Painfully Pierced Watches – ‘iDermal’ by Dave Hurban Uses a Lot of Bloody Effort to Strap on a Watch (VIDEO)

( Before watching this video titled ‘iDermal’ by Dave Hurban, I should advise everyone to not reenact this cool yet gut-wrenching concept.

It shows the process of magnetically mounting a…

Then and Now: a Quick Trip Through the Ad Age Archives

We took a quick trip through the Ad Age archives, picking a few big issues to uncover how things were then vs. now.

45 Intensely Juxtaposed Images – From Gruesome Sequin Caricatures to Cross-Era Art (CLUSTER)

( These intensely juxtaposed images do an excellent job of drawing in viewer attention. The display of opposing or contradictory photos causes consumers to do a double-take, revisiting magazine…

Hot Girl, Fat Guy Deliver Mixed Message For Hook Up SIte


Well here’s an interesting approach to promoting a hook up site.

The 10 Most Unexpected Media Placements We’ve Seen

With creative efforts now appearing on urinals, straws and shoes — to name a few — here are 10 of the weirdest yet smartest executions from the past few years.

100 Sweaty Athletic Photoshoots – Drenched Athleticwear Editorials and Couture Sportswear Captures (CLUSTER)

( The growth of sweaty athletic spreads reveals a preference among fashion designers for all things sporty. Football, tennis and golf have all been incorporated into the work of haute couture labels,…

Zonajobs: Grandma

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Javier Campopiano
Creative Director: Tony Waissmann/Lulo Calió
Art Director: Javier Agena Goya
Copywriter: Lucas Bongioanni
Agency Production Manager: Gabriel Lancioni
Production Company: Palermo Films
Producer: Damian Cosentino
Executive Producer: Pablo Terruzi
Director: Federico Cueva / Martin Hodara
Postproduction: Jose Becker / Postmedia
Director of Photography: Julian Ledezma
Assistant to Director: Tomas Coste
Sound: No problem

China’s Car-Industry Slowdown Blip Before Next Boom

Though sales fell in the first quarter, global automakers are enthusiastic, and ready to lavish money and attention on the world's largest market.

100 Avengers-Inspired Innovations – From Superhero Ads to Comic Book Fashion (CLUSTER)

( Originally, comic book characters were unambiguously nerdy; yet, as evidenced by these avengers-inspired innovations, what was dweeb-worthy is now geek-chic.

Perhaps this can be attributed to the…

Super PAC Ad Attacking Obama’s Celebrity Could Hit TV

Super PAC American Crossroads is attacking Barack Obama's celebrity, an approach used by John McCain in 2008.

Stop Killing Your Grandmother And Get A Better Job


Don’t do this to your grandmother. It’s just cruel.

Virgin Holidays reviews advertising account

Virgin Holidays has called a review for its advertising account, currently handled by Elvis, which has worked on the brief for five years.

It Might Make You Yawn But You Should Pay Attention to Affiliate Marketing


We in advertising tend to snub our noses at affiliate marketing and label it something engaged in by scammers who work home along in the underwear. Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth.

Smokey Sun-Kissed Photoshoots – The Iekeliene Stange Flair Editorial is Gritty and Romantic (GALLERY)

( Full of wispy smoke and kissed by the sun, the Iekeliene Stange Flair editorial is at once gritty and romantic. A short but sweet photoshoot, the images are nonetheless arresting. Shot indoors and…

Braincast 14 – Design

Design é o tema do programa 14 – assunto amplo e muitas vezes polêmico. O que é design? Quais são seus pilares? A função se aplica a tudo? Qual a diferença entre um designer e um diretor de arte? Essas e outras perguntas fizeram parte do nosso papo.

Neste programa: Saulo Mileti, Jairo Herrera, Ronaldo Tavares e o designer mais aclamado da baía de Guanabara, Fabio Mendonça.

[1m40] Comentando os Comentários
[53m10] Borracharia do Seu Abel
[54m50] Qual é a Boa

Faça o download ou dê o play abaixo:

[2m00] Comentando os Comentários
[43m10] Comentando os Anúncios da Revista Veja
[48m10] Borracharia do Seu Abel
[52m00] Qual é a Boa

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Xerox Makes Life Simpler (So Says Their Corporate Video)


Here’s a nice piece of work from Y&R New York along with Psyop and Blacklist for Xerox.

You May Want to Avert Your Eyes While Watching This Video


We saw this video floating around somewhere a week or so ago but, surprisingly, didn’t write about it. Maybe because it’s so horrific. Maybe because we wanted to spare you digitally gouging your eyes out as you watched it.

‘Mad Men’ Recap: The Dirty City

It seems a pity that Dr. Edna hasn't been around lately for former patient Sally Draper, who instead has phone calls with that neighbor boy, Glen.

25 Epic Food Crossbreeds – Delectable Goods Made from Extreme Combinations (CLUSTER)

( Food crossbreeds and those who make it is blessed with a touch of Michelangelo. It’s just tempting when you hear of two different kinds of food combining into one epic meal.

Food is…

Dog Convinces Man to Save Rabbit


Thinkbox, an advocacy group for commercial TV in the UK, is out with a new commercial created by The Red Brick Road. And it’s weird.