Cannabis Cafe Hotels – The Surrey Cannabis Club is Housed Within a Guildford Apartment (GALLERY)

( The Surrey Cannabis Club is a new cannabis cafe and hotel located in Guildford. The apartment-turned-cannabis-cafe is in the early stages of development despite the fact that it is already open and…

Taxistas… e outros Dinossauros do Digital


Podemos ter uma certeza: a Internet vai matar a Internet todo dia

> LEIA MAIS: Taxistas… e outros Dinossauros do Digital

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Content Marketing Now Comprises 40% of LinkedIn's Ad Revenue

LinkedIn generated revenue of $119 million selling ads during the first three months of 2015, a 38% increase over the year-earlier period, the company said Thursday. But the outlook for the second quarter and full year was weaker than expected, and headwinds for display ad sales meant a lot rides on the continued expansion of LinkedIn’s sponsored posts.

“With respect to display, we began to see steeper deterioration in the first quarter,” Steve Sordello, LinkedIn’s chief financial officer, said during a call with investors. “This reverses display’s relative strength throughout 2014, with growth declining approximately 10 percent year-over-year.”

Display ad revenue was particularly impacted in Europe, he said, citing a shift toward automated ad-buying.

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Fair Market: How to Make the N.F.L. Draft More Entertaining and More Fair

An auction system would allow players to be paid their full market value, and make for great TV.

Good N.F.L. Draft Show or Good Journalism? League Makes Its Choice Clear

The league has used its clout to secure agreements with networks that reporters would not report who was being drafted in advance.

A Worse-Than-Expected $55 Million First-Quarter Loss for DreamWorks Animation

Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation’s chief executive, says this is ‘a transitional year’ for the studio.

Sporty Art History Tees – This Picasso Bulls Tee is the Perfect Mix of Art and Athleticism (GALLERY)

( This clever Picasso Bulls tee by Toronto-based Just Visiting is a playful way to showcase your combined art history and sports knowledge. The white tee features a reinterpretation of the Chicago…

CP+B Scandinavia Drills Deep Into Your Brain for Boxer

CP+B Scandinavia took a unique approach to its latest campaign for Boxer, a Swedish TV channel provider.

Here’s the angle: the client currently offers customers a “bundle” of 16 channels as a subscription package. When faced with such a choice, the less decisive among us will often stall for time due to that old reliable–fear of commitment.

With Boxer, however, subscribers can change the channels in their bundle at any time. Therefore, the client will eliminate the hard choices and the “eeeehhhhhhhhhhh.”

It’s somehow both brilliant and infuriating, but you can’t quite ignore it–so it’s something like a Taylor Swift song.

The full spot, which will (ironically?) not run on cable, was directed by Oskar Bård & Carl Sundemo of Stockholm’s Hobby Film.

Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography

Dimitri Daniloff, photographe français connu notamment pour son activité publicitaire, a collaboré avec l’artiste allemand Sven Hauth pour le projet « Meshology ». Le photographe aime allier la technologie à son art. Il a donc demandé à Sven Hauth de modéliser les prises de vue afin de visualiser par avance les positions des acrobates. Les clichés colorés et les effets de légèreté et d’emmêlement des protagonistes sont criants de vérité.

Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography10
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography9
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography8
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography7
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography6
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography5
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography4
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography3
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography2
Rainbow-Colored Acrobatic Photography1

Sonicare Toothbrushes Inspire Dance in New Spot

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, H&M announces that summer is officially here, along with $4.99 swim separates that may or may not be sturdy enough for actual swimming, and Dell tugs at the heartstrings in a spot that shows how technology affects families.

Also, it’s not enough that you merely practice dental hygiene daily; Sonicare would like you to find joy — and dance — as you complete your morning routine in its latest spot for an electric toothbrush that boasts 62,000 brush movements per minute.

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Rome bans "sexist advertising" to appear within city limits.

On Monday Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino announced a new regulatory plan on advertising in the city of Rome, which will take effect in the coming days. To quote the mayor, advertising space would be prohibited to those who “use women’s bodies or launch sexist messages”.

“City advertising space will be able to be sold only to those who respect the rules in the new regulatory plan and so a woman’s body can’t be associated with images that objectify it or portray it in a sexist way” Marino said.

This is in Rome, where the Jesus Jeans ads outraged people in the 70s. The “Who loves me follow me” jean ad was created in 1971 by Oliviero Toscani – speaker at the recent D&AD judging week – and Emanuele Pirella. This famous photo was later homaged by Elio Fiorucci’s jeans label in 1985, where the patchwork jean shorts became the look of an era.

Mayor Marino reviewed the city’s advertising code with respect to the “Friendly Images Award” (Premio Immagini Amiche) promoted by the Women’s Union in Italy (UDI) and the Office of Information of the European Parliament in Italy, aimed at promoting communication that “goes beyond stereotypes”.

