59 Human-Powered Prototypes – From Flying Machines to Personal Submarines (CLUSTER)

(TrendHunter.com) Perhaps the world’s energy problems cannot be solved through manning countless rows of giant hamster-wheels with marathon runners, but these Human-powered prototypes are a good start. …

Cocorosie – We Are on Fire

Emma Freeman a réalisé le dernier clip pour le duo de chanteuses Cocorosie illustrant le morceau « We Are on Fire ». Produit par Curtisfilm, cette vidéo visuellement intéressante met en scène la musique à travers des images de chorégraphies entièrement en slow-motion. Plus d’images dans la suite de l’article.

Cocorosie - We Are on Fire7
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire6
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire5
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire3
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire2
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire&
Cocorosie - We Are on Fire4

Avian Cut-Out Chokers – The Haoshi Design Silhouette Necklaces Accent the Clavicle (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The Haoshi Design Silhouette Necklaces are a series of delicate chokers that features a surprising feathered twist. Made of PVC material, these minimalist necklaces graze the most fragile parts of…

Eccentric 80s Menswear – The Balenciaga Spring/?Summer 2013 Collection is a Retro Throwback (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The Balenciaga Spring/?Summer 2013 menswear collection is a throwback to 80s-inspired styles. From exaggerated proportions to loosely layered looks, this retro-infused runway show is the epitome…

Flirty Minimalist Catalogues – The Therese Rawsthorne Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook is Elegant (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The Therese Rawsthorne Spring/Summer 2013 collection features a slew of minimalist womenswear selects. This modern lookbook shines a light on clean cut garments that feature unconventional concepts…

Fevi Kwik Instant Adhesive: Tow, Beach, Oil




Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officers: Abhijit Avasthi, Rajiv Rao
Creative Directors: Sameer Sojwal, Amitabh Agnihotri
Copywriters: Abhijit Avasthi, Suyash Khabya, Sameer Sojwal
Art Director: Sameer Sojwal
Illustrator: Sushant Khomane, Lokesh Karekar

Urban Apartment Gardens – The Auxano Makes Plant Life Possible for City Dwellers Lacking Space (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The Auxano by Philip Houiellebecq is a hanging garden designed for urban dwellers who want to grow produce but have limited space.

It’s a bittersweet situation when it comes to living in a…

Beck’s: Nature


100 kilograms of live moss were shaped into graphic elements that symbolize Beck’s brand ingredients – young, free, open-minded, innovative and trend-setting, and then installed consecutively on a 5x9m OOH, thus gradually forming a shape of a bottle and delivering the message.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Swing Communications, Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Emanuela Chahinian
Art Director: Stefan Chinov
Copywriter: Emanuela Chahinian
Illustrator: Stefan Chinov
Media: GreenGraffiti / Metropolis Outdoor Media Group

ALERJ Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro: We Sell What Is Yours

prancha final ingles ads

Advertising Agency: Staff Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Paulo Castro
Head of Art: Bernardo Machado
Art Directors: Bernardo Machado, Marcos Becker
Copywriter: Daniel Magliano

Magical Makeshift Houseboats – The Ohio Boat Project Offers Wonder and Whimsy to Local Towns (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) Looking like something out of a Terry Gilliam movie, the Ohio River Project consists of traveling performers floating down the Ohio River on a magical makeshift boat.

The boat is made out of…

Foreboding Forest Photography – The Forests of Romania Shot by PhotoCosma is Eerily Alluring (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) Simultaneously eerie and enchanting, the forests of Romania photographed by brothers Andrei and Sergiu Cosma of PhotoCosma is a collection of beautiful shots of a captivating environment.

While the…

Yum Yum peanut butter: Steamroller, Sumo Wrestler, Wrestler


sumo wrestler

wwe wrestler

This campaign dramatizes Yum Yum peanut butter’s positioning as the smoothest peanut butter in South Africa.

Advertising Agency: 34 Degrees, Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Richard Phillips
Art Director: Pieter Steenkamp
Copywriter: Wilton Ackeer
Illustrator: Am I Collective

Team Detroit: We Do Awesome Right


“We do awesome right.”

