Dave Trott Is Making It Simple—Listen, Learn and Grow

Creative director and industry gadfly, Dave Trott, wants to fix advertising. His fix involves stripping away the false complexities put in the way by egotists and charlatans. It’s a long weekend, push play. His talk is full of notable moments, including his discussion of “form follows function.” Trott says we tend to fundamentally misunderstand this […]

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Newsweek Braces for Cuts After Layoffs at Sibling International Business Times

Dozens of International Business Times journalists were terminated Thursday in what parent company IBT Media called a “corporate restructuring.”

IBT Media split Newsweek, which it purchased in 2013, “into a separate operational entity,” it said in a statement.

The other media brands under the IBT Media umbrella, including the downsized International Business Times, Medical Daily, iDigitalTimes, Fashion Times, and the Latin Times, “will be moved into a more integrated structure which will allow for both operational and editorial efficiencies,” the company said.

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Hershey Rejects Mondelez's Takeover Offer

Hershey Co. on Thursday wasted little time shooting down Mondelez International’s attempt to buy the storied chocolate maker.

On Thursday morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that Mondelez had approached Hershey about a deal, even suggesting the maker of Oreo cookies would change its name to Hershey and base its chocolate operations where Hershey operates to sweeten the deal.

Such details were apparently not sufficient for Hershey’s board, which unanimously rejected the interest from Mondelez, Hershey said on Thursday afternoon.

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Yankee Doodle Dandy: Broadcast Upfront Could Close Before July 4

It took a little while for the negotiations to heat up, but with just hours to go before buyers and sellers begin their annual star-spangled exodus to the far-flung beaches of the Hamptons, Montauk and the Jersey Shore, the 2016-17 broadcast upfront is, for all practical purposes, a wrap.

Well, at least for three of the Big Four networks, anyway.

More or less.

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Colle+McVoy, USA Swimming Present ‘Olympic Swimmers When They Were Just Beginners’

Colle+McVoy launched a spot for USA Swimming showing Olympic swimmers as kids, entitled “Olympic swimmers when they were just beginners.”

The athletes featured are Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin, Katie Ledecky and, of course, Michael Phelps. Full of home video footage of the top swimmers from well before they were professionals, the 60-second spot juxtaposes the grainy footage with audio of the athletes winning gold and breaking records. Near the end of the spot, it switches some more recent footage. The message is clear: everybody has to start somewhere (even Olympic gold medalists). 

“Before we were winners, we were all beginners,” the voiceover intones before the tagline (sure to annoy English teachers everywhere), “Join the funnest sport there is.” That voiceover is perhaps a tad unnecessary, given how obvious the message is, but since it targets families with children, it’s understandable that they chose to include it. The spot is part of a larger “#SwimUnited” campaign for Team USA, which we expect to see more from before the end of the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Client: USA Swimming
Agency: Colle+McVoy
Editing: Aaron Nelson, Ditch Edit
Music: Marmoset Music

Droga5 Claims Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Is ‘Mastered from Chaos’

Droga5 launched a new campaign for Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège, telling the story of how the cognac is “Mastered from Chaos,” with a remarkably consistent product created despite the myriad variables in its creation.

The campaign is built around an interactive web experience at a campaign landing site, which you can check out for yourself for the full experience. The interactive web experience employed some complex tech in its creation, including LiDAR and 3D Kinect scanning, along with plenty of CG effects. 

There’s also a 60-second online spot telling the same story. The spot opens with the admission that the process isn’t chaotic at all, as it’s the well-controlled variables, of course, which lead to the product’s consistency. “To the untrained, it appears as chaos,” begins the voiceover, over quick, stylized cuts of a grape arbor through the seasons. “But here there is only mastery,” it continues, celebrating the brand’s long heritage and the product’s complex sophistication before arriving at the “Never stop. Never settle.” tagline.

The online spot and interactive experience “are directly related, complementary and were developed in tandem,” Droga5 executive interactive producer Justin Durazzo told Adweek. “All of the film content also lives on the site in some way. The site is a longer format, interactive version of the same story we’re telling in the :60, only it allows people to stop and further explore, play with things and get immediate tactile feedback for each ‘chapter’ in the Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilége production process.”

