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Barn-Inspired Ocean Houses – This Home's Gabled Roofs are Inspired By Local Rural Architecture (GALLERY)

( The Ocean House is a beautifully designed holiday home, located in the state of Rhode Island in the USA, that is influenced by a wide variety of rurally inspired architectural cues that include…

Spy-Inspired Sneakers – Porsche Design Sport Reinterpreted adidas Models with More Functionality (GALLERY)

( Porsche Design Sport and adidas worked together to bring even more to some of the most well-loved adidas models—using the gear worn by spies for inspiration.

In order to do so, both teams…

Transportable Encampment Trailers – The Journey Basecamp Caravan Provides a Compact Luxe Family Tent (GALLERY)

( The Journey Basecamp Trailer is a transportable family tent that can accommodate a large group of people and be easily to bring to different sites thanks to its compact shape. The tent folds out…

Sarah Jessica Parker Quits EpiPen Campaign

Add another voice to the outrage over the soaring cost of Mylan’s EpiPen: spokeswoman Sarah Jessica Parker.

The “Sex and the City” star, who was part of the company’s “Anaphylaxis: For Reel” effort in May that brought attention to allergic reactions via a media tour and social campaign, took to her Instagram account to denounce the company’s price hikes on the device, which now come to $600 or more for a two-pack. Ms. Parker has a child with severe allergies and made the talk-show circuit on behalf of the brand. Today, however, she posted this to her 2.7 million followers on Instagram:

I was recently involved in an initiative to raise awareness for anaphylaxsis. It’s a cause deeply important to me because of my son’s life-threatening peanut allergy. The epinephrine auto-injector is a vital part of our family’s healtchare, as it is for the many who are at risk. I recently learned that the price of the EpiPen has been systematically raised by Mylan to a point that renders the medication cost-prohibitive for countless people. I am left disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned by Mylan’s actions. I do not condone this decision and I have ended my relationship with Mylan as a direct result of it. I hope they will seriously consider the outpouring of voices and those millions of people who are dependent on the device and to take swift action to lower the cost to be more affordable for whom it is a life-saving necessity.

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DDB Brussels Thinks Models Are ‘the real stars of the new IKEA catalogue’

DDB Brussels launched a campaign for IKEA taking a look at one often overlooked aspect of the Swedish chain’s popular catalogue: the models. And not just the blonde ones!

The spot takes a tongue-in-cheek approach, introducing the models as the catalogue’s “real stars” while they talk about how they’ll now be famous. It’s all done in a deadpan mockumentary format, with one model claiming “I don’t think there’s any way I’m going to get away with not being recognized by…everyone.”

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to be the best man shaver I can be,” says another model, posing in a bathroom scene, who adds that he told his child, “Listen son, dad’s famous now.”

When it actually comes time for them to pose for their scenes, the actors are asked to kindly move away from the center of the frame. One woman is asked to turn completely around completely, while another ponders how she could become the face of the brand, as her face is being blurred out from the scene in post production.

The comical spot takes an approach somewhat similar in tone to such predecessors as Mother London’s “The Wonderful Everyday” campaign , BBH Asia Pacific’s “Recipes for Delicious Kitchens,” and, of course, that agency’s 2014 spot promoting the catalogue by asking viewers to “Experience the power of a bookbook.” DDB Brussels’ new effort changes up the formula just enough to seem fresh while sticking to what has worked for the brand in the past. It’s also something of a humble brag (hmm, maybe just a regular brag, actually) for the brand’s success, as it is reiterated by the models multiple times the catalogue will be seen by 220 million people. The brand’s furniture, meanwhile, is continuously featured in the background, and then the foreground as the spot reaches its conclusion.

Just don’t try to put any of it together while tripping on acid.

Plusnet: Lost skip button

Plusnet: Bad data

Plusnet: Good offer

Plusnet: The end

Tiger Beer Turned Air Pollution Into Ink, and Had Artists Try It Out

Imagine grabbing a tube of paint, dipping your brush in the black goop and gliding the brush across a canvas. Pretty normal, right? Now image that black goop is made entirely of air pollution emitted from vehicles across Asia, and you can actually use that polluted air to create a masterpiece.

Tiger Beer, working alongside Marcel Sydney and MIT spinoff Graviky Labs, did just that, creating the first line of ink made from air pollution. The brand created 150 liters (roughly 40 gallons) of Tiger Air-Ink in pens, markers and spray cans so that different types of artists could experiment with it. 

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Trade Me: Life lives here

Old White: Step into the dark

Only Three Olympics Partners Really Helped Their Brands, YouGov BrandIndex Says

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Warren Hinckle, Ramparts Editor Who Embraced Gonzo Journalism, Dies at 77

Mr. Hinckle, the flamboyant editor who made Ramparts magazine a voice for the radical left, championed the work of Hunter S. Thompson.

No Longer Anti-Advertising, WhatsApp Opens to Marketing and Sharing Data With Facebook

Facebook is getting ready to bring marketing messages to its WhatsApp messaging app, which was founded with a no-ads ethos, as well as tap user data from WhatsApp to inform ads on the social network.

