Amnesty – The land of the unfree / “You’re Not Free” Challenging US Supreme Court Abortion Decision (2022) 1:30 (Norway)

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Amnesty International is launching a global campaign

Tuff Contender Relaunches as ‘Tuff’, Expanding Creative Services To Deliver Agile Content for Gen Z to Gen X Audiences


Tuff, celebrating its four-year anniversary, relaunches with creative roster overhaul, welcoming dynamic young talent like director Jon Schwartz to de

Pinterest Taps Google’s Bill Ready as CEO; Ben Silbermann to Become Executive Chairman

Google president of commerce, payments and next billion users Bill Ready now has a much simpler title, CEO of Pinterest, as co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann will transition into the newly created role of executive chairman. Ready joined Google as president of commerce in January 2020, ascending to his current role in April 2021. Prior…

How Apple Elevated Product Demos Into Artvertising

From the jarring dystopian vibes of “1984” to the frenetic dance moves of “Silhouettes,” Apple’s ad campaigns became famous for their unmatched sense of style. Every creative marketer, including many who work for the brand now, envied Apple’s ability to sell feelings of individualism and expression instead of just selling products. But something changed in…

Daiya Goes Heavy on the Drama in Film Noir-Style Ads for Plant-Based Cheese

The characters in new ads for Daiya are clearly distressed–the evidence is written all over their tear-stained faces in videos that look like scenes from classic film noir. The source of their trauma? Life without cheese, which leads to dry toast instead of gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and plain chips instead of melty nachos. Oh,…

How marketing can grow business via the ‘missing middle’

Marketers should not ignore the ‘missing middle’ and those segments of the customer journey where marketing ROI really takes place

Amazon Prime Video, Studios Marketing Chief Ukonwa Ojo Exits

Amazon Prime Video and Studios chief marketing officer Ukonwa Ojo is out. Ojo is stepping down from the company just months before the debut of two of Prime Video’s biggest programs ever: its Lord of the Rings series, Rings of Power, and the exclusive launch of NFL’s Thursday Night Football. “For nearly two years, Ukonwa…

How Agency Employees Want Their Leaders to Support Abortion Care Right Now

On Friday, June 24, a Dentsu Creative copywriter–like many others across the country–was in no mood to focus on work. While dissenting sentiment toward the decision on Roe v. Wade was commonplace at the beginning of Zoom calls, she noticed these discussions always came to an abrupt end when it was “time to get back…

Breaking Up But Staying Friends: When Brands No Longer Want to Be Exclusive

Recently Anheuser-Busch gave us something to sip on: They announced that they’d be ending their 34-year run as the Super Bowl’s exclusive alcohol advertiser. This comes just a few short weeks after Pepsi announced they’d be ending their decade-long sponsorship of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The Super Bowl is, in many ways, as much…

Ukonwa Ojo departs Amazon, leaving CMO of original programming role vacant

The streamer states it will leave the role open to ‘evaluate our organizational needs.’

Knix Crowdsources Models for Body Positive Campaign Advertising New Collection With Ashley Graham

Intimate apparel is for everyone and that makes inclusivity a vital part of advertising. Though once a homogenous perception of beauty was the norm, many working within the industry have pushed boundaries to dismantle the impossible standards of yesteryear in favor of a more realistic approach. With the need to celebrate body diversity in mind,…

McCain makes drag queen "Baga Chipz" their "Creative Director"

marketing mishaps


Frozen food giant McCain announced that drag queen Baga Chipz is to serve as the brand’s creative director.

Facebook Tests More New Improvements to Groups

Facebook’s emphasis on groups continued with Tuesday’s news that it is testing new ways to access and organize them, as well as a way for people in groups to connect in smaller settings within those communities. A new sidebar being tested on the social network will help people more easily find their favorite groups, see…

Web3 Doesn’t Have the Traditional Barriers of Web2. Let’s Keep It That Way

As we enter the nascency of Web3, we’re able to take stock of how the history of technology has gatekept groups of people from participating in its evolution, limiting the ingenuity that comes from diverse points of view tackling the same problems. Inclusion isn’t just an altruistic goal, but one that advances our ability to…

House of the Dragon’s AR App and Comic-Con Activation Makes You the Mother of Dragons

Winter is coming … in July. Ahead of House of the Dragon’s Aug. 21 debut, the network is rolling out a new global augmented reality app and a San Diego Comic-Con activation as it ramps up the marketing campaign for its Game of Thrones prequel. Fans can enjoy the interactive House of the Dragon: The…

Join the "Dead Tired Designers" club and spruce up your laptop with these stickers

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Sometimes you just want to bury your entire laptop in stickers.

Emplifi: Gen-Z Wants More Out of Their Social Shopping Experiences

Generation Z is the largest demographic group when it comes to online shopping and social commerce. However, according to new research from customer experience platform Emplifi, they are not satisfied with their experiences. Emplifi conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers in the U.S. to learn more about what they expect from their social…

Brave Commerce: How Post Consumer Brands Is Connecting to the Consumer

On this week’s episode of Brave Commerce, Claudine Patel, CMO of Post Consumer Brands joins hosts Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter to discuss customer relationships in the CPG eCommerce space. Patel speaks on how everything a brand does impacts how consumers see them. The three of them discuss inflation, and Patel explains how to assess…

Miller Lite Honors America’s First Female Brewer in July Fourth Campaign

History is full of little known facts that escape even the most well-read among us. For instance, only about 3% of Americans know that the country’s first beer brewers were women, according to a study from Miller Lite. Ahead of the July Fourth holiday–a beer sales bonanza that tops the Super Bowl–Miller Lite is teaming…

Watch the newest commercials from Travelers, Smartwater, Jersey Mike’s and more

Travelers tells the story of a little girl whose birthday wish—to return home—comes true.