Advertising Jobs: Hunt Adkins, Marketing Factory, FCB West

This week, Hunt Adkins is hiring an account manager, while Marketing Factory is looking for a general manager. FCB West needs an account executive, and RITTA is seeking a copywriter. Get the scoop on these openings and more below, and find additional just-posted gigs on Mediabistro.


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Gloriously Grotesque Photography – Shoreditch Wildlife Documents Reckless Lifestyles (GALLERY)

( In his new book, ‘Shoreditch Wildlife,’ photographer Dougie Wallace captures the grit, grime and debauchery of London’s notorious East End neighborhood.

The issue of…

Harvey Nichols October 31st Sale: Fear the living

Outdoor, Print
Harvey Nichols

When it comes to Harvey Nichols Halloween Sale one should fear the living shoppers more than the dead. Because for such slaughtered prices shoppers can slaughter other shoppers to get whatever they want.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director:Joaquin Alvarez Limón
Copywriter:Soham Chatterjee

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic craft crashes in California desert

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft has crashed, leaving at least one person dead.

The Next Logical Step in Real-Time Marketing: Reactvertising

It all started with an Oreo tweet in the Super Bowl and it hasn’t moved much beyond that. But real-time marketing is still all the rage. Or at least it’s something advertising people like to run around saying, along with “paradigms,” “concepting” and “big data” (along with the all-too common misuse of mediums as a plural for medium).

But one agency has said enough with boring, old and slow real-time marketing. It’s time to evolve — or perhaps evolute — real-time into the next big thing. So Toronto-based shop John St., the agency that brought us Catvertising, is introducing Reactvertising.

“It’s not about being funny or smart. It’s about being fast,” says one of the agency’s 2,800 new speedwriters in this promotional video. “So now we just write whatever pops into our heads.”

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Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection

Cet automne, Gareth Pugh a dévoilé sa collection de prêt-à-porter pour le printemps 2015. Comme inspiré des tenues folkloriques lors des rituels sorciers, le créateur a conçu des costumes déroutants : des coupes droites, géométriques, des motifs hypnotiques et des couleurs toujours neutres. une sélection de la collection est à découvrir en images.

Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-13
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-12
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-11
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-10BB
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-10B
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-10
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-9
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-8
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-7
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-6
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-5
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-2
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection-1
Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 Collection 0

Cramer Krasselt Gets Scary for Knott’s Berry Farm

Cramer Krasselt launched a campaign promoting Knott’s Berry Farm’s annual Knott’s Scary Farm event with a series of short horror videos for broadcast and online.

Created in collaboration with production company Vitamin Pictures, the gritty videos are populated by creepy clowns, demented dentists and hungry zombies, giving viewers an idea of what to expect at Knott’s Scary Farm. In “Clown,” for example, the camera follows a woman as she makes her way through a creepy abandoned room with children’s toys and balloons strewn across the floor. As she turns a corner, a demonic looking clown pops out to greet her. The spot ends with the tagline, “Whatever you’re imagining, it’s here.”

“It was great to be hired to make these little horror films for Knott’s,” Vitamin Creative Director Danny DelPurgatorio says. “There were severed heads, body parts, blood and gooey stuff all over the place. It was a dream come true.” (more…)

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Bayer to Consolidate Agency Work Again

Bayer consumer

Just one month after finalizing its acquisition of rival Merck’s over-the-counter pharmaceuticals business, Bayer is making some changes in its agency lineup.

Specifically, the company is consolidating its business with its two incumbent agencies; Havas and other parties will lose the work.

For context, Bayer’s last major consolidation occurred in 2010, with the company awarding creative duties to WPP (Ogilvy/JWT) and Omnicom (BBDO/CDM Group) and media to GroupM.

The first big move to follow the acquisition was the shift in media agencies at Merck: the work went from Initiative to MediaCom. Today’s announcement, however, marks the end of an extended partnership between Bayer and Havas. Moving forward, it seems that all creative will belong to WPP and Omnicom.

Internal memo after the jump.


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Mullen Wins Patrón


After launching an agency review in August and narrowing the candidates down to GS&P and Mullen last week, the tequila company Patrón has gone with the latter according to our colleagues at Adweek.

The account went from Richards to Cramer-Krasselt less than 18 months ago, and while no one at the brand or either agency gave comment, trusty Kantar did report that the company spent $42 million last year promoting itself and its two sister brands, Pyrat rum and Ultimat vodka (both of which are new to us).

As for what the work will look like, here’s the most recent C-K spot, “X Ray”:

We’re not really into tequila as we prefer our liquors to be the color of rust or the muck that clogs our souls.

Still, no one has answered our question: sipping or shooting?!

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Microsoft Ad Sales Layoffs Number in Low Triple Digits

Microsoft has laid off members of its global advertising sales team as part of the company’s ongoing round of layoffs.

The division’s cuts number in the low triple digits — that’s out of roughly 2,000 employees who are part of Microsoft’s global advertising division, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“We’ve taken another step that will complete almost all the 18,000 reductions announced in July. The reductions that happened are spread across many different business units, and many different countries,” a Microsoft spokesman said in a emailed statement.

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John St "Reactvertising" (2014) 3:03 (Canada)

“With Reactvertising you’re not just borrowing interest. You’re creating the illusion your brand is actually interesting.” This self-promo for John St is pretty freaking hilarious.