WhatsApp announced the changes in a Thursday blog post on upcoming privacy-policy changes that impact users’ personal data and open them to the potential for marketing on the platform. The revisions mean that user data will get sucked into Facebook and help it serve more relevant ads in the News Feed, too.

The data could also go toward targeted marketing on WhatsApp. “We will explore ways for you and businesses to communicate with each other using WhatsApp,” a description of key changes said, “such as through order, transaction, and appointment information, delivery and shipping notifications, product and service updates, and marketing.”

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Startup Unlockd Cutting Phone Bills If Users Watch Ads

An Australian startup is getting some traction with a proposition for mobile-phone users: Watch our ads, and we’ll cut your wireless bill.

Called Unlockd, the company has reached half a million customers through deals this year with two carriers to offer users a discount on their rates if they agree to view ads when they unlock their handset screen. In the U.S., Boost Mobile, a brand of Sprint, gives customers with Android phones a $5 credit on prepaid plans that cost from $30 to $60 a month.

Unlockd also operates in the U.K. through a deal with Tesco Mobile, and plans to expand into five more countries by October, and an additional eight before year-end. It’s raised more than $20 million from investors including two heavyweights: Sol Trujillo, former chief executive officer of Melbourne-based phone company Telstra, and Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of 21st Century Fox. It’s seeking to raise as much as $40 million more this year, said Matt Berriman, the startup’s CEO.

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Only Three Olympics Partners Really Helped Their Brands, YouGov BrandIndex Says

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EpiPen Maker Mylan Is Airing Fewer Commercials for Its Pricey Product

Amid the rising controversy surrounding price increases to $600 or more for its allergy-combatting EpiPen, owner Mylan has drastically decreased the frequency of airings of its “Face Your Risk” commercial, according to research compiled for Ad Age by media research firm

The 30-second spot, which debuted as part of a larger campaign in late April, features a terrifying scene in which a woman with a peanut allergy accidentally eats a peanut-butter-filled brownie at a party. Since the spot is filmed from the perspective of the victim, viewers see the horrified expressions of other partygoers before glimpsing the bloated and blotchy face of the allergy sufferer in a mirror. Interestingly, the spot makes no mention of the EpiPen, but directs consumers to an awareness website which then leads to a separate EpiPen information website.

Mylan has spent $14.7 million running the ad44% of the company’s total 2016 TV spending so far this year — on the campaign, according to iSpot. The ad ran 326 times the week of July 31. Yet in recent weeks, as the public outcry against Mylan has grown, the spots are appearing less often. Mylan ran the commercial 292 times the week of Aug. 7, 66 times the week of Aug. 14, and has only aired it twice in the last four days, iSpot found.

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David&Goliath Will Probably Not Pay Ransom for Its ‘Hostage’ URL

In case you missed it earlier this week, a Dallas-based agency called Slingshot has been playing a limited time prank on David&Goliath. We wouldn’t call it mean-spirited. It’s more … mischievous.

Right now, looks like this:

david angelo

Here’s the first in a series of daily videos from Monday.

The new season of Mr. Robot is kind of uneven, but you have to stick with it until the big reveal! Now, a brief Panda Mask Explainer.

They are really into this, we can tell.

As promised, they’ve released a video every day this week and brought it to David Angelo’s attention via the social media. According to some sources on the inside, uh huh, they want him to donate an unspecified amount to their charitable foundation, or else the website gets it.

THE BACKSTORY: For reasons that are no longer a deeply held secret, the URL never belonged to the agency Angelo launched in 1999.

As we hear it, Slingshot could not secure its own preferred URL when it first opened more than 20 years ago. Since this particular shop’s narrative was all about taking on The Big Guys, its principals went with hoping that could eventually be theirs.

David&Goliath came to be four years later and, according to our extra-secret sources, Angelo has been angling to score that URL ever since. But since was not yet available to facilitate a trade, D&G has had to make do with for the past 17 years.

That all changed when Slingshot scored their own dot com and proceeded to leverage the existing URL for maximum effectiveness and, possibly, media coverage.

Our colleague Tim Nudd reached out to Angelo before running his Tuesday post, and Angelo hasn’t responded. He did, however, get back to Slingshot via D&G’s Twitter account yesterday:

We agree that love is way better than hate in the long run. But sometimes, in the moment, hate can be kind of fun, says the internet. See: Trump, Donald J.

LOL. A Slingshot spokesperson wrote: “Since Tim’s Adfreak article on Tuesday, we’ve had a great back and forth with David Angelo and his agency through Twitter. Their strategy is to shower us with love. We prefer they shower us with cash.”

This madcap caper will end tomorrow, and we hear that some URLs may change hands in a spectacular display of generosity.

But we feel like maybe Slingshot should distance itself from the Foundation. Not that there’s anything unethical going on there, but when you’re such a publicly visible figure running a national campaign, even the slightest implications of impropriety can be very damaging. Or so we hear that many people are saying.