The campaign was designed as a more premium chapter of Hennessy’s “Never stop. Never settle” campaign. It’s about mastery and the infinite variables that the experts at Hennessy overcome each year to create a cognac that’s completely harmonious and consistent,” added Droga5 copywriter Phil Hadad and art director Marybeth Ledesma.


Client Moët Hennessy USA
Product Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège
Campaign “Harmony. Mastered From Chaos”
URL: MasteredFromChaos.com
Launch Date June 30th, 2016
Agency Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman David Droga
Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer
Creative Partner Duncan Marshall
Group Creative Director Nick Klinkert
Copywriter Phil Hadad
Art Director Marybeth Ledesma
Executive Design Director Rob Trostle
Associate Design Director Mark Yoon
UX Director Daniel Perlin
Chief Creation Officer Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Interactive Production Niklas Lindstrom
Executive Broadcast Producer Jesse Brihn
Executive Broadcast Producer Ruben Mercadal
Executive Interactive Producer Justin Durazzo
Interactive Producer Ian Graetzer
Interactive Producer Morgan Mendel
Integrated Production Business Manager Grant Thompson
Director of Integrated Production Business Affairs Dianne Richter
Head of Art Production Cliff Lewis
Executive Art Producer Julia Menassa
Print Producer James DePrima
Senior Retoucher John Ciambriello
Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Bauer
Group Strategy Director Aaron Wiggan
Strategy Director Elaine Purcell
Strategy Director Danielle Travers
Senior Communications Strategist Delphine McKinley
Senior Data Strategist Brad Mumbrue
Executive Group Director Steven Panariello
Account Director Kendra Schaaf
Account Manager Andrew DeMatos
Associate Account Manager Rebecca Warren
Project Manager Dean Farella
Client Mo ë t Hennessy USA
CMO & EVP of Brands, USA Rodney Williams
SVP, Hennessy, USA Giles Woodyer
SVP, Strategic Marketing, USA William Paretti
Brand Director, USA Richard McLeod
Global CMO, Hennessy Thomas Moradpour
Global Marketing Director, Hennessy VSOP Violaine Basse
Broadcast Production Company Tool of North America
Director/Interactive Director Ben Tricklebank
Director of Photography Justin Gurnari
Managing Partners Oliver Fuselier, Dustin Callif
Executive Producer Sarah DiLeo
Line Producer Kelly Christensen
Interactive Production Company Active Theory
Creative Director Andy Thelander
Technical Director Michael Anthony
Executive Producer Nick Mountford
Producer Annie Chen
Editorial Rock Paper Scissors
Editor Jamie Foord
Assistant Editor Jay McConville
Executive Producer Eve Kornblum
Head of Production Justin Kumpata
Producer Lisa Barnable
3D Scanning Company SCANable
CEO & Founder Travis Reinke
Post Production Blacksmith
VFX Supervisor Tom Bussell
CG Lead Artist Tom Bussell
CG FX Mike Dunkley
2D Lead Artists Iwan Zwarts, Daniel Morris
2D Artists Nick Tanner, Dan DiFelice
Executive Producer Charlotte Arnold
Producer Bomyee Hwang
FILM: Music and Sound Design Plan8
Executive Producer Tor Castensson, Calle Stenqvist
Creative Director Oscar Tillman
Composer Bali Harko
Composer / Sound Designer Karl-Johan Rasmark
INTERACTIVE: Music and Sound Design Plan8
Executive Producer Tor Castensson, Calle Stenqvist
Creative Director Oscar Tillman
Audio Developer Andreas Jeppsson
Lead Developer Rikard Lindstrom
Composer Bali Harko
Composer / Sound Designer Karl-Johan Rasmark
Mix Heard City
Mixers Phil Loeb, Dan Flosdorf
Executive Producer Sasha Awn
Producer Talia Rodgers

Pegadinha da Jaguar mostra que nem sempre realidade virtual é melhor que realidade de verdade