So how will brands launch their hot accessories? In Rome, they will no longer be able to create billboards of Nora Fleming’s naked behind photographed by Roger Corona to sell fluffy handcuffs. But they may still be able to be chosen by Italian weekly Panorama, for the cover image, as happened in 1995. No word yet what this means for the Italian talk show babes tradition which began in the Berlusconi founded TV & mass media company Mediaset.

The advertising images in this article are yet another example of the many bare bottoms in advertising. A common sight, that has often gotten us in trouble, stemming way back to the the Opium ad of 2001. We are now permabanned from Google Adsense due to this article about PETA’s misogynist ads.

Review: ‘Revolution of the Eye’ Examines Art’s Influence on Early TV

The new exhibition at the Jewish Museum examines network television’s knowing if informal relationship with the high art of the time.

Almap BBDO Feeds The Good for Pedigree

Almap BBDO launched a global campaign entitled “Feed The Good” for Pedigree with the online documentary spot “First Days Out.”

“First Days Out” tells the inspiring story of how rescue dogs helped two former inmates rehabilitate following their release from prison. Matt, who served two years for theft in Las Vegas, found life on the outside lonely. Unable to reunite with his father, who severed ties, until he got his life in order, Jeanie provided the companionship he needed. “I feel Jeanie brought light to my future,” he said. Joey, meanwhile, served twelve years for armed robbery in Florida. While he was in prison, his mother and grandmother died and Sadie became his only family, bringing companionship to an otherwise empty home. He then got a job training dogs for adoption at the kennel. After telling both of these stories, the spot ends with the tearjerking line, “You save a dog. A dog saves you.”

“Feed The Good” marks Pedigree’s first global campaign in years, and rolls out in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and the U.S. with broadcast, print and online ads, as well as additional markets later in the year and in 2016. It is built around the insight that dogs help bring out the inner good in people. “Studies attest how the companionship of animals transforms and improves people’s lives,” said Leonid Sudakov, chief marketing officer, Global Petcare, Mars, Inc. “By nourishing the loveable innocence in every dog, Pedigree helps feed the good they bring to the world.”


Advertiser: Mars
Agency: AlmapBBDO
Title: First Days Out
Product: Pedigree
General Director Creation: Luiz Sanches
Executive Director Creation: Bruno Prosperi, Renato Simões
Creation Director: André Gola, Pernil
Digital Creative Director: Luciana Haguiara
Creation: Pernil, André Gola, Fabio Cerdeira,  André Sallowicz,  Felipe Cirino, André Leotta
Rtvc: Vera Jacinto, Ana Paula Casagrande, Diego Villas Bôas
Producer: Hungry Man
Managing Partner: Alex Mehedff
Executive Producer: Rodrigo Castello e Renata Corrêa
Direction: Ricardo Mehedff
Photography: Grant Weiss, Mike Alex and Ricardo Mehedff
Line Producer: Mariana Barbiellini
Track: Big Foote
Assembler / Editor: Ricardo Mehedff
Post-production Supervisor: Rodrigo Oliveira
Finishing: Great Studio
Color Grading: Psycho N’Look
Assistance: Fernanda Antonelli, Pedro Fragata, Samantha Kechichian and José Maria Fafe
Planning: Cintia Gonçalves, João Gabriel, Daniel Machado, Augusto Veríssimo and Marília Rodrigues
Media: Flávio de Pauw, Brian Crotty, Fábio Cruz, Juliana Melo and Carolina Pimentel
Digital Media: Kaue Cury, Livia Novaes e Rogério Beraldo
Business Director: Rodrigo Andrade
Approval: Leonid Sudakov, Marina Sachs, Oduvaldo Viana, Fernando Manoel

Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England

C’est en pleine campagne anglaise que le designer anglais Thomas Heatherwick, présenté en 2012 pour sa remarquable flamme olympique, a inauguré cette étonnante structure architecturale accueillant la distillerie de la marque de gin Bombay Sapphire. À découvrir dans la suite.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-2
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-1B
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-1
Bombay Sapphire Distillery in England-0

McCann Absorbs an Agency: Real Headlines From the 'Mad Men' Era

McCann Absorbs Mathisson Shop; Gets Miller Too

The key plotline of last Sunday’s episode was Sterling Cooper & Partners’ absorption into parent shop McCann-Erickson. In the real world, McCann did that very deed to Milwaukee agency Mathisson & Co., acquiring the agency’s beer client, Miller, in the process.

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Ace&Jig – Cancelled – (2015) 3:00 (USA)

Ace&Jig - Cancelled - (2015) 3:00 (USA)
In Cancelled, a short film directed by Eva Michon for the fashion brand Ace&Jig, a young model arrives in L.A. to learn that the video she was supposed to shoot is not happening. So, she decides to spend some quality time…with herself.

Set to a Canadian pop singer Sean Nicholas Savage’s sparkling ballad Naturally, the video follows the young woman (played by performance artist Alexandra Marzella) as she relaxes at her hotel, visits Venice Beach and Griffith Park, and disregards a series of text messages from her friends.

