Sky-High Space Shoes – Kronier Creations Footwear is for Futurists Fashionistas Alike (GALLERY)

( This futuristic footwear collection is from Kronier Creations, and features a wide array of sky-high space boots and avant-garde high heels. There’s certainly a touch of subculture and fetish influences…

Sultry Street-Fighting – ‘Shanghai Fight Club’ by Szymon Roginski for PHOTO-SHOP Makes Anger Hot (GALLERY)

( ‘Shanghai Fight Club’ is a sultry photo shoot by Szymon Rogi?ski for PHOTO-SHOP that makes getting your butt kicked look strangely sexy. Model Jenevieve Chang vamps for the camera in a number of retro…

Laurent Garnier, un dj en video

Le DJ Laurent garnier raconte dans cette video comment le metier a evolué avec la technologie Advertiser: Intel

All the top viral spoofs by Judit & Judit in video

This video is a remake of all top viral hits from Mentos + Coca Cola to Chocolate Rain by Judit & Judit… Advertiser: ComHem

Eichborn: Fly Banner

To promote their exhibition stand at the Franfurt Book Fair, Eichborn the publisher with the fly prepared 200 flies with an ultra light banner. The banner was attached with natural wax. After a short time the banner dropped off by itself. And the flies were not harmed.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar, Stuttgart, Germany

GSK Panadol FluMax: War machine



Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore

Happy Halloween from Trend Hunter! (VIDEO)

( Happy Halloween from Trend Hunter! In honor of this spooky holiday, enjoy your favorite 5 members of the editorial staff as they sing, wiggle and jive along to “Monster Mash.”

We’ve already featured…

WPP: ‘Armageddon’ Averted as Ad Company Hits Optimistic Notes

NEW YORK ( — Noting that consumer and corporate confidence has "somewhat" recovered from the "panic levels" they hit at the end of 2008 and the beginning of this year, WPP, the world's biggest advertising company said its third-quarter revenue dropped 8.7%, to $3.3 billion, compared to the year-ago period.

Full Body Corsets – Nadia of FOXYMAN Creates a Stellar Final Year Couture Collection (GALLERY)

( I’m in love with the collection Nadia of FOXYMAN created for her final year in school. It’s filled with a series of avant-garde couture creations, and I’ve selected these corset-inspired pieces to showcase…

Addressable Advertising: Still in the Pipe-Cleaning Stage

DENVER ( — A year ago, David Verklin was cable TV's white knight, ready to swoop in and save the industry from its woes of making interactive and addressable ads available at a national scale to marketers. Essentially, Canoe's intention was to make TV ads more relevant to the average viewer based on age, sex or even lifestyle behavior.

Happy Holidays: Magazines See Fatter December Issues

NEW YORK ( — Magazines are ending the year on a sour note, with major layoffs at publishers from Time Inc. to Conde Nast to Forbes, but the holidays are delivering at least one present everyone wanted: ad pages.

Kanye West – Glow in the Dark

Voici la nouvelle vidéo promo réalisée par Nabil Elderkin pour le livre photo de la tournée du chanteur Kanye West : Glow in the Dark, publié aux éditions Rizzoli. Près de 400 photos et de nombreux textes autour du concert, à découvrir dans la suite.





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Flies advertising: mini banner ads on flies!!!

As you can see in this video, you can now advertise mini banner ads on flies that will buzz around! Advertiser: Jung von Matt/Neckar

How to Define Your Brand as an Industry Thought Leader

A Closer Look at Advertising Industry Optimism in Argentina

Earlier this month, the Argentine Chamber of Media Centrals (CACEM) disclosed the results of its "Confidence and future expectations index." The headline– "Optimism in the marketing and advertising industries"–surprised many.

POSTAL STRIKE LATEST – Union calls new all-out strikes but agrees to consider new proposals over weekend

LONDON – The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has announced two more strike days for Friday 6 November and Monday 9 November.

T-Mobile recruits musician for new ad campaign

LONDON -T-Mobile is launching the next TV ad in its ‘What would you do with…’ campaign this weekend.

Pass the App — Feed the Hungry

Facebook users can feed the hungry while e-feeding their friends with Yum Brands' Food for Food app. For $1, Facebook users can send a virtual gift to a friend, an icon from the menus of Yum Brands' KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, with all proceeds going to the United Nations World Food Programme in support of Yum's World Hunger Relief campaign.

Yankees — and Fox — Avoid Sweep as Sweeps Begin

MINNEAPOLIS ( — The networks may have entered sweeps, but the Philadelphia Phillies won't after their 3-1 loss to the New York Yankees, which means there will be at least 5 games to play in this year's World Series. That will make sweeps — a period that the industry uses to set local ad rates — all the harder for Fox's rivals.

Media Week Awards: Gallery of the night

LONDON – View a gallery of the biggest night in media, the Media Week Awards.