A Jaguar entrou na lista de marcas que usam pegadinhas para fazer propaganda. E embora seja um método meio batido, a ideia foi até bem legal de se assistir. A fabricante quis provar que algumas experiências não podem ser simuladas em realidade virtual – e para isso, pregou uma peça em participantes de uma feira […]

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Close Shave for Man in Mile High Club in Dollar Shave Spot

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by iSpot.tv, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, partygoers enjoy Absolut vodka crafted in hus, Sweden; only Mexico’s finest blue agave makes it into Patrn Spirits Company’s silver tequila; a friendly staffer hands ACE Hardware store shoppers a free can of paint with their purchase; and Dave and Buster’s encourages viewers to visit its website to see deals that are too good to show on TV.

Finally, a passenger raves about the Dollar Shave Club just after he and a flight attendant have joined a different, more elusive club in the airplane restroom.

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Former Ad Age Editor Steve Yahn Dies at 69

Steven Yahn, the first editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and an editor of Advertising Age in the 1990s, died on June 28. He was 69.

Mr. Yahn had lived in recent years with Parkinson’s disease, according to Rance Crain, president of Crain Communications and editor-in-chief of Ad Age and Crain’s Chicago Business, who chose Mr. Yahn to launch Crain’s Chicago Business.

Mr. Yahn was a charismatic and not-very-buttoned-down journalist who went on to become editor of Ad Age, where he had worked before, and the now-defunct Collector-Investor. He also helmed periodicals outside Crain Communications.

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A Word on Cannes

Last week I won an award at the Cannes Lions festival.

I’m remaining anonymous because I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the award. I am honored by it, but I’ve always felt a bit self-conscious about submitting the idea. The intent was to help people, not to exploit it for my own personal gain. Nonetheless, I took home some hardware that made me a member of certain club. At the same time, I can’t say that I’m too excited about it.

Compare this to survivor’s guilt if you will.

Many of my friends congratulated me, but I could also feel the disappointment they felt over the fact that their own ideas didn’t win. It made the whole process bittersweet because, in an ideal world, everyone would be rewarded in some form for their efforts. I mean imagine if we applied this model to the medical world: Is one heart transplant better than another?

Advertising is difficult. Projects take months to get off the ground, the process is frustrating, and there are so many ways your idea can die: Your boss can kill it. Your client can kill it. Some focus group can kill it. The talent can be shitty. The edit can be completely different from what you had in mind. Consumers can complain about it. The media support behind it can be pathetic.

Even if you get past all these hurdles, the likelihood that others in the industry will hate on your idea is quite high.

Despite all this, at least you made something. That’s no small feat, and if you’ve ever really worked on a campaign then you shouldn’t need some piece of fake gold to validate whatever pride you feel. This is even true of banner ads, so if you got just one shortlist mention at Cannes you should be happy that some of the biggest talents in the industry liked your idea.

Yes, it’s easy for me to say I’m over it, especially since I won. But that really doesn’t make my idea any more legitimate than the ones that lost or the ones that didn’t get nominated.

Awards shows are important in terms of gathering all of the past year’s best work, but they can do a good bit of damage as well by drawing an invisible line between some arbitrary definition of success and failure. This is bullshit because, as we learned yet again this year, some of the “losing” ideas are more real than the ones that won. We focus so much on these dumb statues that we’re willing to lie to ourselves about the legitimacy of our own projects just to get recognition. It’s kind of shameful, really.

If you’re a creative person, try to take some pleasure in the fact that you get to do it for a living. Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t win anything. Remember that the Cannes organizers make a whole lot of money off our work and that the politics behind the event can be as gross as you would expect. There’s something to be said for simply having a project to submit.

As Ron Swanson once put it, “Don’t start chasing applause and acclaim. That way lies madness.”

TBWAChiatDay L.A. Names New CCO, Creative Chairman and Chief Strategist

TBWAChiatDay L.A. expanded its executive leadership team with a series of promotions.

Executive creative director Brent Anderson was promoted to chief creative officer, tasked with day-to-day operations of that department. Group planning director Neil Barrie was promoted to CSO, responsible for handling strategic direction across all agency accounts. CCO Stephen Butler takes on the newly-created role of creative chairman, and now he’s behind “driving agency vision, creative culture and development.”

