National Water Holding Polish Waters: Memory Portrait

From ice cream wrappers eaten on the beach to huge containers of debris from house renovations. We treat the waters and their banks as a no man’s land, allowing us to use them for nefarious purposes.

The river remembers who is poisoning it. When you dump trash in the water, you are not anonymous because the victim river will easily identify you. You are committing a crime and the trash that collects on the bank creates memory portrait of the perpetrator.

Kraft: Kraft Dipper

Kraft Integrated Ad - Kraft Dipper
Kraft Integrated Ad - Kraft Dipper
Kraft Integrated Ad - Kraft Dipper

Some people eat their cheesy noodles with a spoon, some with a fork. Others eat it straight from the pot. Who’s judging? Not Kraft Dinner (KD), you do you. In fact, our favourite pot is up in space, The Big Dipper, but the problem is, it’s empty…and KD can’t have that.

Because the best thing that goes in an empty pot is cheesy KD, the brand is taking the world’s biggest pot – The Big Dipper – and turning it into – The Kraft Dipper. That’s right, the universe’s most delicious pot of KD. Partnering with a star registry, KD named 21 stars (you know because it’s 2021), after its iconic mac and cheese. The names? Milk 3.25, Elbow, Butter, Fork and Spoon, adding some much needed cheese to the Milky Way.

Galopera: Audio Messages

Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages
Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages
Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages
Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages
Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages
Galopera Integrated Ad - Audio Messages

Video of Galopera – Audio Messages – Marcelo is crying

Video of Galopera – Audio Messages – DUDE!

Video of Galopera – Audio Messages – MOTHERF*CKER

Ministry of Women and Gender Equity: No more stories of gender violence

Ministry of Women and Gender Equity Digital Ad - No more stories of gender violence
Ministry of Women and Gender Equity Digital Ad - No more stories of gender violence

This campaign was uploaded to Instagram Story, with a very common graphic that always appears when you watch the stories on instagram, but with a very powerful wake-up call that has been very viral.

UNTUCKit: Fainting Goats

Kmart: For all kinds of Christmas

Video of DDB Melbourne x Kmart ‘For all kinds of Christmas’

Stop VEO: Talks

For the past 10 years, Publicis Conseil has been working with Stop VEO and the Fondation pour l’Enfance, and has made several campaigns that had a huge impact and led to the law to abolish ordinary educational violence, which was enacted on 11 July 2019. France then became the 56th state to ban ordinary educational violence. But, even today, and while scientific evidence of the medical and social repercussions of such violence is clear, educational violence are still sometimes considered legitimate by the French. This new campaign is a reminder of the law and helps to bring about violence-free behaviour towards our children.

Publicis Conseil has come up with a simple film that highlights the obvious: what if we respected the child as we respect the adult?

BVG: Completely contactless

Serviceplan Campaign Berlin and BVG are highlighting the pilot project for contactless payment on BVG buses, which has been running since the summer, with a neighbourhood musical. As always with a lot of love for the German capital of Berlin, and a nod to its typical characters. A cast of neighbourhood personalities are featured by styling the campaign with various bags and pocket formats which might be associated with different styles and musical tastes, for example; the Kreuzberg punk girl, the Neukölln street rapper, the Spandau Atze, the Mitte mum and the eccentric Charlottenburg couple celebrate in and on their way to the bus. And always in harmony with a nostalgic new edition of Peter Schilling’s 80s hit “Völlig losgelöst”. Named a ‘Kiez’ musical in honour of the German word (mainly native to Berlin and Northern Germany) that refers to a city neighbourhood, or relatively small community within a larger town.

But how do you stage a musical during a pandemic, when everyone has to wear masks on public transport? Instead of the people singing, their bags and pockets are animated and sing the song. They are brought to life entirely without computer technology in a homage to Jim Henson and the Muppets.

