Luxe Rapid Rings – The ‘Lambo Two-Finger Ring’ Features the Ultimate Opulent Symbol (GALLERY)

( Nothing symbolizes extravagance more than a luxury supercar and the ‘Lambo Two-Finger Ring’ by Dope embodies that perfectly. The sleek ring features a miniature Lamborghini so that you…

Customized Furniture Artwork – Samuel Treindl Turns IKEA Furniture into Something More (GALLERY)

( Samuel Treindl doesn’t need directions for his IKEA furniture! Instead of staying inside the lines, the German designer decided to cut the PS cabinets and create his own “furniture”…

Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers – The Ice Cream Scoop and Stack is an Easy Way to Eat Treats (GALLERY)

( Owning an ice cream scoop is an important utensil for any iced treat fan to own. However, this scoop is atypical, and it will create a gorgeous display of desserts.

If you are having a dinner there…

Dancing Ghosts

Dancing ghosts est un projet du photographe Micaël Reynaud qui a pris des clichés du groupe pendant tout une journée en utilisant un temps d’exposition long et a ensuite créé un film à partir de ces photographies. Le résultat est impressionnant tant les personnages semblent irréels et à la fois sortis d’un autre temps.








18 Examples of Creative Resumes – From News Network Resumes to Easy Employment Apps (TOPLIST)

( The recent Google-style bio and CNN-mimicking profile caught much attention as examples of exceptionally creative resumes. As the job market becomes crowded for millennials, career-driven…

Vibrant Versatile Futons – This Awesome Futon is Both a Bed and a Relaxing Chair (GALLERY)

( This awesome futon comes in numerous expressively vibrant colors and has the ability to become both the perfect lounge chair and a comfy place to sleep. The ‘Figo Futon’ can really…

Motivational Wall Stickers – Get Inspired Daily with the Work Hard Stay Humble Wall Decal

( Whether you’re at home or at the office, “Work Hard Stay Humble” is a motivational quote that should stay in people’s mind at all times.

This wall decal is a great way to bring…

What Twitter’s Trendrr Buy Means for Social TV

The big news in social media this week was Twitter’s purchase of Trendrr. This is great for Twitter, which acquires great technology just in time for TV’s new season. It is also, I would assume, great for Trendrr. (Congrats, guys!) But for the TV networks, producers, brands and agencies that are all still trying to figure out this thing that is “social TV,” it risks becoming a step backward.

Twitter, just for the record, is awesome. It is a wonderful platform for marketing, listening and sharing, especially with text. The immediacy of the 140 characters, the ability to see and search trends through hashtags, and the personal involvement of many celebrities with their own accounts makes Twitter perfect for real-time reactions around TV.

But as great as Twitter is, it is only one of the platforms that comprise social TV.

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Surreal Miniature Toy Photos – Reggie Ballesteros Captures LEGO Minifigures in Everyday Life (GALLERY)

( Reggie Ballesteros has taken the iconic LEGO minifigures and captured them in amusing everyday life scenarios. From a skateboarding ‘Stormtrooper’ mini-figurine to the hilarious ‘…

Morbid Kitchen Utensils – These Gory Hand Salad Tongs Will Scare Away Unwanted Guests

( Add some violent flavor to your meal with the gory hand salad tongs.

This scary-looking kitchen accessory is perfect for Halloween, or for just adding some fun humor to the dinner table. These…

Retro-Inspired Chromatic Captures – The Przemek Dunayev by Grzegorz Mikrut Editorial is Eclectic (GALLERY)

( The Przemek Dunayev by Grzegorz Mikrut image series embraces vintage menswear fashions with an eclectic flair. The promising AS Management face is captured in a series of retro-inspired portraits…

Raw Hoodlum Photography – The 50 Boys of Summer Editorial Captures Candid Imagery (GALLERY)

( Paying homage to a 90s grunge aesthetic, the ‘50 Boys of Summer’ editorial features some of the most talented model up-and-comers in the business. Photographer Eva K. Salvi’s…

U.S. Open Fans Affected by Coverage Blackout Have Options

The CBS blackout on Time Warner Cable continues, but fans can still watch the matches online or on the CBS Sports Network cable channel, which is not subject to the blackout.


Matthew Shear, Book Publisher, Dies at 57

Mr. Shear, the publisher of St. Martin’s Press, helped writers like Janet Evanovich and Augusten Burroughs climb the best-seller lists.


The TV Watch: ‘Spiral’ and 3 Other French Shows Worth Seeking Out

Four French TV dramas serve up the most common themes — crime, war, sex and the occult — in fresh and unexpected ways.


Cumulus Media Will Buy a Radio Syndicator

The deal would let Cumulus beef up its syndication business with programs from the National Football League, the Olympics and Nascar, as well as news and entertainment.


For News From Syrian Battleground, a Reliance on Social Media

The dangers of news organizations reporting in Syria have kept most journalists outside the country’s borders and heightened the need for third-party video.


Recycled Material-Built Stores – This Chinese Nike Store is Made from Recycled Objects (GALLERY)

( This Chinese Nike store in Shanghai has a gorgeous interior that you might not expect to be made from items that could easily be found in a recycling bin.

The architects of Miniwiz Sustainable…

Pause Home Entertainment Stores: Stockholm House Equalizer


Swedish HiFi retailer Pause Home Entertainment has launched Stockholm House Equalizer, the world’s first home listing service based on unusually powerful sound systems. Together with Sweden’s leading experts in construction, acoustics and sound Akestam developed an algorithm that determines exactly how high you can turn up the volume in a home before the neighbours complain. They then applied the algorithm to homes available on the housing market, creating the worlds first real estate listing service based on sound. All to help you find a home where you can enjoy the stores unusually powerful sound systems to the fullest. Or as Spinal Tap used to say “These go to eleven”.

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Sweden
Creative Director: Andreas Ullenius
Art Director: Andreas Ekelund
Copywriter: Viktor Jacobsson
Account Director: Henrik Adenskog
Digital Producer: Alex Picha
Web Designer: Jens Sjöbergh
Digital Planner: Rasmus Bengtsson
Web Production: Provide IT

Flora Margarine: Malema

You need a strong heart today.

A heart is an extremely fragile and valuable thing. That’s why it makes sense to take as good care of it as you can. Especially in modern life, where stresses, shocks and strains can impact on our health with shattering results.

Advertising Agency: Lowe + Partners Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Peter Badenhorst
Art Director: Gavin Dexter
Copywriter: Stephen Pollock
Illustrator: Caroline Vos
Typography: Gavin Dexter
Published: June 2013