Liquid Death turned internet hate comments into danceable hits: "Greatest Hates, Vol 3"

Drinks & Alcohol

Introducing Liquid Death’s Greatest Hates Vol. 3! Bop to 10 delightful, spiteful tracks featuring lyrics written entirely by real internet haters.

Barbie film marketing and licensing deal collaborations turns everything pink!


Fox News to Pay $12 Million to Settle Ex-Producer Abby Grossberg’s Suit

The settlement with a former producer, Abby Grossberg, is the latest development in a series of legal battles involving Fox.

Liquid Death Drops a Dance-Pop Album With a Hater Beat

According to the vitriol on the internet, some people would like to tar and feather anyone connected with Liquid Death and its growing line of canned beverages. The brand, on the other hand, decided an old school burning-at-the-stake would be a more fitting punishment for its perceived crimes against humanity. To hype its new album…

Pride 2023 marketing—9 key takeaways, numbers and stats

Amid a frenzy of anti-LGBTQ+ activity, Ad Age tracked consumer sentiment and other social media stats during Pride Month.

Planned parenthood billboard: "Virginity is a social construct"

marketing mishaps


Well, that’s a surefire way to get attention.

Why Ally Financial Is Growing the Racing Space With NASCAR

In a special episode of Champions of Change, host Mollie Cahillane joined Ally CMO Andrea Brimmer and the Ally team on the ground at the Ally 400 NASCAR race in Nashville. Back in the first episode of the season, Cahillane asked Brimmer to explain the appeal of car racing, and Brimmer delivered. Hear why Ally…

Remembering Joseph Pedott, the man behind Chia Pets and The Clapper

“Depression baby” created unforgettable jingles, an agency and a small product empire that lives on.

AI Is Reminding Us of What We’ve Lost—and What We Can Have Again

The 2023 edition of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity may be remembered as the “disconnect show.” There’s the beer brand whose inclusive, award-winning marketing campaign prompted a devastating boycott. There’s the technology sector, whose pull-back on marketing spend and headcount is being cheered by Wall Street. But the biggest disconnect at Cannes is…

Taco Bell promotes global chief brand officer to CEO

Sean Tresvant will succeed Mark King in 2024.

Indie Filmmaking, Crowdfunding and Branding Collide in Scream: The Musical, The Movie

Horror is known for its passionate fandom, and the Scream films are among the genre’s most widely celebrated franchises. Created by iconic writer-director duo Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven, the movies are full of metacommentary on the slasher sub-genre that Craven helped pioneer in the 1970s and ’80s. Scream has gone on to inspire countless…

Watch the newest commercials from Citi, Amazon, Starbucks and more

Starbucks hypes its new Frozen Lemonade Starbucks Refreshers.

Modern Rehashed Handheld PCs – GPD has Upgraded its Win 4 with Improved Performance for 2023

( The GPD Win 4 (2023) is a handheld gaming device that runs on Windows 11 and features AMD Ryzen 7000 series APU with RDNA 3 architecture and AMD Radeon 780M integrated graphics. It has a 6-inch eye-…

Bomb Pop Celebrates July 4 With AR Snapchat Lens

To celebrate National Bomb Pop Day on June 29, as well as the July 4 holiday, frozen treat maker Bomb Pop partnered with business agency Gale and actor Gavin Casalegno to launch a merchandise collection and augmented reality Snapchat lens inspired by Bomb Pop’s red, white and blue ice pop. The Summer of Bomb Pop…

‘Ms. Rachel,’ the YouTube Star, Wants to Sing With Her Littles

The YouTube star of “Songs for Littles,” an online video series that pulls millions of views, says she’s found her calling in encouraging children to speak.

This Is the Year of ‘Brandformance’ for Instacart, Says CMO Laura Jones

Instacart’s chief marketing officer Laura Jones calls this the “year of brandformance” for the 11-year-old online grocery platform. The amalgam comes from two functions of the marketing department, brand and performance. Those teams had reported to separate leaders, but Jones, who joined from Uber two years ago, felt they would perform better for clients and…

‘Ms. Rachel,’ the YouTube Star, Wants to Sing With Her Littles

The YouTube star of “Songs for Littles,” an online video series that pulls millions of views, says she’s found her calling in encouraging children to speak.

Ad agencies say they never liked Google video partners inventory

One holding company told clients their exposure was limited after report found ill-placed ads on Google. 

AI and ad bias—how brands can develop ethical frameworks

9 ways to address accountability, transparency and fairness.

Brands Need More Than Pride and ‘Love Is Love’ to be Allies

Both marketing and journalism talk about the importance of storytelling and exploring the full scope of an issue, topic or community–just before leaving much of that story on the editing room floor. Rana Reeves, the founder and CEO of the RanaVerse creative agency, was kind enough to talk to Adweek earlier this month about how…