Lori Teresa Yearwood, Journalist of Life on the Edge, Dies at 57

Once a reporter for The Miami Herald, she became homeless. She later returned to journalism, calling on her experience to cover the continuing homelessness crisis.

Top 100 Drinking Trends in October – From Enhanced Functional Beverages to Pumpkin Spice Latte Kits (TOPLIST)

(TrendHunter.com) There are many interesting and innovative beverage options in the October 2023 drinking round-up—while some emphasize health and wellness, others experiment with sustainability or flavor.


Adeus, envelopes vermelhos: Netflix encerra era do DVD com estilo e nostalgia

dvd netflix

A Netflix enviou seus últimos DVDs hoje, sexta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2023, marcando o fim de uma era que começou com “Os Fantasmas se Divertem” e terminou com “Bravura Indômita”. Por que isso importa O encerramento do serviço de aluguel de DVDs da Netflix é um marco cultural e empresarial. A empresa está não …

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Top 100 Fashion Trends in October – From Luxurious Watch Designs to Neo-Rave Fashion NFTs (TOPLIST)

(TrendHunter.com) The October 2023 fashion round-up boasts both physical and digital activations that are sure to capture the attention of consumers.

In the digital realm, the October 2023 fashion list calls…

Chicago Bears Use AR to Interact With Fans Outside Soldier Field

Chicago Bears fans have a new way to celebrate their team before they ever enter Soldier Field for home games. By scanning the QR codes next to statues of team founder George S. Halas and iconic player Walter Payton outside Ticketmaster Plaza (formerly Gate 0) at Soldier Field, fans can launch an augmented reality experience…

Prologue: Honda revela seu primeiro SUV 100% elétrico


Prologue, o primeiro SUV totalmente elétrico da Honda, promete uma autonomia estimada de 480 quilômetros e carregamento rápido. Por que isso importa O lançamento do Prologue é um marco para a Honda, que começa a transição para um futuro de zero emissões, prometido para 2040. Com um preço inicial esperado na faixa dos US$40,000, é …

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What Marketers Can Learn From the Art Basel-Tribeca Festival Partnership

The alliance announced this week between Art Basel and the Tribeca Festival epitomizes how innovative partnerships can propel a brand into new realms of influence, while preserving established identities. Drawing more than 16,000 attendees in the 1970s at its inception in Basel, Switzerland, Art Basel is now a global pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of…

CMO Summit 2023: participe do maior evento online de marketing

CMO Summit

O CMO Summit, o maior evento online de marketing global, retorna este ano com uma série de debates que exploram o impacto da Inteligência Artificial e outras tecnologias emergentes no setor. O B9 também estará presente, mediando quatro debates com grandes CMOs sobre o papel crucial da criatividade na era dos dados. A partir do …

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FC 24: EA Sports lança novo capítulo pós-FIFA com campanha “Football Is Yours”


O primeiro jogo de futebol da EA Sports sem a marca FIFA chegou. A nova campanha “Football Is Yours”, criada pela Wieden+Kennedy Portland, não pretende apenas ser uma estratégia de marketing, mas também um manifesto da nova identidade da marca. Por que isso importa: Após encerrar um acordo de licenciamento de três décadas com a …

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EA Sports Crashes Into the Real World to Debut First Game in the Post-FIFA Era

After splitting from FIFA, publisher EA Sports’ new soccer game is here. EA Sports FC 24–the latest video game in the series previously branded under soccer’s global governing body–went on sale today. Accompanying the launch is a high octane campaign that brings the game’s drama into the real world. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, “Football Is…

Lucy Morgan, Feared and Revered Florida Reporter, Dies at 82

Her investigations upended rural sheriffs’ departments, exposed state senators’ misdeeds and exemplified the power of a past era in American newspapering.

