Advertising: Courting Video Advertisers With Infinite (and Growing) Air Time

The 2014 NewFronts, presentations for buyers of online advertising, offer an expanded calendar of events reflecting the rapid growth of the field.

Advertising: Clean & Clear Videos Dare Not Speak Blemish’s Name

Johnson & Johnson’s new campaign for the skin-care product Clean & Clear uses nonactors and focuses on girls who pursue expectation-defying passions.


Yahoo Aims to More Deftly Blend Ads With Content

Yahoo is starting to push into two of the hottest areas of Internet advertising: stream ads and so-called native ads.


Volkswagen to Stop Using Primates in Ads, Withdrawing Teaser for Super Bowl Commercial

The car company agreed to abide by a no-primates policy advocated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.


IBM to Announce More Powerful Watson via the Internet

Companies, academics and individual software developers will be able to use Watson at a small fraction of the previous cost.


Advertising: Welcoming a Royal Baby While Trying Not to Steal the Spotlight

Advertisers took to social media to send congratulatory messages to the royal family — examples of how brands are increasingly trying to become part of news-driven cultural moments.


Advertising: Eye on Emerging Markets, Firm Invests in Start-Up

The $15 million investment in Jana is the first by the Publicis Groupe in a mobile technology start-up.


Advertising: Commercials With a Gay Emphasis Are Moving to Mainstream Media

Until recently, ads with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender themes were usually limited to media those consumers watched and read.


Advertising: Trying to Burnish Its Image, Johnson & Johnson Turns to Emotions

Johnson & Johnson’s new campaign, called For All You Love, aims at reviving its tarnished brand.


Sponsors Now Pay for Online Articles, Not Just Ads

The strategy of advertisers sponsoring or producing content that looks much like traditional editorial content has become increasingly common as publishers try to create more sources of revenue.

Advertising: A Channel Reflects the Reshaping of TV Demographics

Bounce TV is aiming to reach African-American viewers through broadcast television, not cable.