Top 100 Gadget Trends in April – From Flying 3D Printers to Drone-Demolishing Weapon Systems (TOPLIST)

( Though the April 2018 gadget trends show that today, gadgets are all around us, the etymology of the word “gadget” is somewhat disputed. According to some, the word first came into use…

A Hong Kong Newspaper on a Mission to Promote China’s Soft Power

Since buying the South China Morning Post, the Chinese tech giant Alibaba has pumped in cash with a goal of using it to change how the West sees China.

Mamilos 141 – Quem Quer Privacidade?


O Facebook é uma organização que transforma capital social em capital financeiro. Faz isso combinando dados pessoais – idade, preferências político-religiosas, estado civil, etc – com relacionamentos (o gráfico social) e manifestações sobre conteúdo (likes, compartilhamentos, posts) para gerar informações que permitem aos anunciantes reduzir os custos com publicidade ou aumentar a eficiência de seus …

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Top 35 Travel Ideas in April – From Entrepreneur-Specific Hotels to Accessible Travel Filters (TOPLIST)

( From entrepreneur-specific hotels to accessible travel filters, the April 2018 travel trends reveal that there is a growing demand for hyper-specific vacations for niche groups.

While working…

Snapchat Takes a Jab at Instagram and Calls Itself a ‘Camera Company’ in First TV Campaign

Snapchat has an awareness problem. While just about everyone under the age of 25 has most likely downloaded the app and uses it regularly, the vast majority of adults don’t understand Snapchat’s vernacular of Snaps, stories and dancing hot dogs. So, Snap is running its first TV campaign during the Final Four on TBS tonight….

Laura Ingraham Takes a Week Off as Advertisers Drop Her Show

The Fox News host was criticized for saying that the Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was whining about getting rejected from colleges. Fox News said her vacation was preplanned.

Hey, Alexa, What Can You Hear? And What Will You Do With It?

Amazon and Google have filed patent applications, many still under consideration, that outline how digital assistants can monitor more of what users say and do.

Gregório Duvivier questiona publicidade infantil velada em canais do YouTube

Greg News

Novo episódio do Greg News mostra os abusos em programas para crianças e de vloggers, como Felipe Neto

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Artistic Multicolor Smart Pens – The 'OMNI' Pen Draws in Whatever Color You Want (GALLERY)

( The conceptual ‘OMNI’ pen has been designed as a revolutionary piece of equipment for designers and students that would enable them to create like never before without having to worry…

Stylish Functional Leather Backpacks – The Venture 2 Backpack is Reliable and Luxurious (GALLERY)

( Luxury accessory brand This Is Ground, known for creating unbeatable leather goods, updated it’s most popular bag option: the Venture 2 backpack.

The new bag is made with the same Italian…

After Driving Streaming Music’s Rise, Spotify Aims to Cash In

On Tuesday, the streaming music giant will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Its path ahead, however, is far from clear.

Clear-Strapped Triangle Bikinis – Missguided's Clear Strap Bikini is Sure to Turn Some Heads (GALLERY)

( Bikinis are designed to turn heads, but Missguided’s clear strap bikini is leaving on-lookers baffled and intrigued.

As its name suggests, these gorgeous two-piece is connected by a clear…

Deadlift Training Equipment – The Rogue Wagon Wheel was Co-Developed with Mark Bell (GALLERY)

( The Rogue Wagon Wheel has been developed as an intuitive new solution for athletes who are looking for a better way to train and streamlined their experience.

Co-developed with award-winning…

Facebook Employees in an Uproar Over Executive’s Leaked Memo

The social network’s employees were abuzz on Friday over a 2016 memo from a top executive, in which the executive defended Facebook’s growth at any cost.

Burger King: Chocolate Whopper

Video of Burger King | Chocolate Whopper

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Fox News' 'Ingraham Angle' Loses More Advertisers (but MyPillow stands firm)

That led one Twitter user to respond saying, “Really? You’re not going to support free speech.”

Stitch Fix responded by saying, “The decision to stop advertising isn’t one we made lightly. After statements from the host that crossed the line of decency, we believe pulling our advertisements was the right thing to do. We hope you can understand.”

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Petco: Beautiful Bond Salon

Video of Beautiful Bond Salon (Petco)

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Peeps: Energizer Peeps

Video of Energizer Peeps

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Reese's: Not What You Eggs-pected: REESE’S Celebrates April Fools Early

Video of Not What You Eggs-pected: REESE’S Celebrates April Fools Early

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White Castle: White Castle Whey Protein Powder

Video of White Castle Whey Protein Powder

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