Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The Gentleman's Wager

Director: Jake Scott
Producers: Jules Daly, Tracie Norfleet
Executive Producer: Winslow Dennis
Director of photography: John Mathiesson
Production Designer: Joseph Bennett
Composer: Colin Smith
Copywriters: Mike Byrne, Dave Douglas

Matarazzo: Rock The Pasta

Advertising Agency: Madre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Production Company: argentinacine
Directors: Gimenez Zapiola, Hernan Correra
General production: German Escande
Postproduction company: Pickle House
Postproduction directors: Aldo Ferrari, Susana Leunda
Sound: Tres Sonidos
Music: Highway Star Deep Purple and Animal Music

Monochromatic Food Photography

La photographe italienne Isabella Vacchi a réussi avec beaucoup de talent à composer des set designs monochromes d’aliments et accessoires de cuisine. Un rendu très réussi, qui joue sur les tons argentés, noirs ou encore marrons avec talent.

Monochromatic Food Photography7
Monochromatic Food Photography6
Monochromatic Food Photography4
Monochromatic Food Photography3
Monochromatic Food Photography2
Monochromatic Food Photography1

We Hear: Infiniti Officially No Longer with TBWA

To follow up on a story Adweek posted a whole three weeks ago (we know, we know), we did receive word today that TBWAChiat Day will officially no longer serve as the AOR for Infiniti after more than fifteen years.

In late June we heard that a total of seven agencies were chasing the account, and two weeks later sources told Adweek that CP+B, BBH, GS&P and Anomaly were the only ones left standing.

The company has apparently made its decision; this week TBWA employees received the internal memo indicating that the client would no longer be theirs effective September 1st.

On an interesting side note, General Motors poached Infiniti CEO Johan de Nysschen earlier this month in the middle of the review–a move that certainly disrupted the process a bit.

In other words, expect news on which agency won the business to arrive shortly. Updates as we receive them.

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Charmin Proudly Tweets That It Will 'Take Care of Uranus'

Oh, Charmin. Don’t ever change.

The toilet paper brand, which previously chickened out and deleted its Thor-related joke about being the original “Asgardian,” has apparently come around on potty puns. Charmin’s newest tweet to cherish is a loose tie-in to summer sci-fi flick Guardians of the Galaxy.

“While they’re out guarding the galaxy, we’ll take care of Uranus,” the twitter image notes. 

My favorite part? It’s hashtagged #astronomy. Because if there’s one crowd that loves Your Anus jokes, it’s astronomers. 

That wasn’t the brand’s only space-themed Twitter shenanigans. Check out its mildly uncomfortable repartee with Star Trek legend and social media superstar George Takei below.

Hat tip to Marc Graser on Twitter.

LinkedIn's Ad Business Rises As Company Reports Robust Growth

LinkedIn’s ad business is growing a rapid clip.

The company reported strong overall Q2 results this afternoon, with its $534 million dollars in revenue up 47% from a year ago, good enough to beat estimates of $511 million. Its ad business, reported under “Marketing Solutions,” kept pace, with revenue from that division reaching $106 million, up 44% from the same period a year ago.

In a call with investors, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said the company’s Sponsored Updates ad product drove revenue for Marketing Solutions, but also pointed to LinkedIn’s acquisition of ad-tech company Bizo as an expected source of future expansion.

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LinkedIn's New Enterprise Sales Tool Could Be Big For B2B Marketers

A new LinkedIn product geared towards salespeople may soon be a mainstay in b-to-b marketing departments.

The product, a standalone, more powerful iteration of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator functionality, will offer a curated stream of updates from target accounts , surfacing the type of data — job changes, press announcements, status updates and blog posts — that can help b-to-b marketers more effectively drum up the sales-ready leads they’re tasked with generating.

“This idea of having a standalone experience with a list of accounts and insights pushed to you, none of that existed before,” said Sachin Rekhi, group product manager at LinkedIn.

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Hershey Completes PR Agency Review

After a PR agency review, Hershey Co. has selected a range of shops to assist with external, internal and brand communications as well as corporate social responsibility efforts.

A Hershey spokeswoman confirmed that the candy giant’s roster will include Ketchum, Zeno Group, Abernathy MacGregor, Beyond, Home, Framework, JPL and VOX Global. Hershey had previously used PR agencies on a project-basis.

The pitch began over a year ago with an RFI and four separate briefs across specialties such as issues management, social media, consumer marketing and internal communications, according to people familiar with the matter.

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Packaging of Smile

Voici le nouvel emballage des chewing-gums Trident Xtra Care, designé par Hani Douaji. Une gamme de six déclinaisons, qui représentent trois saveurs. Chaque paquet a une illustration singulière : une bouche ou une moustache, tantôt souriantes ou surprise. Un packaging coloré et attractif.

