Vacations are Back! How European Travel Brands are Attracting Tourists

“Do you ever spend your entire business trip counting the days that separate you from vacation? Not in Milano!” a voiceover declares in an ad from the tourism body for Milan. Created by We Are Social Italy, the campaign for Milano & Partners and YesMilano boasts of Milan’s rich cultural heritage and easy-going lifestyle and…

Guide To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue For Your Big Day

The wedding season is on and the wedding bells are loud enough to make anyone nervous. Especially those managing the wedding arrangements can become a little fuzzy if the expectations are not matched. From deciding the right wedding date to fixing the perfect ring, everything becomes momentous. Therefore, the value of a right wedding venue remains sur par and one should undergo a thorough research before fixing the final one. Read the article below to choose the right venue for either yourself or your beloved.

Fix your guest list

Before you finalize your preference, it is always advisable to prepare your guest list. Bigger the guest list, the wider your wedding area should be. If looking for an intimate list of guests while choosing Wedding venues in Essex you can stay more flexible in terms of choosing a place that can host all your guests without any space issue. Another thing is to consider guest comfort. This remains vital to deciding your venue since your options get limited in terms of distance, size, timing, and other suitability parameters.

Choose your preference 

This remains the most important part as only after confirming the preference one can start looking for the options. So, if you are a nature lover, you might look for outside wedding venues that offer more natural appeal and if you love more organized settings, you might opt for wedding hotels, restaurants, etc.


Barn venues, countryside options, farms, etc. will work best for the rustic lovers who would like to get themselves wedded in classic style. Those looking for simpler and flexible outdoor and indoor Wedding venues in Essex options, can choose from this list. They are not only back in trend but are also more elaborative in terms of decorations and styles.


Since art galleries, museums, open spaces with minimal settings, restaurants, etc. are becoming trending options for those looking forward to having a modern venue for their wedding, the options are worth considering. The modern options remain for those looking forward to settings that are polished, more organized, and more elegant.


People are going out of the traditional ways and planning their weddings on different beautiful destinations. The most popular include historical places, botanical gardens, beach weddings, forts, and more. Make sure to plan the distance according to your guest’s comfort.

At the end, the venue must reflect your vibes. Since it’s your wedding day, it must be in alignment with what you have always dreamt of.

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What Facebook's new privacy protections for teenagers mean for advertisers

The new rules could push brands further into influencer marketing. 

Gen Z and spirituality: Lessons for brands

How the group is connecting with attributes provided for older generations by organized religion: Opinion

GE Lighting: Cync Smart Home products

Video of Cync Smart Home products let you confidently check on a bump in the night :30

Video of Cync Smart Home products help you customize your celebration!

Video of Cync Smart Home products set the perfect mood :30

MassMutual: Cheering, Injury, Kids

Video of Cheering | College Planning | MassMutual

Video of Injury | Disability Income Insurance | MassMutual

Video of Kids | Retirement | MassMutual

Noel Leeming: We're ready. Are you?

Video of We’re ready. Are you?

Is Social Media the New Storefront?

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the landscape of ecommerce last year. It forced brands to engage with consumers in new ways with many spending more time online. According to a recent report from Adobe, this changed behavior accelerated the growth of ecommerce by four to six years, and it’s expected to continue as the world returns…

What Facebook's new privacy protections for teenagers means for advertisers

The new rules could push brands further into influencer marketing. 

Erik Larson Has a Scary Story He’d Like You to Hear

After years writing nonfiction, he is now the author of a made-up tale about ghost-hunting that will only be sold as an audiobook.

The Case For Her / Refinery 29: The Lost Pages of Harrison's

The Case For Her Content Ad - The Lost Pages of Harrison's

Many doctors don’t know how to treat menopause. It’s understandable, as the most prestigious book of medical science hardly tackles this topic. We created a new chapter for this book with the content it should always have had.

Video of The Lost Pages of Harrison’s ? The Case for Her & Refinery29

21 Grams: The Nail Check

Nails are the place where melanomas on black skin appear the most. And as there is a strong manicure culture around black people, they are usually covered. We created a diagnosis tool for the only moment that they have their ten nails exposed: while doing them.

