‘Dumbo’ Falls Short of Box-Office Expectations but Still Comes in First

Tim Burton’s moody Disney remake sold $45 million in tickets in its first weekend. And Jordan Peele’s “Us” has crossed well over the $100 million mark.

Ripped-Off Riffs? Rise in Plagiarism Claims Unnerves Pop Songwriters

“I shouldn’t be thinking about legal precedent when I am trying to write a chorus,” a Beyoncé songwriter says, long after “Blurred Lines” changed the rules.

Despido de magia, “Dumbo” é um espetáculo antiquado

No hall das animações clássicas da Disney, “Dumbo” é dono do que talvez seja o mais atribulado histórico de produção. Além de seguir o retumbante fracasso financeiro de “Fantasia”, a história do filhote de elefante que podia voar foi lançada após a famosa greve de animadores do estúdio de 1941, que não apenas resultou em …

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Life in the Fast Lane: 5 Business Tips for Today’s Hard Working Ridesharing Drivers

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post. The gig economy has such a nice ring to it. It hints at a work life that you can drop in and out of, as you please; however, the reality on the road for Uber and Lyft drivers, as well as limo drivers, is one of pure hustle. […]

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Call to Regulate Facebook, Explained

Here’s why the Facebook chief executive invited Congress to regulate his company in a post on Saturday.

Xerox: Brother Dominic


Xerox unveiled a new ad – led by a contemporary twist on a beloved commercial – to usher in its next chapter as an $11 billion leader in digital print technology. The new ad, created by agency Young & Rubicam New York (Y&R NYC), describes Xerox’s focused direction to innovate the way organizations of all sizes communicate, connect and work. Much has changed since Xerox’s “Brother Dominic” debuted 40 years ago in one of the most famous Super Bowl advertisements of all time. But the world’s need to share information has endured. Back then, Brother Dominic turned to the Xerox copier to simply duplicate his manuscripts. Today, he translates, personalizes and securely shares his creation both physically and digitally across all devices, all over the globe. “The ad is the first manifestation of a new communications platform that will be anchored by the tagline Set the Page Free®,” said Toni Clayton-Hine, chief marketing officer for Xerox. “It offers a nod to Xerox’s heritage, reflects our present and embraces our future by showing how Xerox has evolved to help companies connect both the physical and digital world through personalization, apps, automation, and security.” Roll-out of the Brother Dominic advertisement includes 30- and 60-second television commercials and digital spots beginning in the U.S. The ads were created by Y&R NY and award-winning director James Rouse, and were inspired by the work of Allen Kay, creative director at Needham who created the original Brother Dominic commercial. 

Video link to original 1976 version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97uX0p35PzU

Advertising Agency:Y&R, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Leslie Sims
Creative Directors:Fern Cohen, Margot Owett
Executive Producer:Mathieu Shrontz, Anna Hashmi, Erica Thompson, Dez Macleod-Veilleux
Associate Producer:Larissa Ananko
Music Producer:Deb Oh, Andy Oskwarek
Account Managing Director:Britta Dahl
Account Director:Seth Galena
Account Supervisor:Arantza Urruchua
Account Executive:Susan Akinyi
Executive Vice President:Chip Walker
Brand Planning:Chip Walker
Production Company:The Corner Shop
Director:James Rouse
Producer:Benji Howell, Jamie Lynn Perritt, Sophie Harrison
Director Of Photography:Joost Van Gelder
Editorial Company:Work Editorial
Editor:Art Jones
Music Company:Woodwork Music
Composer:Joseph Reuben
Postproduction Company:Framestore
Lead Artist:Gigi Ng
Vfx Supervisor:Gigi Ng
VFX Team:Giulia Bartra, Julien Desroches, Liz Yang, Raul Ortego, Matt Pascuzzi, Akira Thompson, Callum McKeveny
Color Correction:Steffan Perry
Audio House:Heard City
Engineer:Eric Warzecha

How We Hang Out at Work Together Online Now

Instagram is for vacations. Facebook is for families. But TikTok takes us into the classrooms, airplanes, firehouses and fast-food franchises of our real lives.

BBD: Mother's Day


The new DDB logo was morphed to visualize the silhouette of a pregnant woman.

Happy Mother’s Day

Advertising Agency:DDB, Lagos, Nigeria
Creative Director:Duzie Ikwuegbu
Art Directors:Kayode Olotu, Torkuma Shija
Copywriters:Kayode Olotu, Torkuma Shija

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia: Firefighters, Cowboy, Buddhist, Kayak, Motocross

Bolsa de Valores de Colombia

Advertising Agency:Silva Publicidad, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano
Art Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano, Carlos Sanchez
Copywriter:Walter Zuñiga

Funeral Bureau for Ad Ideas


How to show that agency really cares about creativity?

