Netflix Faces Hurdles, Country by Country, in Bid to Expand in Europe

Already growing in Britain, the American digital video distributor will face entrenched local competitors on the Continent — not to mention Amazon.

World Briefing: Cuba: Independent News Site Is Hacked on First Day

Yoani Sánchez, the blogger who began the site, accused the government of sending readers in Cuba instead to a page dedicated to scathing criticism of her.

Bits Blog: Amazon vs. Hachette: When Does Discouragement Become Misrepresentation?

After Amazon’s aggressive stance against a major book publisher became public last week, criticism and complaints mounted. But Amazon seems confident it will get what it wants.

State of the Art: Did Regulators Break the Internet or Did They Save It? Yes.

The Federal Communications Commission’s proposal on network neutrality tries to please every side. And when you try to please everyone, you often please no one.

F.C.C. Backs Opening Net Neutrality Rules for Debate

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to open for public debate new rules meant to guarantee an open Internet.

Advertising: Already Crowded, Upfront Week Keeps Snowballing

“Everybody wants to get in on the action,” said Joe Mandese, editor in chief of MediaPost, who estimated there would be “almost 100 events” by the time the upfronts conclude.

The Media Equation: Warnings Along F.C.C.’s Fast Lane

Time and again, when the government tries to insert itself between the Internet and its users, it gets clobbered. This could end up the same way.

Advertising: For Online Video Publishers, a New Tack on Luring Ad Dollars

Publishers of online video at the Digital Content NewFronts indicated they were trying to make it easier for marketers and agencies to spend on video.

Lens Blog: Photos Trusted but Verified

A leading expert on digital forensic analysis has launched a free online service that lets people confirm – or debunk – the authority of online images.

Russia Quietly Tightens Reins on Web With ‘Bloggers Law’

Taking another step to restrict Russia’s Internet, President Vladimir V. Putin quietly signed a new law requiring popular online voices

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to register with the government.

Reporter’s Notebook: At Cable Convention, an Industry Tries to Face Up to Its Tarnished Reputation

Executives and officials concede that cable’s business image suffers from rising rates, service failures and the dreaded wait for the cable technician.

No Regrets for the Founder of Tumblr After Yahoo Sale

While conceding he was “terrified” going into the deal, David Karp says he is happy with the autonomy the microblogging service has under its new owner.

Advertising: Push to Put Brands in Video Content

The move to integrate brands and products into video content and the resulting revenue have prompted the development of more original video programming.

A Show About Nothing Begets Something You Can Play Online

What if new episodes of “Seinfeld” were still on television? This haunts Jason Richards, the hyperactive mind behind the Twitter account @Seinfeld2000.

The Great Unwatched

Online video ads were supposed to be a marketer’s dream. Instead, many become lost in an unruly maze.

As Netflix Resists, Most Firms Just Try to Befriend Comcast

Most companies have not publicly spoken out against the proposed Comcast merger, partly to avoid antagonizing a company with which they do business.

Advertising: With Online Video Offerings, the Establishment Plays the Upstart

Ambitious efforts are being made by legacy media companies like Time Inc. to join the frenzy of online video content creation that was set off by so-called digital natives like AOL, BuzzFeed and others.

Call for Limits on Web Data of Customers

The long-awaited administration report suggests that tech companies disclose the information they collect on customers.

Open-Source Software Specialist Selected as Executive Director of Wikipedia

Lila Tretikov has a background in large-scale Internet projects and was the chief product officer at SugarCRM, a software company.

Advertising: Famous Faces Cross Over to Online Video

The online video industry is relying on TV, radio and movie stars to spice up its offerings.