Google Lets Publishers Opt Out of AI Training Data

Publishers can now opt out of having their data used to train Google’s AI models such as Bard. Top line Google’s new tool, Google-Extended, allows websites to be indexed by its search engine through crawlers like Googlebot. It also offers publishers the option to opt out of their data being scraped for the training of…

Lego mira em adultos estressados com nova campanha “Find Your Flow”

lego adults

Já faz algum tempo que Lego deseja mostrar que não é só para crianças. Agora, em novo filme da campanha “Find Your Flow”, a marca quer ajudar adultos a desestressar com o som de seus tijolinhos de plástico. Por que isso é relevante: Em um mundo cada vez mais consciente das pressões do dia a …

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Nova campanha da LG traz alívio cômico para a onda de calor intenso

lg dual

Em meio a uma onda de calor no país, a LG acaba de lançar uma campanha divertida para seus novos modelos de ar-condicionado, mostrando pessoas tentando aliviar o calor de formas inusitadas. Além do excelente timing, a criação da AlmapBBDO promove que os aparelhos vem equipados com inteligência artificial e controle de voz. Por que …

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Lunchables Uses Rewarded AR Ads to Reach Pokemon Go Players

Mobile developer Niantic revealed its Rewarded AR Ads format at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June. Now, Lunchables has become the first brand to launch a Rewarded AR Ads campaign in Niantic’s hit mobile game Pok?mon Go. Powered by Niantic’s 8th Wall augmented reality development platform, Rewarded AR Ads allow Pok?mon Go…

The Daily Beast’s Obsessed Nets 7-Figure First-Year Revenue

One year after the Daily Beast launched Obsessed, its vertical dedicated to coverage of television and film, the section has topped seven figures in advertising revenue and seen an uptick in readership, according to president of advertising and partners Lindsay Jaffe Levy. The vertical, which publishes reviews, recaps and recommendations, grew out of a popular…

Effortless Travel For Business: How Taxis Can Make Your Trip Stress-Free

Business travel is frequently a demanding and time-consuming experience. From the logistics of booking flights and lodging to the complexities of navigating unfamiliar locales and rushing to meetings, time often seems like an exceedingly scarce resource. However, one facet of this intricate web of travel-related challenges stands out as an effortlessly stress-free solution: Taxi Services.

Door-To-Door Convenience

A prominent advantage of taxiing for business travel is their door-to-door convenience. Unlike public transportation or rental cars, taxis offer a direct route from your initial location to your destination, devoid of intermediate stops. This translates into saving valuable time and avoiding the headache of deciphering unfamiliar public transport networks. Additionally, especially in bustling metropolitan areas where traffic snarls can be nightmarish, taxis frequently emerge as a swifter and more efficient mode of transportation.

Navigational Peace Of Mind

Another boon of relying on taxis for business travel is the assurance of not grappling with directions. Local experts pilot taxis with an intimate knowledge of the area. They are adept at selecting the quickest and most efficient routes, liberating you from the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads or public transit systems. Furthermore, in unforeseen road closures or delays, your driver possesses the expertise to chart an alternate course, ensuring your timely arrival at your destination.

Cost And Time Optimisation

Concerns about expenses may deter some business travellers from embracing taxis. However, taxi rides can present a more cost-effective alternative in numerous scenarios. When you factor in fuel costs, parking fees, and the potential tolls associated with rental cars, the expenses can mount rapidly. Moreover, if you’re unfamiliar with the region, the risk of getting lost looms, squandering time and money. Taxis also expedite your journey by obviating the need to search for parking or return a rental car, enabling you to concentrate on your work or unwind before a meeting.

Flexibility And Ease

Taxis offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience unmatched by other transportation modes. Operating round the clock, they can be easily scheduled to pick you up at any hour, making them ideal for early morning or late-night flights. Taxis also afford the flexibility to make multiple stops within a single trip, simplifying the arrangement of multiple meetings or appointments in a single day. Furthermore, most taxi companies now offer user-friendly apps for booking rides and tracking your driver’s progress, enhancing the overall experience.

Local Expertise

Taxi drivers are experts when it comes to navigating through the city. They possess an intricate understanding of local thoroughfares and can seamlessly transport you to your destination via the most efficient route. This saves time and ensures punctuality for your meetings or appointments. Additionally, taxi drivers often double as local guides, providing insider recommendations for dining or sightseeing during your stay.

Safety And Dependability

Taxis epitomise a safe and reliable mode of transport for business travellers. Private Taxi Service Melbourne is one of the best taxi hire agencies. Their drivers are licensed and subjected to rigorous background checks, assuring passengers of a secure journey. Moreover, the 24/7 operational nature of taxis renders them a convenient option for early-morning or late-night travel.

