Verizon Expands AdFellows Program to American Express and AB InBev

Verizon is expanding internship program AdFellows, its paid fellowship that allows participants to explore working in a variety of roles at Verizon and its agency partners, to two more brands–American Express and AB InBev will now be full members of the program. Verizon announced the expansion as this year’s group of 29 fellows–that’s up from…

Jesus Jones just one of untold artists stiffed by PledgeMusic

Big Tech

Carlsberg turns beer reviews into radio ads – probably the most honest radio campaign in the world.


Drinks & Alcohol

YouTube is filled with tons of beer reviews: videos made by beer-enthusiasts from all over the world tasting beers and sharing their honest findings.

D&AD Industry Insights report interrogates the political, societal and cultural influences impacting creativity today

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The report explores the powerful role of human creativity in the face of automation, AI and political, economic and social uncertainty.

The One Club for Creativity Announces Full Schedule for Creative Week 2019 in New York

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The One Club for Creativity, the world’s foremost nonprofit organization celebrating global excellence advertising and design, has unveiled the full schedule of events for Creative Week 2019 in New Yo

Coke Posters tease with tasty images saying "Try not to hear this"

Drinks & Alcohol

Relying on synesthesia and the decades of coke ads with the distinctive fizzing and bottle opening sounds that we have all grown up with, Coke teases us with images that are loud in our heads.

Laundry Partners with JWT Atlanta on “Moments of Impact” Digital Series for Marine Corps


Laundry Partners With J.Walter Thompson Atlanta On Powerful “Moments of Impact” Digital Series For Marine Corps Recruiting Command

Design-driven animation & production company Laundry recently



Because of gender stereotypes spread throughout the country, there is lack of interest towards natural sciences and engineering coming from the women of Georgia. Unfortunately 43% of Georgian women are housewives.

Biggest part of society think that there are some inappropriate professions for women. The main stereotype is that most “suitable” place for women is the kitchen.

The key objective was to create vibrant and inspiring print, which could somehow help women to break through this cliche.

Jeep: Climate

Jeep Print Ad - Climate

The ad tell that a Renegade user can forgot the heavy weather outside and enjoy the intern climate with all comforts that the car offers.

Adobe Test: What creative type are you? #Mycreativetype

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Adobe has a site to test what creative type you are, and it’s not like your regular old personality tests. For one thing, it looks amazing.

Twinings: From 1706 & Beyond

Video of Thomas Twining Soothes Tummies with New Tea

Video of Thomas Twining Develops Delicious Herbal Teas

Al Saif Perfumes: Shop Online Now!

Al Saif Perfumes Print Ad - Shop Online Now!
Al Saif Perfumes Print Ad - Shop Online Now!

Our main message here is to direct our beloved new/existing customers to our online purchasing platforms. Effortlessly, they can go online and check their finest fragrance and have it delivered to their doorstep Why? Because VIP! The design is showcasing a cellphone and a mouse having fragrance splash coming out of it to indicate that its now available online whether you’re on a PC or even a cellphone.

Protective Biometric Wallets – The Trova Go Stores Essential Items Securely within (GALLERY)

( The Trova Go biometric wallet case is a high-tech security solution for consumers that will offer them a way to keep their valuables under lock and key when traveling or simply going about their…

WPP’s Annual Report Calls Consultancies the ‘New Competition’

Holding company WPP released its annual report for investors on Tuesday, and several insights stand out among the voluminous documents laying out the holding company’s strategy for 2019 and beyond. Key among them: WPP sees consultancies like Deloitte and Accenture as key competitors, even as the latter faces a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from a client claiming…

All Military Spouses Will Be Able to Access LinkedIn Premium Starting in May

LinkedIn teamed up with the U.S. Department of Defense’s Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program last June to provide one free year of LinkedIn Premium to military spouses when their families move to new installations, and Wednesday, the professional network took that initiative one step further. Head of military and veterans programs Sarah Roberts revealed…

Clubecoat Fitness Bodybuilding Gym: Break up with your fat.

Clubecoat Fitness

Advertising Agency:Cálix Propaganda, Brazil
Creative Director:Allyson Xavier
Art Director:Marcelo Miranda
Copywriters:Cássio Guiot, Igor Islan
Illustrator:Edson Jr

Barclaycard: Barclaycard Repayment Calculator

Video of Barclaycard Repayment Calculator

UnionPay: Accepted

Video of “We love to be accepted’ UnionPay Spot 30” – Campaign launch in Portugal

Video of "We love to be accepted’ UnionPay Digital Video 15” – Campaign launch in Portugal

Video of “We love to be accepted’ UnionPay Digital Video 15” – Campaign launch in Portugal

Unicef: #VaccinesWork

Unicef Integrated Ad - #VaccinesWork
Unicef Integrated Ad - #VaccinesWork
Unicef Integrated Ad - #VaccinesWork
Unicef Integrated Ad - #VaccinesWork
Unicef Integrated Ad - #VaccinesWork

Eurodent: Magnifying Glass, Night Glow

Eurodent Print Ad - Magnifying Glass, Night Glow
Eurodent Print Ad - Magnifying Glass, Night Glow

The teeth are so white that they light up all the time. Remember when you were a child? Putting a flashlight under your fingers so they turn orange?
The challenge of this ad was to recreate the same color in the mouth of the model.

We actually put a small but very strong flashlight in her mouth. She had to move the flashlight with her tongue to light up the whole mouth. We took pictures of every angles and made the final picture. So the color her mouth is actually real.