Corona "Dear Summer," (2015) :90 (USA)

Here’s a very poetic love letter written to summer, from winter. In it, Winter laments his case. No one’s written songs about him, so one likes to hang with him, and no one wants and endless winter, like all the things summer related. Heck, winter doesn’t even have a beer. But summer does. And that beer is Corona. Talk about wiping the “Miles away from Ordinary,” slate clean. Love it.

Wild and Colorful Fashion Photography

Voici une sélection de photos de mode réalisées par l’artiste américain Jackson Hallberg où il met en scène de jeunes femmes vêtues tout en couleurs par le biais de set design conceptuels, ou de manière plus abstraite par des clichés où les modèles courent dans un champ enfumé de projection nacrées.


Earth Hour: Dark tickets

Advertising Agency: Publimark Lowe, Costa Rica
General Creative Director: Javier Zeledon
Art Directors: Adriana Rojas, Gianfranco Bruno
Copywriter: Mauricio Zamora
Digital Director: Roger Leiton
Programer: Oscar Taylor
Producer: Julio Romero
Published: January 2015

Savanna: New bottle

Advertising Agency: FCB, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Creative Director: Aaron Harris
Copywriter: Chris de Villiers
Art Director: Brendon Barnard
Agency Producer: Sarah Southey
Account Director / Deputy MD: Elizanne Rauch
Director: Bruno Bossi / Carbon Films
Producer: Kirsten Clarence / Carbon Films
Editor: Ricky Boyd / Deliverence Post Production
Music: Rob Schroder / Robroy Music
Sound: Arnold Vermaak / We Love Jam

Instituto Maria da Penha: Hidden messages

Advertising Agency: Africa, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Directors: Rafael Pitanguy, Eco Moliterno, Alvaro Rodrigues
Creative Directors: Jeferson Rocha, Andrea Siqueira
Associate Creative Directors: Bernardo Romero, Beto Rogoski
Copywriter: Lucas Ribeiro
Art Directors: Ivan Loos, Jeferson Rocha, Andre Batista
Project Creative Director: Evandro Soares
Project Producers: Paula Coelho, Paula Bezerra, Ana Padinha, Marcelo Leonardos, Pepo Penteado
Digital Producer: Guilherme Oliveira
Client Services: Rosi Ferreira, Juliana Araujo, Carolina Gatti

giffgaff – Hey You – (2015) :60 (UK)

giffgaff - Hey You - (2015) :60 (UK)
‘Fresh’ is a tricky concept in advertising. It looks so easy from the outside – client wants a fresh campaign, something people haven’t seen before. Creatives go away and rip off a wacky music video from Taiwan or Pakistan or something that recently got a million hits on YouTube which they saw while browsing Laughing Squid. Wacky idea is set to the sounds of a dude reading beat poetry, rhyming ‘waste’ with ‘toothpaste’, and everyone laughs all the way to the bank. (At least, this is how it seems to me, looking at some of the uninspired ads that have reaching into my living room and throttled me around the throat recently).

This piece from giffgaff is a rare gem, a genuinely fresh and refreshing piece of communication that – and I’m going to whip out bold here for all ECDs drinking their morning coffee – communicates a range of product benefits while keeping the audience entertained. The comparison game is a dangerous one to play, both in life, and in advertising – but I’ve seen a range of disappointing ads on my TV the last few weeks that combine the cardinal sins of boring me, showing me a stupid visual montage, and combining said montage with a VO poem delivered by (insert client’s preference here: urban black guy/ cockney common guy/ middle class Mummy).

But wait, there’s more.

Charlie Smith, Brand Manager at giffgaff:

Thanks everyone for the kind words on our new ad. Since the start of the year we now have new way of working (much like giffgaff in many ways), which has got rid of some of the traditional approaches, like having an ad agency. Instead we now manage everything internally, pulling in experts and people we’d like to work with on specific projects. And of course we got members involved as well. Members provided lines for the script, recorded loads of the voiceover and appeared in the ad as well.

Did you get that? Since their last ad by Fallon London was banned they’ve said bugger to the whole system and started making their own ads. Now as much as it might be vindicating to see them mess it up and then turn to an agency to clear up the mess, this is certainly not what we’ve witnessed so far. ‘Hey You’ is a fun piece of product driven advertising with a strong and consistent visual style. Along with the Clarks In-House Branding Team, giffgaff should be patting themselves on the back.