Optimizing Time

Time is an invaluable resource for business travellers, and taxis are pivotal in helping you make the most of it. With dedicated drivers and efficient routes at your disposal, taxis expedite your journey, permitting you to devote your focus to work or meetings. This proactive time management ensures adherence to your schedule and maximises the productivity of your trip.

In conclusion, while business trips may inherently harbour elements of chaos and overwhelm, transportation need not be a contributing factor. Taxis offer a dependable, user-friendly, and stress-free means of moving from one point to another during your journey. With their door-to-door service, navigational peace of mind, cost-efficiency, and versatility, taxis can effectively alleviate travel-related stress and enable you to concentrate on ensuring the success of your business trip. Therefore, when planning your next business excursion, contemplate the convenience and simplicity of employing taxis for your transportation requirements.

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Alternatives to Quick Loans: Exploring Other Fast Financing Options

In today’s fast-paced world, unexpected financial emergencies can catch us off guard. Whether it’s a medical bill, car repair, or a sudden home improvement project, the need for quick access to funds is a common occurrence. Quick loans, often tempting due to their speedy approval process, have gained popularity. However, it’s crucial to understand that there are alternatives to quick loans that can help you secure the funds you need without falling into a debt trap. In this blog post, we’ll explore various options that provide fast financing without the associated risks of quick loans.

Emergency Savings Fund

The most prudent way to handle financial emergencies is by having an emergency savings fund in place. While it may not be an instant solution, building an emergency fund provides a financial safety net for unexpected expenses. Saving a portion of your income regularly can accumulate into a substantial sum over time, allowing you to cover various emergencies without resorting to quick loans.

Start small and gradually increase your savings contributions until you have a comfortable cushion. An emergency fund provides peace of mind and helps you avoid these loans’ high interest rates and fees.

Credit Cards

You may get funds quickly using credit cards instead of loans. Many credit cards provide a grace period where you won’t be charged interest, allowing you to return the loan without penalty. Some credit cards provide rewards programmes that boost your finances.

However, credit cards must be used wisely. Avoid high-interest debt by charging only what you can pay off during the grace period. Misusing credit cards can lead to financial trouble, so exercise caution and discipline.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) lending services provide fast money loans. These networks match borrowers with individual lenders, giving more flexible terms and cheaper interest rates than rapid loans. P2P lending allows borrowers to create listings detailing their loan requests, and individual investors can fund these loans, spreading the risk among multiple lenders.

P2P lending may provide speedy finance, but you need strong credit to attract lenders and get acceptable conditions. Check the peer-to-peer platform’s terms and conditions before utilising it.

Personal Line of Credit

Personal lines of credit are flexible lending options that give money when needed. Personal lines of credit allow you to borrow as much or as little as you need up to a limit, unlike traditional loans. Paying interest on the borrowed amount makes it cheaper than quick loans.

A personal line of credit from your bank or credit union might give you emergency finances. Personal lines of credit have lower interest rates than rapid loans, making them appealing to cost-conscious customers.


In times of financial urgency, quick loans might seem like the easiest way to secure funds swiftly. However, hefty interest rates and costs that might trap you in debt must be considered when taking out a short loan. Finding rapid loan solutions is a good way to tackle unforeseen needs without risking your finances.

While we’ve discussed four alternatives to quick loans in this blog post, each option has unique advantages and considerations. Building an emergency savings fund is a proactive step that can provide long-term financial security. Credit cards offer convenience and rewards when used responsibly. Peer-to-peer lending connects borrowers with individual investors for potentially better terms. Finally, a personal line of credit is flexible and cheaper.

Your financial status, credit history, and preferences will determine which option you choose. Whatever you pick, prioritise financial prudence and credit health. By doing so, you can confidently navigate unexpected financial challenges while avoiding the pitfalls of quick loans. While quick loans provide immediate relief, a thoughtful and diversified financial approach can lead to lasting financial stability.

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AI Watch: Weekly Updates on the Latest in Generative AI News

Amid the flurry of generative AI developments, Adweek’s weekly AI Watch roundup captures the latest news, regulatory proceedings and business developments revolving around gen AI. Here are this week’s updates: Policy and legal: The Writers Guild of America has come to an agreement on a tentative contract, ending a nearly 150-day strike. This means writers…

Fact Checkers Take Stock of Their Efforts: ‘It’s Not Getting Better’

The momentum behind organizations that aim to combat online falsehoods has started to taper off.