Video of BVG – Völlig kontaktlos | in Kooperation mit Mastercard

Metaverse Marketing Podcast: Entertainment at the Core

What if it was possible to walk the halls of Hogwarts, explore the deserts of Tatooine or be immersed into J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth? Would you want to explore one of these imaginary worlds? “People like the idea of an escapist experience, whether that be on TV, in a video game or on…

Melatol: Volvé a tener sueño

In Argentina, 6 out of 10 people suffer from sleep disorders.
That data was our kick-start for the production of this commercial campaign for the client Melatol, the brand of the leading sleep-inducing drug in the market.

Video of Melatol – Extran?aste tener pesadillas

Video of Melatol – Googleaste Outsomio

Video of Melatol – Combinaste ojeras y outfit

Video of Melatol – Golpaste la tele

Timex: We don't stop

A leader in watchmaking for 165+ years, Timex is ushering in a new era with a completely new brand platform and its first appearance in a creative asset.

Old Speckled Hen / Greene King: Henry the Fox on life in lockdown

Old Speckled Hen Integrated Ad - Henry the Fox on life in lockdown
Old Speckled Hen Integrated Ad - Henry the Fox on life in lockdown
Old Speckled Hen Integrated Ad - Henry the Fox on life in lockdown

Old Speckled Hen, the UK’s number one traditional premium ale, has brought Henry back to keep the nation smiling through lockdown. Created by independent creative agency isobel and their comedy department, led by comedian, writer and broadcaster Mike Shephard, the campaign aims to bring the trials and tribulations of life in lockdown experienced by the nation to the front of the comedy stage.

Henry plays the role of stand-up comedian, making curious observations about the world around him. Given the current times, he’s observing a lot of working from home and newly found lockdown habits – including attempted exercise and guilty takeaway confessions a few of us may recognize all too well.

Fubon Life Insurance: Fill your home with warmth and light

Video of ???????? ?????_?????

Video of ??????????????? ?????

Saga: Experience is Everything

Video of Saga – Experience is Everything

How to Leverage Customer Data to Create Memorable Experiences

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With No Third-Party Cookies, Brands Must Prioritize Martech

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How Social Media Turned ‘Prioritizing Mental Health’ Into a Trap

Online fame can be taxing. For one new show, that’s a clever excuse to pay even more attention to a famous family.

He Won the Nobel. Why Are His Books So Hard to Find?

After Abdulrazak Gurnah was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature, he instantly gained a wider international audience, something publishers are now scrambling to accommodate.

Premier League: No Room For Racism

All Premier League matches taking place between 16 and 24 October were dedicated to No Room For Racism, as the League and clubs continue to urge fans to challenge and report discriminatory behaviour wherever they see it.

The League has released a video to reinforce the message that there is no place for racist abuse and that fans can play a key role in the fight against discrimination.

The video reminds supporters that the introduction of League-wide sanctions at the start of the 2021/22 season means that anybody found guilty of racist abuse, whether it occurs within stadiums or online, will be permanently banned from all Premier League grounds. Enhanced training for matchday stewards is helping ensure they are equipped to respond to discriminatory abuse and assist in gathering evidence to ban perpetrators.

To further support the League’s long-term commitment to address racism in football and wider society, first-team players have helped create new education resources, which will be made available to primary and secondary schools.

The Premier League continues to work alongside other authorities and organisations within the game to tackle online hate, lobbying Government and challenging social media companies to eliminate abuse on their platforms.

Through its online reporting system, the League supports any players, managers and their families who receive discriminatory abuse. A dedicated team investigates cases to identify perpetrators, with legal action taken when required. Since 2019, the Premier League has been proactively monitoring social media platforms and has reported thousands of items of abusive content to social media companies for removal.

Dave / CALM / Murdock London Barbers: World Mental Health Day

Entertainment TV channel Dave, and CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably), are raising awareness of World Mental Health Day. The mission is to let people know that they are never alone in whatever they are going through, and that CALM is there if they need them 365 days a year. Open conversations can be had anywhere, with anyone, and even the most serious things in life can be met with humour!