Ford Mondeo "Night Flight" (2014) 1:00 (Norway)

Fast and Furious director Rob Cohen directed this ad featuring a sultry female pilot flying in a total black out and landing thanks to the help of a hunky male’s ultra bright LCD “runway” lights– a feature in his new Ford Modeo.



Mullen Wins Patron Global Creative

Patron Spirits is preparing to name Mullen its new global creative agency following a review, the company confirmed on Friday.

Patron began the review in August after it parted ways with independent agency Cramer-Krasselt, which had won the business in 2010. Los Angeles-based consultants Select Resources International handled the process. Mullen will also handle TV and out of home media duties, both of which were previously handled by Cramer-Krasselt.

“We’re delighted to partner with the team at Mullen, a world-class strategic and creative agency that will help us build on our tremendous brand equity and accelerate our sales and share growth globally,” said Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Patron Spirits, in a statement.

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Colbert Announces End Date for ‘Report’ and His Blowhard Persona

The last show, on Dec. 18, will be the final appearance for the character Stephen Colbert created and will be leaving behind when he heads to CBS.

McGarryBowen Presents ‘The Fall with James Franco’ for Droid Turbo

McGarryBowen New York is launching a new broadcast spot for the Droid Turbo entitled “The Fall with James Franco.”

In the spot, James Franco is on a rooftop balcony attempting to help a lady friend retrieve a red scarf when he slips and falls. Most of the ad actually takes place with Franco in midair, in slow-motion, as he uses the phone to tell his friend to meet him downstairs and find a safe landing. He safely lands in a dumpster and then charges his phone in a restaurant, as the spot plugs the Droid Turbo’s ability to charge in fifteen minutes. It’s a pretty ridiculous way to get to this plug, so much so that it might actually detract from the message — even if it makes for a somewhat memorable spot.

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Asics Salutes 500 NYC Marathon Runners by 3-D Printing Statues of Them

Asics and ad agency Vitro always do something special around the New York City Marathon, whether it’s having people races against a virtual Ryan Hall in the subways or daring you to remain upright on the treadmill from hell.

But this year, they’ve outdone themselves with an awesome campaign that’s both physically and virtually magical.

The running shoe brand always honors runners, and this year it’s doing so in classic style—by making little statues of them. It asked everyone who entered the marathon to send in 2-D front and side head shots. Then it hired a team of artists to turn the 2-D images into printable 3-D files, creating small yet life-like statues for each runner. (It was capped at 500 statues, first come first served.)

That’s cool enough. But on race day this Sunday, it gets cooler.

Vitro photographed each statue in three different landmark locations along the course. Then its digital team linked the photos with each runner’s Facebook account and his or her RFID race timing and tracking chip. So, when the runner passes each landmark in real life, a photo of the mini-marathoner statue passing that same landmark will auto-post to the runner’s Facebook account in real time—providing mid-race updates to family and friends.

But that’s still not all. The 500 statues were booked in less than eight hours, and lots of runners were left out. So, Vitro is also holding a Twitter marathon. Any runner in the real race can enter, and for every tweet on their behalf, Vitro will advance them along a digital marathon course. The first 50 runners to finish will get their statues made as well. You can visit to sign up.

It’s great stuff all around from a brand that keeps improving its time every year.

More images, plus credits, below.

Mile 8

Mile 15

Mile 24

Client: Asics
Agency: Vitro
Creative Group Head: KT Thayer
Digital Creative Director: Oliver Duncan
Art Director: Jeremy Stabile
Art Director: Will Roth
Art Director: Ryan Smith
Copywriter:  Bill Wanek
Copywriter: Doug Hyland
Production Director: Michael Berberick
Production Manager: Cristi Perkins
Digital Production Manager: Allison Mellon
Digital Designer: Andres Herrera

McDonald's: Happy Halloween

Advertising Agency: DDB, Finland
Creative Director: Lauri Vassinen
Art Director: Lauri Vassinen
Copywriter: Tapu Haro
Illustrator / Photographer: Antti Salminen
Published: October 2014

Knott’s Berry Farm / Knott’s Scary Farm: Clown

Advertising Agency: Cramer-Krasselt, USA
Producer: Will Meyers
Creative Director: Pat Hanna
Art Director: David Vaca
Copywriter: Tom Katers
Production: Vitamin
Director: Danny DelPurgatorio
Executive producer: Larissa Berringer
Line producer: Melody Hinkley
Director of photography: Chris Vinopal
Production designer: David Krause
Prosthetic makeup: Cirque FX
Art director: Rob Foster
Compositor: Danny DelPurgatorio
Concept artist/3D generalist: Michael Siegel
Storyboard artist: Francis Vallejo
Editor: Andrew Maggio
Colorist: Fred Keller
Associate Producer: Lauryn Grimando

Knott’s Berry Farm / Knott’s Scary Farm: Tooth Fairy

OgilvyOne Worldwide Halloween Party: Which office monster are you, 1

Advertising Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide Africa
Creative Director: Max Ngari
Art Director: Patrick Munyi
Copywriters: Lashaun Ominde, Lodenyi Sangale
Illustrator: Patrick Munyi
General Manager: Shahzad Khan
Published: October 2014