Top 20 Trends of the Day (Apr 30) – From Snack Food Sexvertising to Cobweb Fashion Collections (COUNTDOWN)

( For the day of April 30th, these are the Top 20 trends, which include Snack Food Sexvertising, Inaccurate Infant Ink and Artistic Star Wars Infusions. The rankings are based on hundreds of thousands of…

CEO Shaun Holliday Leaves MPG North America

NEW YORK ( — Shaun Holliday, CEO of MPG North America, is out at the Havas-owned media agency a little more than a year after he took on the role. The move means that MPG's global CEO, Maria Luisa Francoli, will have to assume responsibility for North America in addition to her current duties.

Paddy Punts, Ad Council Ad Libs, Ad Man Resurfaces

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Blind football. Paddy Power. Cat. Funny.
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Family Stuff

Cette série “Family Stuff” est le fruit d’une collaboration entre les deux photographes Huang Qingjun et Ma Hongjie. Ces artistes ont voyagé il y a quelques années à travers leur pays afin d’immortaliser des familles chinoises présentant l’ensemble de leurs affaires domestiques.












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Oh Look! There’s Going to be a Car Crash

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This don’t talk/text and drive thing has been done many times before. As soon as the commercial begins you know exactly what’s going to happen.
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Intergalactic Car Washes – ‘Star Wars’ Car Wash by G4 Raises Money for Make-A-Wish (VIDEO)

( The ‘Star Wars’ car wash is my dream come true. The fact that I could not be a part of this momentous event is tearing me apart on the inside.

The ‘Star Wars’ car wash was put on by G4, with all the proceeds…

Interactive Projection Mapping

Après Interactive Multitouch Sphere, voici cette projection interactive axée sur le mapping pour le client Nokia et son produit “Ovi Maps”. Une installation produite à Covent Garden dans Londres par le collectif Seeper. A découvrir en vidéo dans la suite de l’article.


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Inaccurate Infant Ink – These Brutal Baby Portrait Tattoos Will Make You Think Twice (GALLERY)

( Typically, baby portrait tattoos are a great way to keep a permanent picture of your beloved baby with you forever.

However, with this collection of brutal baby portrait tattoos from I Don’t Wanna Grow…

Tissot debuts augmented reality campaign for latest range

LONDON – Tissot will incorporate augmented reality into its latest advertising campaign allowing customers to ‘try on’ its new range of watches.

Prime Ministerial Debate wins primetime ratings war

LONDON – BBC One won the primetime ratings war last night with ‘The Prime Ministerial Debate’, attracting 7.6 million viewers during the crucial peak-time slot of 9pm to 10pm, according to unofficial overnight figures.

You Can’t Put a Discount on Loyalty

I can't help thinking that the pervasive decline in loyalty is pulling apart relationships that need to be symbiotic and trustworthy in order to achieve excellent results for both parties.

JWT embarks on Wilkinson Sword digital campaign

LONDON – JWT London is launching a new online campaign for Wilkinson Sword, which aims to provide men with helpful tips on the best ways to remove hair from their body.

Free flat screen to take on a billboard in the street

Great ambient media campaign for Telekom Austria that is offering free flat screens to pedestrians.

Advertiser: Telekom Austria

Coors Light Brings Pleated Plaid Miniskirts to Golf Course

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The pleated plaid miniskirt will do it every time.
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Beaded Couture Swimwear – These Bikinis by Gisele Gomez of Bead-Mania Clothing Double as Lingerie (GALLERY)

( If your social calendar includes an invitation to an intimate poolside affair, check out this collection of fantasy beaded swimwear by Bead-Mania Clothing. Gisele Gomez, the designer of this Hollywood,…

Helping Hispanic Children Go to College

While 90% of Hispanic parents believe the key to living a good life is to get a college degree, only 13% of Latinos age 25 to 65 have a bachelor's degree. The reason? According to a recent Pew Hispanic Center study, many Hispanic parents don't know how to help their children prepare for and apply to college. To counter this, the Ad Council and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund this week launched a public service effort to give low-to-mid-acculturated Hispanic parents the resources and information they need to help their kids go to college.

JCDecaux Airport jobs at risk following BAA result

LONDON – Airport media owner JCDecaux Airport has entered into consultation with three members of staff, including marketing director Richard Malton, following the outcome of the BAA tender.

WPP Chief Martin Sorrell Upbeat on ‘Quick’ U.S. Turnaround

NEW YORK ( — London-based WPP, the world's biggest holding company, today reported a half-percent bump in revenue to $3.23 billion compared to the same period in 2009. That compares favorably to a 5.8% decline in the year-ago quarter and its 7.2% drop in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Wired unveils ‘scratch off’ cover

LONDON – Wired magazine has a “scratch off” cover for its June issue that aims to test the will-power of its readers.

The Splinternet War: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook

In the last month I have become even more convinced that the Splinternet is real. This is not just one of the most important trends to hit the web in the last five years, it's a war. Facebook and Apple want to own as much of your internet experience as possible.