Advertising: Televising Sizzling Meat to Bump Up Sales of a Brisket Sandwich

Arby’s filmed a brisket being smoked for 13 hours at the smokehouse in Texas that cures its brisket, and that footage will be one long commercial.

2 Major Time Inc. Magazines Will Run Cover Advertising

The ads, tiny strips running along the mailing label area, are to appear on the covers of Time and Sports Illustrated.

One Venerable Ad Trade Association Is Acquiring Another

The Association of National Advertisers in New York, founded in 1910, will acquire the Brand Activation Association, also based in New York.

Advertising: A TGI Fridays Makeover to Recapture the Social Crowd

The restaurant is trying to burnish its image in an bid to draw younger revelers, who may dismiss the chain as a place where their parents ordered potato skins in the 1980s.

Advertising: Zico’s New Coconut Water Pitch: Spandex Not Necessary

Zico’s new campaign, starring the actress Jessica Alba, portrays coconut water as an anytime beverage instead of just a sports drink.

More Than Just a Booming Voice, Mr. Moviefone Is Now on Video

Russ Leatherman, the well-known voice of Moviefone, will be providing short video reviews of movies to, an entertainment news site.

Advertising: Miami Area Hotel Brings Its Past to Forefront

Print ads in a $1 million campaign link the Biltmore’s historic past and illustrious guests to today’s visitors.

Campaign Spotlight: Travel Magazine Goes ‘Native’ With Lodging Collection

Afar magazine has added a website section devoted to high-end hotels and resorts that have paid $25,000 each to be included.

Patch Sites Turn Corner After Sale and Big Cuts

Patch’s new controlling owner took over in January, and soon after, only 15 percent of its news staff was left. It has managed to turn a profit in the last three months.

Advertising: Political Procedurals Play Starring Role in Fall TV Season

Examples of the trend include “CSI: Cyber,” “Madam Secretary” and “Scorpion” on CBS; “Allegiance,” “Odyssey” and “State of Affairs” on NBC; and a potential series on TNT, “President X.”

Advertising: Already Crowded, Upfront Week Keeps Snowballing

“Everybody wants to get in on the action,” said Joe Mandese, editor in chief of MediaPost, who estimated there would be “almost 100 events” by the time the upfronts conclude.

Advertising: Fox and NBC Strut New Shows to Marketers

On the first day of the TV upfronts, Fox put forward 10 new shows, and NBC 12. Both networks are also planning “event” shows or series.

Campaign Spotlight: Putting On the Ritz, Six Words at a Time

A hotel company’s marketing campaign relies on “wow” moments created for its guests, told in six words.

Overextended, Music TV Shows Fade

The once wildly popular live music and talent contests on television seem to have run their course, as other genres have in the past.

Its Ratings Sliding, Fox Looks for Hope in a Gotham City Before Batman

The network, whose prime-time audience has fallen about 17 percent, is under pressure as it prepares to present its fall schedule to advertisers.

Ad Agencies Dust Off and Focus on Future After Collapse of Merger Deal

Cultural difference and legal problems are issues at the heart of the collapse of the Publicis-Omnicom deal.

DealBook: At Odds, Omnicom and Publicis End Merger

Clashing personalities, disagreements over how the companies would be integrated and complications over legal and tax issues have derailed the deal between Omnicom and Publicis.

Advertising: Simmons Spends Big on Star Power

The Simmons Bedding Company will introduce two new celebrity-driven advertising campaigns this month.

Advertising: For Online Video Publishers, a New Tack on Luring Ad Dollars

Publishers of online video at the Digital Content NewFronts indicated they were trying to make it easier for marketers and agencies to spend on video.

Advertising: Mocked on Internet, Diet Coke Alters Ads

Mocked in social media, the soft drink’s slogan “You’re on” is being dropped from its ad campaign after only three months.