Lacta: From the Start

Video of Lacta – From the Start – Case study

Puma: Experiential Football Packaging

Puma: Experiential Football Packaging
Puma: Experiential Football Packaging

Video of PUMA & Cramer Change the Game with Experiential Shoe Packaging

Pepe Jeans: Portobello Journey

Video of Pepe Jeans – Portobello Journey

Friday Morning Stir

-Samsung released ““Breaking Out,” the latest in its “#DoWhatYouCant” campaign promoting the Samsung Galaxy S8 (video above).

-SS+K associate creative director and copywriter Elena Knox and associate creative director and art director Alyssa Georg created “Read Between The Headlines” in an attempt to show how sensationalized headlines feed into political division.

-DDB Berlin collaborated with women’s rights group Terre Des Femmes to utilize a photo booth for a domestic violence awareness PSA campaign.

-Activist group Sleeping Giants is putting pressure on more advertisers to cut ties with The O’Reilly Factor.

-CP+B London CCO and Karmarama founder Dave Buonaguidi addresses his industry hiatus, saying, “You shouldn’t hate working at your own agency – but I did.”

-Wondersauce founding partner, co-CEO John Sampogna explains how the agency evolved from products and platforms to full-service.

-MEC group strategy director Richard Bradford explains “How I came back to my dream job after battling a drinking problem.”

-Polls find most millenials don’t want to pay for Netflix. The answer, obviously, is advertising.

-In Australia, McDonald’s is encouraging candidates to apply for jobs at the fast food chain via Snapchat.

The Week's Must-See Media: Jared Kushner Explained in One Amazing 'Picture Story'

Ad Age “Media Guy” columnist Simon Dumenco’s media roundup for the morning of Friday, April 7:

In the latest episode of “Keeping Up With the Kushners” or whatever the hell show this is, it has not been a great week for Jared, the president’s baby-faced son-in-law. What’s a polite way to put this? Well, the Kushner brand is … suffering. Can he flip the script? Why can’t his father-in-law’s friend Steve and Jared just get along? Can Jared’s wife, Ivanka, tell her dad to tell Steve to stop being so mean to Jared? Stay tuned! Anyway, let’s get started …

1. Right before news broke last night that the U.S. had launched a missile strike against Syria, #SyriaHoax was trending on Twitter. What was that about? Basically, a bunch of people who are very vocal on social media — including diehard Trump supporters (or now, perhaps, former diehard Trump supporters) — think that the images of carnage that we’ve been seeing from Syria have been faked by sinister forces that want to drum up war. These four tweets from, uh, different POVs will help you understand:

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Enza Home: For Greater Love

Video of ‘Enza For Greater Love’ A Valantine’s Day Film

Tens: Daydreamers

Daydreamers’ was shot half digital and half 16mm film – we aimed to capture the juxtaposition between a colder, muted world without Tens and the warm and granular effect of wearing them. In the narration of the film, we sought to highlight the importance of relationships offline, experiencing moments in life because you genuinely want to; and not just because you want to be seen to be doing so online. The purpose of the film is to encourage people to live their everyday life with a positive mindset, and to make the most of every situation; key elements of the Tens brand ethos.

Video of Tens SS17: Daydreamers

First Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art in Garage Museum: The country you’ve never seen before

Video of Famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov supports Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art

Crosscall: NATURE'S EYES




Bord Gáis Energy: It's worth thinking about

Video of Bord Gáis Energy: Eyebrows

The National lottery UK: Bus

The National lottery UK: Bus

Young Lions: Whale


Young Lions: Building

Adidas apresenta o tênis do futuro, com sola moldada através de impressão 3D líquida

Chamado de Futurecraft, parte do calçado é gerada por oxigênio e luz ultravioleta

> LEIA MAIS: Adidas apresenta o tênis do futuro, com sola moldada através de impressão 3D líquida

Samsung celebra a tecnologia como a nova normalidade das futuras gerações

O que antes era impossível, agora é normal

> LEIA MAIS: Samsung celebra a tecnologia como a nova normalidade das futuras gerações

Spoilers Talk Show #48 – Minisséries e Antologias

No Spoilers Talk Show #48, nova edição do podcast do Spoilers, Denis Pacheco, Fernanda Sgroglia, Letícia Arcoverde, Luiz Guilherme Moura e Sylvia Ferrari conversam sobre um tipo de série que está ocupando cada vez mais espaço nas grades dos canais – e nas nossas de espectadores. As minisséries e séries de antologia, que contam uma história que se resolve em uma temporada. Com o […]

> LEIA MAIS: Spoilers Talk Show #48 – Minisséries e Antologias

This Photo Booth Surprised Women With Pictures That Mirror Domestic Violence Statistics

Facial recognition software has come a long way since researchers began programming computers to pick out human features in the mid-’60s. A recent project by the Berlin offices of DDB in collaboration with women’s rights group Terre Des Femmes found a new, shocking application for the technology: highlighting the prevalence of domestic violence. Violence perpetrated…

Snickers: Sknickers

Video of Snickers: Sknickers, 1

Video of Snickers: Sknickers, 2