Smile Packaging9
Smile Packaging8
Smile Packaging7
Smile Packaging6
Smile Packaging5
Smile Packaging4
Smile Packaging3
Smile Packaging2
Smile Packaging1
Smile Packaging

TBWA/Chiat Day Taps Bret Michaels in ‘Tough Love’ for Nissan

TBWA/Chiat Day tapped reality star/former Poison singer/sole proprietor of bandana manufacturers in 2014 Bret Michaels in their latest campaign for Nissan, entitled “Tough Love.”

The centerpiece of the new campaign, which celebrates the toughness of Nissan’s line of commercial vans, is a music video of Michaels covering “Endless Love,” the schmaltzy 1981 hit written by Lionel Richie. Just what you always wanted. The video alludes to a series of six product demonstrations at Nissan’s Arizona Testing Center while Michaels belts the tune into a golden microphone. Videos of the product demonstrations, featuring Michaels, are also available, and viewers who survive the full length of the music video are prompted to choose one of them to view. As it turns out, they’re a lot easier to stomach than the music video, and not just because they’re shorter. Credits and two product demonstration videos after the jump. (more…)

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We Hear: W+K Signs S7 Airlines

While the agency’s official comment is “no comment”, an anonymous tipster can confirm today that Wieden+Kennedy‘s newest client is S7, formerly known as Siberia Airlines.

Never heard of it? It’s the largest domestic airline in Russia, or the equivalent of our own Southwest to Aeroflot’s United.

We’re told that the company, which previously stuck with Russia-based agencies like Leo Burnett Moscow for its advertising needs (a Burnett campaign won two awards at Cannes this year), wanted to expand and go with an overseas shop in order to win greater market share as more and more Russians travel for both business and pleasure.

W+K–which also serves as AOR for Delta–beat three other agencies on the pitch.

Some odd S7 ads after the jump.


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Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney Brings Out the ‘Bad in Dad’ for Toyota

Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney has a new campaign for Toyota, entitled “Bad in Dad,” featuring one dad’s “bad” antics, attributed to his new Camry RZ.

Set to George Thorogood‘s ubiquitous “Bad to the Bone,” the dad is pictured using his leaf blower to blow leaves onto the neighbors yard (kind of funny), spraying his wife with a hose (cute) and embarrassing his son with the locked door trick as he picks him up from soccer practice (just plain cruel). The narrator at the end of the 45-second spot asserts that the new Camry will “bring out the bad in dad,” making the positioning of the vehicle as the motivator behind dad’s behavior explicit. While he may occasionally step over the line, the dad’s antics are mostly presented as the kind of things most of us think about doing, don’t, and then wish we had, which fits with the vehicle’s presentation as a sort of liberator. Stick around for credits after the jump. (more…)

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'Sharknado 2' Attracts 3.9 Million Viewers, Easily Tops Original

Syfy’s “Sharknado 2: The Second One,” was watched by 3.9 million people when it debuted Wednesday night, the network said, citing Nielsen ratings.

In the important 18-to-49 viewer demographic, the TV movie was watched by 1.6 million people.

Nielsen said “Sharknado 2: The Second One” also topped its Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings for the night with 581,000 tweets written by 188,000 unique authors and seen by 5.5 million people, generating 67.2 million Twitter TV impressions.

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BMW é primeira patrocinadora de uma coleção do Medium

A plataforma de publicação Medium, criada por dois dos fundadores do Twitter, inaugurou nesta semana a sua primeira estratégia de monetização: o patrocínio de coleções de texto.

A marca que se dispôs a participar desse experimento foi a BMW, que por seis meses será a patrocinadora de todos os textos da coleção re:form, que tratará de assuntos relacionados a design.

Segundo Evan Hansen, editor sênior do Medium, a iniciativa não é focada exclusivamente em monetizar a plataforma, mas sim na busca de formatos que se encaixem bem com a proposta do Medium.

Já para a BMW, apoiar a produção de matérias sobre design, que serão todas assinadas por Sarah Rich, ex-editora sênior da Dwell, faz parte de uma extensa campanha de promoção do seu 4 Series Gran Coupé, que também irá contar com ações no impresso, em vídeos digitais e alguns comerciais de TV.

O modelo de patrocínio no Medium colocará um ‘oferecido por BMW’ no topo da coleção, no início e no final de cada um dos artigos. O AdAge também diz que vídeos da BMW seriam tocados no rodapé de cada artigo da coleção, mas não consegui ver nenhum artigo dessa coleção com uma vídeo-propaganda ao final.


Além da coleção re:form, o Medium promete para breve outras coleções temáticas, como é o caso de uma futura coleção de músicas, a ser editada por Jonathan Shecter (co-fundador da Source), e de tecnologia, liderada por Steven Levy (colaborador da Wired). Por enquanto, nenhuma delas tem patrocinador fechado, segundo informações do gerente de estratégia e desenvolvimento corporativo do Medium, Edward Lichty. Pode ser uma oportunidade para grandes marcas se associarem a conteúdos de qualidade, em um formato pouco intrusivo e menos incomodativo do que em outras plataformas e mídias.