Problem: Brand managers are truly unaware that their comments can bury advertising

Task: To raise awareness about that problem among marketers

IDEA: To turn clients’ comments into the paid services of the funeral bureau for ad ideas.

Advertising Agency:FORTE GREY Creative Agency, MInsk, Belarus
Creative Director:Andrei Pahodnia, Eugene Ivasyuk
Designer:Ivan Vyshka

Bezos’s Security Consultant Accuses Saudis of Hacking the Amazon C.E.O.’s Phone

The accusations by Gavin de Becker, Mr. Bezos’s longtime security consultant, are the latest twist in a bizarre situation that has also pulled in the largest U.S. tabloid publisher and The Washington Post.

Jussie Smollett Charges Were Dropped Because Conviction Was Uncertain, Prosecutor Says

In an op-ed, Kim Foxx, the Cook County state’s attorney, said she welcomed an “outside, nonpolitical review” of how her office handled the Jussie Smollett case.

With Interest: The Week in Business: The Sackler Family Gets Sued, and Theresa May’s Darkest Hour

Plus, Apple makes TV shows now, and China trade talks pick up steam.

Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in March – From Cooling IoT Multicookers to Flexible Family Refrigerators (TOPLIST)

(TrendHunter.com) From cooling IoT multicookers to flexible family refrigerators, the March 2019 kitchen trends reveal that the home kitchen is undergoing a tech revolution.

With the massive success of the Instant…

“Estrada Sem Lei” traz olhar sóbrio sobre a trajetória de Bonnie e Clyde

Mortos em uma emboscada policial em 1934, a dupla de foras da lei Bonnie e Clyde criou uma das gangues mais famosas da história dos Estados Unidos. O casal viajava pela América praticando pequenos golpes, como assaltos em postos de gasolina e roubos em bancos. A história do grupo aconteceu durante a Grande Depressão, nos …

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Dreamers and Artists Always Welcome #USA

Thanks to unrelenting media narratives about race and immigration, some American citizens have a deeply distorted point of view on the topics. It’s a sad reality and for millions, this is a tough time in America. Perhaps it will help to point out how the rise of ignorance and hate is also ushering in an […]

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Sizmek Files for Chapter 11

As speculation rises over the future of the entire ad-tech ecosystem, independent ad tech outfit Sizmek has filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions. Official paperwork was filed on March 29, with a press release dropping just before midnight Eastern Daylight Time, as the industry simmered with speculation that the company, co-owned by private equity firms Cerberus…

Tecnicalidade 110 – 50 f*cking vezes

No primeiro episódio solo do Tecnicalidade, Rodrigo Gonzalez decidiu deixar o Rafacast de lado e criar o Rodcast e comentar algumas das notícias da semana. Rolou anúncios da Apple, novos celulares da Huawei e a aprovação das diretivas de copyright na Europa que estão dando o que falar. Quer saber mais sobre esses assuntos? Então: …

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Opinion: The cost of ignoring China's digital ad dragons

Let’s get straight to golden tacks. In 2018, total revenue from internet advertising stood at $54.9 billion, with an annual growth rate of 24.2 percent. Sounds American-sized, right? But these are China’s numbers (at 369.4 billion yuan, converted to dollars as of March 2019).

They come from a report on the Chinese internet marketplace, recently released, if little noticed on this side of the globe, by the Interactive Advertising Marketing Lab, based in Zhongguancun, the Silicon Valley area of Beijing. The US digital industry reached this level of revenue in 2015, with a slightly slower growth rate, according to the IAB’s Internet Advertising Revenue Report. From this measure, China is just about three years behind. But time lag in size isn’t the only way to measure what these companies might mean for the U.S. digital ad industry.

The report identified the top 10 earners, which includes some names that certainly are familiar to Western digital players, and some that are less so. They include:

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Why creativity without insight is doomed to fail

I had a professor in Sociology 101 sophomore year whose name I can’t remember, but whose class still stays with me.

He had absurdly high standards and was ruthless when it came to evaluating how much of the material you understood. His tests were impossibly hard; he would have failed some of them. When asked why they were so difficult, he said, to paraphrase, “I could make the test easier and you’d all get 4.0s, but I wouldn’t know if you knew the material. I’d rather give you hard tests, grade on a curve, and have a better sense of what you learned.”

It was harsh, especially for an (admittedly) lazy college student like myself who was studying fine art and just wanted to paint and sculpt all day long. Thankfully, I took it “Pass/Fail” and survived by the skin of my teeth.

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