Anderson, Barrie and Butler round out an executive leadership team that also includes recently-appointed president Erin Riley, global CSO Nick Barham and chief production officer Tanya LeSieur.

Anderson first joined TBWAChiatDay L.A. in August of 2005 as a senior art director following three years in that role with JohnsonSheen. He then moved up within the organization, becoming executive creative director in November of 2013 after working on Nissan, Gatorade, Playstation, Airbnb, adidas and more.

“Brent is an incredible talent and has been an integral part of our progress in his time at the agency, and especially in recent years,” Butler said in a statement. “He is also a natural, effective leader, and the ideal and obvious choice to help guide the evolution of our creative product and the next wave of our agency.”

Barrie joined the agency as a planning director in September of 2012 after serving at partner and strategy director BBH London’s ZAG. He eventually handled accounts including Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Netflix, Disney and The Grammy Awards.

“Having worked alongside Neil for the last few years, I’m supremely confident in his ability to lead and continue to evolve our strategy department, and to further our commitment to developing disruptive strategies that fuel creativity and drive brand growth,” said Barham. 

Butler was promoted to CCO in April of 2014 after serving as a creative partner at Mother London. In the past, he also worked as a creative director at BBH London handling the Levi’s account.

“As an agency of our size and scope, we needed to expand the depth of our executive team to better incorporate both vision-focused and product-focused leaders at the top. We’ve elevated Brent and Neil, who are equally distinguished for their mastery of craft as for their passion for our business and our agency, to ensure that the executive team remains as connected to the product as possible,” Barham added.

Turismo de Portugal: Austria

Turismo de Portugal: Croatia

Turismo de Portugal: Hungary

Turismo de Portugal: Iceland

J. Walter Thompson Asia Pacific CEO Tom Doctoroff Departs

J. Walter Thompson’s Asia Pacific CEO Tom Doctoroff, a China expert who has spent 24 years with the network, is leaving to pursue an as-yet unspecified opportunity in the United States.

He will be succeeded by John Gutteridge, the WPP network’s CEO in Australia and New Zealand and a member of its Asia Pacific executive committee. The two have been preparing for the succession for a year, J. Walter Thompson said in a statement.

Mr. Doctoroff moved to Hong Kong, his first stop in Asia, in 1994. Since then he has spent 22 years in Asia, 18 of them in China. A Mandarin speaker based in Shanghai, Mr. Doctoroff is an authority on Chinese consumers and wrote two books on the topic, “What Chinese Want: Culture, Communism and the Modern Chinese Consumer” and “Billions: Selling to the New Chinese Consumer.”

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Nancy Grace to Leave HLN After More Than a Decade

Ms. Grace, a former prosecutor, became a polarizing TV personality as she aggressively covered tabloid crime stories for the cable network.

Em “Detona Ralph 2”, as aventuras da turma de Ralph acontecem na internet


A Disney anunciou hoje oficialmente a data de estreia de “Detona Ralph 2“, a sequência de um dos grandes sucessos de animação da empresa dos últimos anos. E com a data também recebemos as primeiras informações sobre o roteiro. Na sequência, Venélope, Ralph e sua turma vão invadir a web. É por isso que na […]

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Calum McSwiggan, YouTube Star, Charged With Filing False Report

Mr. McSwiggan, who hosts popular videos about gay rights, says he was beaten outside a Los Angeles club. He had no visible injuries, officials say.

Mondelez Reportedly Wants to Buy Hershey

Mondelez International Inc. is reportedly eager to buy Hershey Co., a deal that has the potential to increase the Oreo maker’s focus on confections and give Hershey the infrastructure it needs to expand internationally.

Mondelez’s bid for Hershey, reported Thursday by the Wall Street Journal, sent shares of Hershey soaring more than 20%. Mondelez declined to comment and Hershey did not immediately comment on the report.

Any takeover of Hershey would need a nod of approval from the Hershey Trust, which is its largest shareholder with more than 8% of the stock and major voting rights.

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