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow
Executive Creative Director: Gary Pascoe
Art Directors: Michael Burdick, Vic Quattrin, Brandi Keeler
Copywriters: Hannah Smart, Joel Wescott
Illustrator: Michael Burdick

Rock in Rio: Sex, __ & Rock’n’Roll

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Creative Directors: Gustavo Tirre, Alessandra Sadock, Hugo Monteiro
Creative Supervisor: Jorge Falsfein
Art Director: Augusto Correia
Copywriter: João Resende
Creative Technologist: Leonardo Marçal

Renault Nederlands: Facebook Activation

Brief: Renault Netherlands asked Dorst & Lesser to develop a campaign to promote the Renault Netherlands Facebook page. The purpose of the campaign – and the Facebook page – was to reach (potential) Renault drivers and motivate them to actively engage with social media. Dorst & Lesser is responsible for the management of the Renault Facebook community, so the agency is aware that classic Renaults inspire tremendous enthusiasm.

The campaign: The story of Grandma Hilda and her Renault 4 was featured on the Facebook page for a month. Grandma Hilda loved the Renault 4 and drove one all her life. When she got to the point where she felt too old to drive, her car was simply left sitting in her garage. Grandma Hilda wanted someone else to have the pleasure of driving her Renault 4, so she offered it on the Renault Netherlands Facebook page. There was just one problem: Grandma Hilda had lost the key. Facebook users were invited to look around Grandma Hilda’s house and place a tag in the area where they thought the missing key was to be found. The person who placed a tag closest to the missing key would win the classic Renault.

How the campaign worked: Facebook fans could respond to the campaign from 5 to 30 April 2012. They were led into Grandma Hilda’s living room and could examine the room from 360 degrees. They could also click through to Grandma Hilda’s garage and kitchen. They could look all around the house and then place a single tag in the area where they thought the missing key was to be found. Every week Grandma Hilda gave a clue that helped to narrow down the search. There were a total of four tips that gradually revealed the location of the key. The Facebook fans who responded to the campaign could change the position of their tag during the course of the campaign. During the final phase of the campaign the story continued. First it became apparent that the key was not in Grandma Hilda’s kitchen. Then it became clear that the key must be somewhere in the garage. The exact coordinates of the location of the key were finally determined and the key was found next to the window in the garage. The tag closest to Grandma Hilda’s key was created by Jan Dijkema from Groningen, who was the lucky winner of the Renault 4.

Results: The Renault Netherlands Facebook page was set up by Dorst & Lesser at the beginning of 2011. A year later the page had precisely 50,000 fans. The recent Grandma Hilda Facebook activation campaign was the most effective promotion. By the end of the campaign no less than 10,293 unique tags had been placed in Grandma Hilda’s house. During the course of the campaign the number of fans on the Facebook page increased by 27,930, which doubled the number of fans. At the same time the campaign also created a lively dialogue between Renault Netherlands and the target group.

Advertising Agency: Dorst & Lesser, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Robert Withagen, Niels Verhoeven, Niels Oude Luttikhuis
Online Creative: Fabienne van Acquoy
Copywriter: Birgit Zuurveld
Additional credits: Jutta Vermeijs, Jos van den Bergh

Power Tool Blow Dryers – Headcase by Filippa Vajda Dries Hair Quickly While Preventing Hair Loss (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) It used to be all about women who dazzle themselves with hair, facial and beauty products but now men are proudly doing the same, especially with products such as the Headcase by Filippa Vajda.


Mad Hatter Menswear – The Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2013 Line Journeys to Wonderland (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) Mad as a hatter provides a great description for the Walter Van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck is known for his quirky, avant-garde designs…

Exquisitely Edgy Editorials – The BMM Magazine Issue 40 Cover Shoot Stars a Dark Karlina Caune (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The BMM Magazine Issue 40 cover shoot showcases exquisitely edgy and elegant ensembles. Shot in studio in both color and black and white, the images have a minimalist flair that is both accentuated…

Dreamy Road-Resting Captures – Street Romance by Edgar Berg Combines Sweetness With an Urban Edge (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) ‘Street Romance’ by Edgar Berg offers a soft take on the city streets of Paris. Featuring model Priscilla Miegemolle Dime, the stunning editorial for NON magazine speaks to the…

Vibrantly Peruvian Editorials – The Vogue Korea ‘La Senorita Bello’ Photoshoot Stars Han Hye Jin (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) Vibrantly exotic and colorfully adventurous, the Vogue Korea ‘La Senorita Bello’ editorial follows actress Han Hye Jin as she explores the beauty of traditional Peruvian folk style in…