Advertising: A Face for Wild Turkey? This Actor Writes the Ads, Too

Matthew McConaughey, the Oscar-winning actor, is the creative director for Gruppo Campari’s Wild Turkey bourbon. “I’m an idea man,” he says.

Like Magic, Muggles Make New Harry Potter Play Disappear From Bookstores

From Brooklyn to Seattle, fans of the book and film series turned out at midnight on Sunday for the release of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

Books of The Times: Review: ‘The Selfishness of Others,’ or I’m O.K. — You’re a Narcissist.

Kristin Dombek’s book, subtitled “An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism,” shows how a clinical term metastasized into a sweeping description of our entire culture.

Meia Maratona de Goiânia: N3TFL1X

Meia Maratona de Goiânia

Advertising Agency:Pagú Propaganda, Goiânia, Brazil
Creative Director:Sussy Côrtes
Art Director:Livia Cê
Copywriter:Fred Alencar
Additional Credits:Nellie Santee and Fernando Almeida

Creative Circle of Paraguay: Winning has no recipe

Outdoor, Print
Creative Circle of Paraguay

Winning has no recipe.

Advertising Agency:LAIKA, Asunción, Paraguay
Chief Creative Officers:Oscar Vera, Joaquin Cosp
Art Director:Pancho Sen Sual
Retouch:Pancho Sen Sual
Copywriter:Alejandro Duarte
Photography:Youngho Choe
Account Director:Mauricio Frutos
Producer:Christian Castro Producciones

Dimas Construções: Old car

Outdoor, Print
Dimas Construções

Old car means new home.

Advertising Agency:Decisão Propaganda, Florianópolis, Brazil
Creative Director:Lucas Schwantes
Copywriter:Lucas Schwantes
Art Director:William Amorim

Papia: Pool


Advertising Agency:Vietnam, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Directors:Tibet Sanliman, Gurkan Gunaydin
Art Directors:Onur Evin, Hasan Caliska
Retouchers:Onur Evin, Hasan Caliska
Brand Director:Bengisu Eyiel
Additional Credits:Deniz Kavuk, Ersin Cetinkaya

The Independent: Don't click

Dimas Construções: Used car, new home

Kellogg's: Comic Con Day, 1

Kellogg's: Comic Con Day, 2

Kellogg's: Comic Con Day, 3

SPCA: Rupture – death

SPCA: Rupture – birth

SPCA: Rupture – move

NSPCC: Pants song

HBO Gives ‘Game of Thrones’ an End Date, and Resurrects ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

While discussing the demise of “Vinyl” and the coming show “Westworld,” the network’s president of programming also responded to criticism about HBO’s depiction of sexual violence against women.

Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts Asked to Take Leave After Gender Comments

Publicis Groupe has asked Saatchi & Saatchi Chairman Kevin Roberts to take a leave of absence following controversial remarks he made suggesting that the ad industry’s gender diversity debate is over.

“It is for the gravity of these statements that Kevin Roberts has been asked to take a leave of absence from Publicis Groupe effective immediately,” Publicis Chairman CEO Maurice Levy said in statement. “As a member of The Directoire, it will ultimately be the Publicis Groupe Supervisory Board’s duty to further evaluate his standing. regarding gender diversity.”

He added: “Promoting gender equality starts at the top and the Groupe will not tolerate anyone speaking for our organization who does not value the importance of inclusion. Publicis Groupe works very hard to champion diversity and will continue to insist that each agency’s leadership be champions of both diversity and inclusion.”

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Russian News Group Walks Tightrope in Covering U.S. Election

RT, formerly known as Russia Today, has long been scrutinized for being a propaganda outlet of sorts for the Putin government, which oversees its finances.

American Institute of Graphic Arts: Go vote