Leading National Advertisers 2022—What's inside

Top U.S. advertisers powered up ad spending in 2021 with the biggest percentage increase since the 1970s. Key rankings, stats and analysis from Ad Age’s 67th annual report on marketers and marketing.

Pride Month: How to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community without sexualizing it

5 ways to prevent your marketing campaign from falling flat.

The Unavoidable Role for Brands in the Battle Over Abortion Rights

Over the last two years, brands have shown–with varying levels of comfort–a willingness to take definitive stances on issues from racism and voting rights to Covid-19 vaccine requirements to Russia’s war on Ukraine. Even if they give money to politicians legislating against the LGBTQ+ community, most major marketers promote Pride celebrations. But the battle over…

Non-Drinkers Are Struggling in an Agency World That Relies on Alcohol

When Taleah Mona-Lusky got sober, she was told by people in both her professional and personal circles that she should also leave her career in advertising behind. In an industry that celebrates winning a new client with rounds of shots and encourages drinking as a bonding activity, it was difficult for them to understand how…

The top 5 Cannes Lions Grand Prix winning campaigns

Amidst the slew of big winners, these are the Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners we believe (or should) will have true lasting power.

Cap the tap : a reusable idea? / Ont-ils payé le droit de bouchon?

Dasani “Cat The Tap” – 2016
When the bottle is finished, the cap
can be fixed on a tap to help save water
Watch The Case Study Video (Vimeo)
Source : Adweek Gravity Award, Design Indaba
Student Project by G.Donnelly, Shannon Smith,
Mikaila Weaver, R.Wright, Y.Sophia (USA)
Finish “Cap The Tap” – 2022
When the bottle is finished, the cap
can be fixed on a tap to help save water
Watch The Case Study Video (YouTube)
Click image to enlarge
Source : Cannes Lions Design BRONZE
Agency : Havas Istanbul (Turkey)

Leading National Advertisers 2022—U.S. market leaders and category rankings

Key stats from Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2022. U.S. share breakouts for marketers and brands.

The Former Electrical Engineer Leading Disney’s Streaming Strategy

Kareem Daniel has become one of the entertainment industry’s most powerful executives, exposing him to Hollywood’s slings and arrows.

Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2022: Rankings and analysis

The full set of rankings and data from Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2022. Ranking of the 200 biggest U.S. advertisers by 2021 advertising and marketing spending.

About Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2022

Methodology for Ad Age Leading National Advertisers, 2022 edition.

How Spotify Is Keeping Audio a Brand Safe Play for Advertisers

At this year’s Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, Spotify focused on the future. The company believes that audio is front and center for many brands’ media strategies, even with potential economic headwinds on the horizon. In addition to putting on concerts featuring Dua Lipa and Post Malone, the Spotify Beach also featured an #AllEarsOnYou activation,…

Ultra-Slim Tracker-Friendly Wallets – The CardGear Go Tracker Wallet Works with AirTags or Tiles (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The CardGear Go tracker wallet is a tech-focused accessory for consumers looking to keep a closer eye on an everyday essential. The wallet features space for up to six cards and offers RFID-blocking…

Roe v. Wade—agencies respond to Supreme Court overturning abortion ruling

The Supreme Court officially overturned the landmark ruling on Friday.

Leo Burnett Mumbai wins Sustainable Development Grand Prix for Procter & Gamble period education campaign

‘The Missing Chapter’ celebrates an Indian schoolgirl who conspires to distribute red flyers about periods in an effort to keep girls in school.

Dentsu Creative India, We Believers, WPP triumph at Cannes Lions 2022

It’s the first time an Indian agency has won the coveted title; WPP earns a back-to-back honor.

EA Sports wins Titanium Grand Prix for campaign that resurrected soccer hopeful Kiyan Prince

‘Long Live the Prince’ campaign from EA Sports and Engine Creative brought together multiple brands to turn young footballer killed in a knife crime into a soccer star.

Cannes Lions 2022: os seres humanos são o caminho – inclusive no metaverso

CANNES, FR – A R/GA veio ao palco do Palais trazer sua visão sobre o tema mais discutidos no universo da publicidade atualmente – e como sempre, ela trouxe uma perspectiva nova (e fundamental) sobre o tema: um olhar sobre identidade em tempos de metaverso.  Sim, identidade.  A palestra começou com uma citação do filme …

Leia Cannes Lions 2022: os seres humanos são o caminho – inclusive no metaverso na íntegra no B9.

An Apple ‘Underdogs’ ad and Channel 4’s ‘Super.Human’ win 2022 Cannes Lions Film Grand Prix

Along with Apple and Channel 4’s Film wins, a funny, ‘excruciating’ film for the Humane Society earned Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good.

How Top NBA Draft Picks Leveraged College Marketing Deals in Their Rise to the Big Leagues

The first anniversary of the NCAA enacting its NIL (name, image, likeness) policy is approaching, and student sports stars entering the NBA will take a valuable lesson with them: They know their worth. The year-old rule change allows college athletes to profit like the pros from brand deals. The emergence of a more aware, business-savvy…

Jones Soda Launches ‘Full Flavor, Full Dose’ Soft Drinks With a Cannabis Kick

In the fast-growing world of THC-spiked beverages, there’s a whole menu of choices like iced tea, lemonade, coffee, cocoa, mocktails, booze-free wine and mimosas, energy drinks and sparkling waters. Products come in bottles and cans–Cann, by the way, is a best-selling “social tonic” with a pioneering Pride campaign and a Hollywood following–and via drops, mixes,…