Video of The Nail Check | 21 grams

Real: Ads against Imbalance

We tilted the covers of important communication media and the formats of some advertising media to generate attention on the existing imbalance in nutrition.

Video of Ads against Imbalance

Monster Notebook: Winning is cool, even when you are not

When it is about winning, there is nothing more important, gamers know that. Tactics, technique, reflex and world-wide victories won by milliseconds…

With that global insight, advertising agency RED and GREY created a campaign for Monster Notebook, and captured the varied and amusing reactions of gamers within the main creative idea: “Gaming is cool. Even when you are not.” In the commercial, we see gamers and their entertaining moments of losing themselves while winning.

Video of Monster Notebook. Gaming is Cool.

Flutwein: #Flutwein

Flutwein Integrated Ad - #Flutwein

In July 2021 terrible floods destroyed the “Ahr” valley. More than 130 people died. People around Germany and the world looked at a region that was known among connoisseurs for its good wines. The wineries were in ruins, but a few bottles of their best wines were saved from the floodings. Marked by the mud – the memory of a night of horror – they were the origin of a new solidary brand: #Flutwein (Flood Wine)

The campaign stages the muddy bottles and captures their memories for eternity. The bottles are distributed via crowdfunding and generated over 800,000€ in donations in less than 5 days. Bottles of the limited first edition (1000) pieces are sold for up to 500€. When thinking of Ahrweiler people were talking about the floods. But only one week later, Germany is talking about the floodwine from the Ahr valley – the wine for which hardly anyone knew the region before.

And the story is far from over.

T-Mobile: Military Code

For the first time, the NATO phonetic alphabet was introduced as the form of communication intended for a specific audience thru traditional media. T-Mobile Puerto Rico needed to break thru the clutter and deliver a message specifically designed for military members and veterans. Using military codes and terminology, the strategy was to camouflage the offers and to “hijacked” radio spots to insert hidden messages that only the target could decode.

‘Don’t Duck It’—IPA President Julian Douglas’ Message on Industry Assault and Harassment

British agency membership body the Institute of the Practitioners of Advertising (IPA) has a recently installed president, and in Julian Douglas they have someone who is straight speaking and realistic about the issues ahead following the impact of the pandemic. More importantly, Douglas is also vocal in the continuing battle to stamp out sexual assault…

Reese's Puffs: Music Boxes

Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes
Reese's Puffs Integrated Ad - Music Boxes

REESE’S PUFFS cereal has already worked with rap artists like Travis Scott and Lil Yachty. Now, the brand is putting the music-making power in the hands of consumer with their latest release, turning the iconic cereal box into a special-edition series of music boxes – the RP-FX and the RP-PRO. These boxes allow fans to create their own music tracks.

The RP-FX comes in three unique, limited-edition boxes: the Crunchy Drum Machine, the Creamy Lead Synth and the Chocolatey Bass Synth.
Fans can place their PUFFS on the back of the box and use the accompanying app at to start making sweet beats. The RP-FX boxes use a first-of-its-kind augmented reality technology to detect where the PUFFS have been placed and make unique music tracks based off their placement. Fans can get all three boxes to make even more layered tracks.
Fans can then share their creations to the world, via customizable REESE’S PUFFS-inspired music videos made with their tunes.

The RP-PRO is the ultra-exclusive synthesizer, designed to look like a box of REESE’S PUFFS but with all the music samples, audio effects, functions and power you’d expect from the most serious piece of music equipment. The RP-PRO features custom REESE’S cup dials, custom-molded REESE’S PUFFS buttons along the bottom, chocolatey drum pads, a built-in sampler and a dome visualizer with menu. Plus a secret inside compartment to fit a small bag of REESE’S PUFFS for emergency breakfast use. REESE’S PUFFS will be sending the RP-PRO to some of the top music artists and hit-makers around the country, as well as giving away a few to lucky fans.

Brizo: His Vision Continues

Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues
Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues
Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues
Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues
Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues
Brizo Integrated Ad - His Vision Continues

Lifebanc: Obituaries

Lifebanc Integrated Ad - Obituaries