Taylor Swift Responds to Sale of Her Old Label With Fury: ‘My Worst Case Scenario’

In a Tumblr post on Sunday, the singer called out the powerful music manager Scooter Braun for his purchase of her back catalog.

Put Some Serious Stock In Slack

Are you on Slack? Over 10 million people log on to the messaging App every day. People in all sorts of industries are deciding if it’s a helpful tool or a nagging reminder (that there are unread messages waiting for you to act on). The answers to these questions will vary depending on how your […]

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Nike – Dream Further (2019) 3:00 (USA)


‘Toy Story 4’ Is Bigger Than the Beatles

After a solid second weekend, the movie’s global total has hit $496.5 million. “Yesterday” landed in third place.

LMO: Media Director

Competitive annual salary + health, dental, public transportation subsidy, and 401K.:

Searching for a Media Director to lead of team of top notch Media Planners and Buyers.
Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Ideas Collide: Director of Media Planning & Strategy

Competitive pay depending on experience.:

Ideas Collide:
This role can be based out of Scottsdale, Portland, or L.A. , overseeing core paid media/advertising initiatives.
Scottsdale, AZ, Portland, OR or Los Angeles, CA

Oêa: Copa 2019 — ?? 0-2 ?? / ?? 1-2 ??

Oêa no ar! Fim das quartas-de-final e definidas as seleções que vão disputar as semifinais da Copa do Mundo de Futebol Feminino 2019. E a rodada de hoje foi de arrepiar, à altura da importância das partidas. Vem que tem tudo sobre o Mundial! Edição: Jéssica Correa Apoio à pauta: Agê Barros Produção: Letícia Valente Identidade visual: Johnny Britto

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Glaad’s Bold New Mission: an L.G.B.T. Constitutional Amendment

Led by its chief executive, Sarah Kate Ellis, the gay rights group is moving beyond Hollywood and toward national politics, raising eyebrows among some of its allies.

Zing! 58 – O Fim?

Sobre o que o Zing deveria ser? O que deveria mudar? Será que o programa vai acabar? Essas e outras respostas no episódio de hoje, que marca o início de uma nova fase. Vem com a gente!

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Top 100 Fashion Trends in July – From Pride-Honoring Sportswear to Psychedelic Game-Themed Fashion (TOPLIST)

(TrendHunter.com) The range of July 2019 fashion trends stems from numerous different inspirational roots as the summer season begins to thrive. There are many luxury fashion labels that unveiled their works for…

SeaVees Is California Casual

Whether you’re headed to a wedding or to an important confrecne call, there’s no need to sweat it. As long as you’re wearing comfortable footwear from SeaVees, any occasion can be casual. ICYMI, SeaVees is a brand reborn. In June of 1964, BF Goodrich launched SeaVees and introduced the shoe brand with a groundbreaking advertising […]

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Futuristic Electric-Motorcycles – BMW Unveiled Its Vision DC Roadster Concept Bike (GALLERY)

(TrendHunter.com) The BMW Vision DC Roadster is a concept bike that was recently announced at the company’s NextGen event. The bike looks similar to conventional makes from the company, sharing the same two-…

Audi: Drive Your Imagination

Video of

Unicef: UNICEF Vaccination Campaign in Africa

An adventure of a group of children to take a little baby to get vaccinated. A journey through African culture colored with joy and vibration in a fantasy and playful world where only a child could imagine.

This is the first time that Guinea Ecuatorial have an animation campaign on TV. We create a unique fantasy world and original story and visual using African culture, exploring the exotic and beautiful graphics and patters from there. Everything to make appeal and convince young mothers to bring her babies to vaccinate. We mix fantasy, 3D and 2D graphics.

Video of UNICEF Final Version

Meril: like.share.love

Let your mobile rest and you rest your hand on your beloved’s. Think a little fresh!

Humans are on the edge where communication is not an issue anymore, where everyone is just a notification away but sadly at the same time it has taken them far and far apart. Here humans jumble their reality with virtual reality. Here in this digital era, all are forgetting the essence of human touch.
The campaign ‘like.share.love’ is for Meril, a beauty care range simply portrayed this social phenomenon of a regular couple into the world filled with virtual reality, which intended to deliver the wishful message of fresh thinking to value the time spent with beloved.

Video of Meril | Like.Share.Love | Valentine’s Day | 2019

3M / Post-it Brand: Think Loud

Video of Back to School with Post-it® Brand: School President

Video of Back to School with Post-it® Brand: Melody

Video of Back to School with Post-it® Brand: Love Note

Video of Back to School with Post-it® Brand: Super Sticky

MedlinePlus: Accidental Drug Dealer

MedlinePlus Print Ad - Accidental Drug Dealer
MedlinePlus Print Ad - Accidental Drug Dealer
MedlinePlus Print Ad - Accidental Drug Dealer

The opioid addiction is rising among teens in America. Many of them get access and steal pills from close relatives, mostly grandparents, who don’t store their medicine in a safe way. So the risk of you becoming an accidental drug dealer increases if you don’t keep them in a safe place. These adverts were made for MedlinePlus, an online information service about medicine and health by the U.S. government. The goal was to increase awareness around the importance of safe medicine storage at home.

Fab Hotels: Unhelpful hotel staff?

Tired of staying in budget hotels where nothing clicks? Next time, #ClickFabHotels Because it’s Fabulous, or Free!

Video of Instant check-in, instant service | When nothing clicks, #ClickFabHotels

Otilia Brailoiu: An Untold Poem

A bridal campaign for the 2019 collection.

Video of Fashion Video | Otilia Br?iloiu | An Untold Poem

Emirates NBD: It Wasn't Me

All the things a bank won’t ask, but a fraudster will! Our latest film “It Wasn’t Me”, in collaboration with Dubai Police, gives you the do’s and don’ts of keeping your identity and account secure at all times. #YourSecurityOurHappiness #Dubai#UAE #SecureYourAccount

Video of It Wasn’t Me | ?? ??? ???