Mas para mim, como produtora de conteúdo, o mais bacana foi entender como a Medium negociou o patrocínio da BMW. Fazem parte do pacote 100 histórias sobre design, durante 5 ou 6 meses. Além disso,

a BMW terá direito a um número mínimo de ‘minutos de leitura’ dos textos, que será um acumulado de todos os minutos gastos por cada um dos leitores em cada um dos textos, ao invés de usar métricas como o número de visitantes ou de visualizações de página.

Ou seja, antes de tudo, é preciso que o conteúdo seja interessante, para que o leitor chegue até o final e contabilize todos os minutos estimados de leitura dos textos. Conteúdo ruim não vai gerar boas métricas para a Medium. “Sentimos que as impressões não eram a melhor forma de medir o valor dessa campanha”, defendeu Lichty sobre a escolha.

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Chief Says Discovery Communications Is Open to Global Deals

Discovery has been the target of much merger and acquisition speculation as a series of proposed megadeals threatens to reshape the television business.

Does Your Agency Have a Big Wireless Client? Why the Hell Not?

Attention all #WWDDD acolytes: “If Don Draper were working today, he’d want a wireless account,” writes Michael Learmonth in the International Business Times.

Does your agency have a wireless client? IBT provided some numbers to show us why the answer should be “oh yes.” (more…)

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David Lynch Christian Louboutin Spot: Très Chic or Just Strange?

It’s been eight years since David Lynch last released a full-length film, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy: he’s launched his own coffee line, become a spokesperson for transcendental meditation, written and directed this Dior video, designed limited-edition Dom Perignon labels, and teamed up with Alyssa Milano to create a line of lycra-based workout leggings.

The latest addition to his marketing oeuvre is this :30 spot for Rouge Louboutin, Christian Louboutin’s $50 nail polish that lets fashionistas match their mani/pedi to the brand’s iconic red-bottomed shoes.

That was exactly as strange as we expected it to be–though it still amounted to a more coherent narrative than Inland Empire.


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Kellogg Switches Up Special K Marketing To Battle Cereal Woes

Kellogg Co. is planning significant marketing changes for Special K, shifting away from the brand’s longtime weight-loss messaging to talk more about nutrition. The Michigan-based marketer is also restructuring its Kashi brand, including relocating it to California in a move to make it more autonomous.

Executives outlined the new strategies on an earnings call today after reporting yet another quarter of sluggish results for the marketer’s critical morning-foods business. Kellogg and other cereal marketers have been hurt by shifting morning-eating trends that include growing competition from other categories including yogurt. Kellogg’s U.S. morning-foods division posted a net sales decline of 4.9% in the second quarter; the company’s overall sales fell less than 1% to $3.7 billion.

Special K, in particular, has struggled. Dollar sales of the main variety fell by 22.3% in the 52 weeks ending June 15 to $175 million, according to IRI. Special K with red berries dropped by 13.2% to $134 million. The steep declines compare to a 4% sales drop in the overall $9 billion ready-to-eat cereal category, according to IRI.

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Geez, Amy Poehler Can't Even Spell (Watch the Newest Ads on TV)

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, a company that catalogs, tags and measures activity around TV ads in real time. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are showing sustained social heat, ranked by SpotShare scores reflecting the percent of digital activity associated with each one over the past week. See the methodology here.

Among the new releases, Amy Poehler shows up in another Old Navy ad, this time in an educational setting where she gets schooled. After proving herself to be a distracted and noncommittal politician, soccer coach, spa receptionist, fast-food worker and law-firm executive, now she’s a schoolteacher who can’t even run a spelling bee without misspelling four (like $4, where prices start at Old Navy’s back-to-school sale) as f-o-r-e. Natalie Zmuda wrote about the genesis of the popular campaign back in March.

As always, you can find out more about the making of the best commercials on TV at Ad Age’s Creativity.

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Programmatic Trends Depress Digital Ad Revenue at Meredith

Advertising technologies such as real-time bidding and automated auctions are driving digital revenue downward at Meredith Corp.’s National Media Group, which includes the company’s magazines like Better Homes & Gardens as well as websites such as

Digital ad revenue fell 4% at the National Media Group during the quarter ending June 30, Meredith said in an earnings release today. The decline comes despite Meredith’s 2012 acquisition of, a large website in a popular area, and is partly to blame on the shift to programmatic ad-buying, executives said during a call with analysts to discuss the results.

“The marketplace has changed a quite a bit in the digital landscape,” said Tom Hardy, president of the National Media Group, referring to both consumers’ shift to mobile and marketers’ move toward programmatic technology. Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest ad spender, is working toward buying most of its digital ads through programmatic tech by the end of thisyear.

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