Levi’s vende peças customizadas por artistas com renda revertida à ONG TETO

A Levi’s Brasil desenvolveu a ação “Use Sua Voz Para Agir”, que tem como propósito refletir sobre empatia, coletividade e consumo consciente. Pensando em dar início ao movimento Coletivo Artistas, a ação conta com seis convidados que sempre fizeram parte da história marca no país: Felipe Morozini, Renato Gave, Diego Alcenso, Vanessa Preta Ilustra, Karina Beraldo e Edu …

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The Biggest Customer Brands Are Missing Out on the Asian American Consumer

A surprising number of brands write off the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) consumer as a 5.6% niche and not a worthy investment. It is true that certain obstacles exist from a marketing perspective: our dozens of ethnicities, hundreds of dialects, a disparity in income and dispersion of cultures render engagement a unique challenge….

It’s the Year 2120. MasterClass Is the Only School Left.

People love success. But can they learn it?

Home Improvement Retailers Boast Sales Growth, Reaping Rewards From Tech Investments

While certain segments within retail are burning through cash, the landscape as a whole is not a wasteland. Leading home improvement retailers are among the best performers among legacy brick-and-mortar stores. “They were in the right place at the right time,” said Sucharita Kodali, a retail analyst at Forrester. Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware…

Session Complete Personal Training: The Fit Poster

Media, Outdoor, Design, Print

The fittest poster in the world. Session is a nutrition program accompanied by personalized training and guided by a coach that helps people achieve their physical health goals. We create a poster with relive through an embossing process to communicate the benefits and REAL RESULTS that can be obtained with the personalized program.

Advertising Agency:Gitanos, Costa Rica
Art Director:Daniel Montiel
Creative Director:Daniel Montiel, Cindy Montero
Copy:Cindy Montero

Dove: All New Hairstyles



Advertising Agency:Ogilvy, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer:Matthieu Elkaïm
Creative Director:Juana O’Gorman, Beatrice Lassailly
Copywriters:Gautier Sinnaeve
Art Directors:Mathilde Champeaux
General Director:Emmanuel Ferry
Account Lead:Hannah Whittall, Romane Frisquet
Strategy Director:Fanny Camus Tournier
Strategy:Pauline Desforges, Sana Atmane
Tv Producer:Tobiasz Bartold
Editor:Erin Bowser
Sound:H&O Paris

McDonald's: Anticipation


The way we see anticipation of eating a McDonald’s burger in times of quarantine.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director:Thomas Tatzl, Andreas Spielvogel
Art Director:Virginia Wilhelmer

Session: The Fit Poster

Media, Direct Marketing

We created this poster with emboss to promote the personals training programs of Session. Session is a complete program whit nutrition, coaching and personal work outs with real results.

Touch your new body.

Advertising Agency:Gitanos, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Honda: Africa Twin At Home


For more than 30 years, the legendary AFRICA TWIN has been roaming road all over the world. From mountain passes to dune deserts, this mythical maxi-trail bike has been everywhere. Is there any place the AFRICA TWIN has never been?

Through a series of 5 visuals, HONDA Moto France is showing the exploration capabilities of the mythical AFRICA TWIN, by building with humour this campaign on what all the bikers loving the escape have been experiencing lately. And it becomes more relevant and topical after the period of lockdown in France, the whole campaign having been imagined and sold well before.

Oh look! An Africa Twin in a place it’s never been before.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director:Alexander Kalchev
Creative Director:Alexis Benbehe, Pierre Mathonat
Art Director:Charlotte Faurisson, Nicolas Denis, Mathieu Masse
Brand Management:Fabrice Recoque, Sebastien Pernel, Valerie Larousse, Laura Henimann
Strategic Planner:Claude-Henri Galbois
Print Producer:Corinne Vulliez
Motion Designer: Nicolas Pageaud
Trafic manager:Sophie Toque, Virginie Fruchard

going out vs going in / Bas les masques!

ManForce Condoms / Social media Post – 2019
Published during the 2019 air pollution crisis
Click on the image to enlarge
Agency : Unknown (India)
Durex / Social Media Post – 2020
Published during the COVID-19 world crisis
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Agency : Unknown

Spotify Match : Miami Ad School

Kindly note that this is SPEC WORK and has not been commissioned by the brand. It has recently won a Gold Medal at the Golden Award of Montreux.

Advertised brand: Spotify
Advert title: Spotify Match
Advert Type: Innovation, Digital, Experiential
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Ria Kulkarni
Copywriter: Palak Kapadia, Yashashree Samant, Apaar Singhal
Synopsis: Over 76% of Americans drive alone to work every day. That’s 115 millions cars on the road and accounts for one-third of the country’s air pollution. People don’t like to carpool because sharing a car with a stranger can feel awkward. And the planet bears the brunt of that. So we thought – what better way to connect strangers than a shared love for music? We create a Google Maps integration on Spotify that uses pre-set ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ locations to identify drivers going along similar routes. We then compare their Daily Drive playlists and match them over common music preferences. Encouraging them to carpool, we not only get them to listen to Spotify in the car but also use music to help save the planet.