“I liked the idea of ignoring the world and spending time with yourself,” says Michon, who is represented for advertising assignments in the U.S. by Accomplice Media.
Michon shot the film, with cinematographer Drew Bienemann, in a single day, working in a loose, improvisational manner. “Ally is very natural on camera,” says Michon of working with Marzella. “The whole experience was a lot of fun.”

Cancelled screened at the trendy boutique Mohawk General Store in Silver Lake, where Ace&Jig designers Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson introduced their fall line. It made its online debut on as part of its Video Fashion Week and has also been featured in New York Magazine’s In the Cut.

The video is Michon’s second for Ace&Jig. Her early video House Guest centers on a young woman who experiences a series of minor mishaps while housesitting for a friend.

Sonzero Films Boosts Production Power through Strategic Link with Hollywood’s Siren Studios

LOS ANGELES—Sonzero Films, the production company of award-winning advertising director Jim Sonzero, has found a new home at Siren Studios, Hollywood. The company’s new digs include contemporary office space on the Siren campus, and ready access to the studio’s expansive shooting space, production resources and other amenities. Siren features eight shooting stages on a secure lot that are particularly well suited to the type of high-end celebrity, fashion and beauty work for which Sonzero enjoys an international reputation.

Sonzero says that his company and Siren have a natural, symbiotic relationship that could serve as a model for future advertising production. “Siren is more than a beautiful place to call home; it’s a new way to do business,” he explains. “We have fantastic shooting stages, lighting and other production support, and everything else we need to do produce great advertising. It allows us to work comfortably and efficiently, while delivering premium service to agencies, clients and celebrity talent.”

Siren Studios partner Jay Lieberman Ilardo says that Siren also benefits by associating with a leading, independent production company that works with some of the world’s best known brands. “We are thrilled to have a Jim Sonzero at Siren,” Ilardo says. “Our studios are a perfect fit for a director of his stature and for the caliber of work that he directs.”

Ilardo adds that Siren’s aim is to work strategically with Sonzero Films and its clients in order to help them work better and more efficiently, while delivering a world-class product.

Sonzero’s recent work includes U.S. and international ad campaigns for brands such as Neutrogena, L’Oréal, Maybelline and Herbal Essences and featuring some of the world’s biggest celebrities (Kerry Washington, Hayden Panettiere, Beyonce Knowles, Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Garner). He has also directed automotive ads, (Mercedes, GMC, Jaguar), comedy (Stella Artois, Nivea, J Crew), and visual effects (Lovol, H&R Block). Defying categorization, Sonzero has also extended his talent to game cinematics for Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 and Guerrilla Games’ Killzone 3.

Show reels and contact information can be found at

For more information, call 213.631.0552.

72andSunny Assembles The Avengers for Samsung

72andSunny launched a campaign for Samsung, promoting the brand’s tie in with Avengers: Age of Ultron and the new Galaxy S6.

A couple of days ago the agency debuted “Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Samsung Mobile present ‘Assemble’ Part 1,” and the follow-up was just released today. In the first offering, a young boy, a female engineer and Samsung ambassador athletes — Lionel Messi, professional surfer John John Florence, Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy and pro cyclist Fabian Cancellara — are recruited for a secret mission via mysterious suitcases which match each to an Avenger. It’s revealed their mission is to become an avenger via VR training with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Gear VR. At the end of the second video, the mission is extended to Avengers fans everywhere, who can engage in a virtual reality experience of their own via the Gear VR headset or on an Android device. The VR component was created in conjunction with VFX company Framestore, with guidance from Marvel.

72andSunny partner and executive creative director Bryan Rowles explained to AdAge, “We ended up with the idea that, whether you’re an athlete or a normal person, wouldn’t it be cool to be a superhero — wouldn’t it be cool to be an Avenger?”

After creating the two videos, however, the agency still felt like something was missing. “…we realized that the films weren’t leading you anywhere,” Rowles said. “They were dead-ends, so we thought it would be much more interesting if the films dropped you off into something you could participate in.” Rowles described the process as “super collaborative,” adding, “Between Samsung and Marvel, they were really open to doing something new…and creating a gift for fans of the Avengers, so they are able to geek out on even more through these mobile initiatives. That to me is the sticky part.”

Melancholic People Photography

Cette sélection de photos réalisée par Alec Dawson met en scène des hommes, femmes et enfants de notre époque se retrouvant dans un état de mélancolie intense. Si cette tristesse rêveuse se lit expressément sur leur visage, elle se traduit également à travers les lumières et les décors. Un travail saisissant, à découvrir.

Melancholic People Photography-8
Melancholic People Photography-7
Melancholic People Photography-6
Melancholic People Photography-5
Melancholic People Photography-4
Melancholic People Photography-3
Melancholic People Photography-2
Melancholic People Photography-1

Artistic Brand Anthologies – Pradasphere Invites Fashion Fans into a Creative World of Luxury (GALLERY)

( Pradasphere is a recently launched art book that chronicles the Italian fashion label’s history and vision. Founded by designer Miuccia Prada, the brand has reached tremendous levels of…