tejada
Sound Production:Audio
Client Approval:Maz Sharafi, Eshan Ponnadurai, Taciana Lopes, Bosco Zubiaga-Delclaux, Rodrigo Moran, Eric Rottenberg, André Felix, Felipe Chaves, Renata de Carvalho Costa, Ligia Mattos, André Gramorelli, Fatima Saliu

Heinz: #MakingArtWithHeinz


Heinz Brazil found a way to help its followers during quarantine days by entertaining and encouraging them to stay home. Created by ad agency Africa, #MakingArtWithHeinz is another Kraft Heinz initiative aimed at giving some fun to consumers during this time of social distancing. Through Instagram, Heinz took a ride on a behavior people already have on the platform – to fill out blank silhouettes and share them – and posted its own burger template: a hamburger silhouette in which people could create and draw their own dream burger. When completed, people should post it on their own profile while tagging Heinz Brazil and inviting friends to do the same. It resulted in really surprising creations. But it didn’t end right there. The most creative and imaginative designs were picked by renowned chefs from the best burgers places in town that are partnered with Heinz, who then turned them into real sandwiches. The authors of the selected burgers received their creations at home, with a side of the world’s No. 1 ketchup.

Advertising Agency:Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director:Matías Menéndez
Associate Creative Director:Alexandre Giampaoli
Creatives:Bruno Reis, João Corazza
Digital Strategy:Carol Patrocinio
Account Management:Carolina Boccia, Ana Carolina Santos, Barbara Sarquis, Leticia Fiaschi, Elias Gait
Media:Rodrigo Famelli, Tony Arbex, Bruno Simoes, Silvio Serpico, Gabriel Codina
Planning:Aldo Pini, Mariana Muller
Community Manager:Carolina Camila dos Santos
Sound Design:Audio Ink
Musical Producer:Filipe Derado
Client Approval:Cecilia Alexandre, Raquel Buono, Zeina Bakri

Father of School Shooting Victim Takes On Smith & Wesson

A complaint to the Federal Trade Commission by a parent and two advocacy groups says the company “attracts, encourages and facilitates mass shooters.”

Karen Blumenthal, 61, Dies; Journalist Turned Young-Adult Author

After many years at The Wall Street Journal, she began writing books about the social forces that gave rise to hot-button issues in American culture.

Zoflora: One Big Beautiful Home

The ‘One Big Beautiful Home’ campaign celebrates our common cleaning habits and the sense of community and togetherness brought about by the pandemic, showcasing how Zoflora is helping to keep Britain protected, connected and uplifted as it offers users a hygienic and welcoming space in their homes with its amazing fragrances.

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U.S. Space Force: Make History

The ?U.S. Space Force? (USSF), the newest branch of the Armed Forces, along with its creative partner, Austin, Texas -based agency, ?GSD&M?, is launching “Make History” showcasing, for the first time, the unique generational opportunity USSF offers to Gen Z as space innovations and advancements rapidly change what is possible. The campaign also highlights USSF’s ?critical mission of organizing, training, and equipping space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and ?to provide space capabilities to other U.S. military branches.

Through consumer research the USSF found that Gen Z has a strong interest in space as well as a desire to better understand how systems in space facilitate daily life on earth, while ?many STEM-inclined Gen Z take that interest a step further and are open to, or actively considering, a space related career. ?While previous generations asked what their purpose is on this planet, this is the first generation with reason to question if their purpose might be beyond this planet entirely. With this in mind, “Make History” speaks directly to GenZers with education, experience, interest and/or skills in STEM fields, who meet the mental, moral and physical requirements needed to serve their country.

“There’s something very curious and fascinating about space and the capabilities it provides us thanks to what the U.S. Space Force does. Space is essential to not only how we live our daily lives but how we go to war,” said Jeff Maki, Group Creative Director, GSD&M. “ATM’s, gas pumps, GPS, power grids, cellphones, communications, they all depend on the mission of the Space Force. That’s why it’s so important that we pique the interests of the best and brightest young people with this campaign.”

However, recruiting for this highly specialized force presents challenges — These talented individuals are in high demand and heavily sought by aerospace, technology and other private sector employers. Additionally,?USSF requires highly specialized skill sets as well as mental and physical aptitude, making for a relatively small recruiting pool. That’s why? “Make History” is designed to show how the USSF offers a unique employment opportunity that GenZ can’t get anywhere else. It’s also meant to reach the American public as they play an important role serving as mentors and influencers in the lives of potential service members.