Open Source: Ex-FIFA Official Cites Satirical ‘Onion’ Article in His Self-Defense

Jack Warner, arrested last week in connection with a criminal investigation, held up the faux news report as evidence, he said, of an American conspiracy,

Burning Man Photography 2014

Le photographe français Victor Habchy s’est rendu au festival Burning Man en 2014, dans le désert de Black Rock dans le Nevada. Il en est revenu avec des clichés déjantés, à l’image de l’évènement, qui réuni chaque année des dizaines de milliers de personnes en provenance du Monde entier.


Grace Notes: A Peep Inside the Former Home of Walter Winchell, America’s Top Transom Peeper

Eric and Lori Friedman have lived in a house in Edgemont, N.Y., once owned by Mr. Winchell, since 2001. Now, as Mr. Winchell would say, they are ready to scram.

3D Microscopic Leaps

Markos R. Kay est un artiste résidant à Londres, spécialisé dans le numérique, qui a été commissionné par Pentagram afin de réaliser des illustrations 3D basées sur le travail du Prix Nobel Eric Betzig, pour le magazine HHMI Bulletin. « Microscopic Leaps » révèle des figures complexes qui simulent ce qu’on appelle la « microscopie fluorescente ».


Beautiful and Authentic Riad in Morocco

Le photographe Italien Stefano Scatà a photographié de sublimes clichés de l’intérieur du Riad Dar Darma situé à Marrakech. Pièce par pièce, l’artiste nous fait découvrir la féérie et l’authenticité de ce lieu tout droit sorti d’un conte des milles et une nuits et qui en fera rêver plus d’un.


Historical Superhero Paintings – Vartan Garnikyan Transforms Classical Artworks into Batman Tributes (GALLERY)

( Batman is an iconic figure that deserves to be immortalized in artistic forms—and that’s exactly what Vartan Garnikyan has decided to do. Vartan Garnikyan has put a spin on some of the…

Surrealistic Fashion Photography

Nouveau focus sur le talentueux photographe Rus Anson. Avec des mises en scène tout à fait différentes de sa précédente série de portraits féminins, on retrouve ici néanmoins des costumes rétro s’apparentant à l’univers du rêve. On découvre la vie d’un jeune couple de pêcheurs vivant sur la plage en compagnie d’un orignal hybride.


Hybrid Women Retro Collages

La galerie Helsinki School nous dévoile cette série de collages réalisée par l’artiste Ulla Jokisalo, composée de portraits retro de femmes en noir et blanc, où des têtes d’animaux sont apposés à l’aide d’épingles sur le haut de leur corps, donnant ainsi naissance à d’intrigantes créatures hybrides.


FAADA: Cruel

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Spain
Creative Directors: Jofre Biscarri, Carlos de Javier
Copywriter: Emma Piquer
Arte Director: Mimi Margalef

TNT Energy Drink: Lighthouse

Beat the night.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Art Director: Leandro Câmara
Copywriter: Christian Fontana
Photographer: Shutterstock
Art Buyers: Monica Beretta, Stephanie Wang
Published: April 2015

TNT Energy Drink: Skyline

Beat the night.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Art Director: Leandro Câmara
Copywriter: Christian Fontana
Photographer: Shutterstock
Art Buyers: Monica Beretta, Stephanie Wang
Published: April 2015

TNT Energy Drink: Road

Beat the night.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Art Director: Leandro Câmara
Copywriter: Christian Fontana
Photographer: Shutterstock
Art Buyers: Monica Beretta, Stephanie Wang
Published: April 2015

Miles Corporation: Abortion Tutorials

The Abortion Tutorials campaign was launched on April 7th 2015, the same day the government bill was being discussed in the Chilean congress, generating controversy and rapidly becoming a Trending Topic under #LeyAbortoTerapeutico. The campaign has encouraged conversation both in Chile and the rest of the world with over 8.7 millions of estimated impressions to date.

Advertising Agency: Grey Chile

Jack Link's Jerky: Messin' with Sasquatch – Wedding

Advertising Agency: Carmichael Lynch, USA