The New Model Media Star Is Only Famous to You

With short videos and paid newsletters, everyone from superstars to half-forgotten former athletes and even journalists can, as one tech figure put it, “monetize individuality.”

'Out' by Pixar Features Studio’s First Gay Main Character

The animated film follows a gay man’s journey into acceptance as he prepares to move into a city with his boyfriend.

Moody And Austin Are Powerful Incubators of Tomorrow’s Marketing Communications Talent

On Saturday, Moody College of Communications at the University of Texas held a virtual graduation ceremony for its 2020 graduates. You can revisit the ceremony here: The College is home to the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, among other notable programs. I love how Moody is sharing the student’s success on Instagram. […]

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Dell: Synapse/CEO, Synapse/Engineer

Dell Blue, the internal creative agency for Dell, has debuted the launch campaign for Dell Optimizer, Dell Technology’s AI-based software for workstations and laptops. Celebrating the intelligence of Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI, the campaign showcases its adaptability for enhanced workstation performance and end-user productivity — from learning your most-used apps so they launch faster to extending battery life when you need it most. Dell Optimizer is now available across the Dell portfolio of commercial workstations and laptops.

Dell Blue produced two mesmerizing VFX-driven spots as the nucleus of the integrated campaign, which includes social media, print and online executions. Both set to a dreamy cover of The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” the spots unfold with a brilliant interplay between the human brain and the Optimizer’s “brain,” as the organic synapses of a Dell user slowly converge with the digital synapses of the AI. Returning to the live-action world, the concluding message is that Dell PCs with built-in AI learn from you, no matter where you work.

Kingfisher: Divided by Screens. United by Kingfisher.

Times are grim, spirits are low, there isn’t much to celebrate. In the current scenario; it isn’t possible for people to meet in person. Technology is being harnessed to stay connected, with friends and colleagues.

Kingfisher, the brand that is all about bringing people together and spreading good times, wanted to add some cheer and positivity to people’s lives as they struggle with uncertain times. The result was the creation of a music video, an anthem to build positive community spirit and convey that we’re in it together.

With the sale of liquor permitted, Kingfisher encouraged people to catch up with friends and have beer, but over screens. The brand believes that – Times Change. Good Times don’t. Divided by Screens. United by Kingfisher.

The music video captures the fun side of the lockdown in true Kingfisher style, showcasing people having fun in their homes, connecting over screens, using random things to workout, pulling pranks on each other and dancing at home. It also features popular web actors – Ahsaas Channa, Ambrish Verma, and Akashdeep Arora.

The classic Oo La La tune was reinterpreted, and for the first time featured a verse section that built up to the chorus. The music arrangement was also a fun mix of guitars, plates, spoons and of course beer bottles. The lyrics of the song captured the fun side of being at home like avoiding traffic jams, attending meetings in pajamas and taking lunch breaks at home.

Dove: All New Hairstyles


Three: Monster

Lexus: Questions, The Road Ahead

Jimmy Nelson Foundation: Save Our Sentinels

On the occasion of the United Nation’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, Wunderman Thompson India has created and released ‘#SOS Save Our Sentinels – The Blink Film’ for The Jimmy Nelson Foundation. The short film is a powerful visual commentary on the cultural identity of the last sentinels of our natural reserves, the last 36 indigenous tribes standing still, in rare still photographs. Stitched together from thousands of original documented photographs of the last few indigenous tribes interspersed with the rarest footage of their ancient habitats over the last twenty years by celebrated photographer Jimmy Nelson and his team.

The film’s release was timed for 21st May, a day set aside by the United Nations as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together in harmony. It is a day to acknowledge and celebrate the world’s last indigenous communities who are a living example of how humans can live in perfect harmony with themselves, their unique cultures and the natural world.

Indigenous tribes are endangered in their own ancient habitats. The film celebrates the last few of these tribes for standing still, despite the threat to their cultural identity and their own forest lands. The soundtrack is a multilingual musical expression with lyrics from ancient tribal sayings and forgotten folk songs recorded on location from almost all the indigenous tribes featured in the film. The musical narrative includes Indigenous influences from Africa, Siberia, India, South America and the Aboriginals of Australia. Vocals Singers include Grammy Award Winner Richard Bona and traditional gypsy tribal singers from Duala – Cameroon, Siberia & India.

Video of #SOS SAVE OUR SENTINELS (with subtitles)