Netflix Faces Hurdles, Country by Country, in Bid to Expand in Europe

Already growing in Britain, the American digital video distributor will face entrenched local competitors on the Continent — not to mention Amazon.

Advertising: Political Procedurals Play Starring Role in Fall TV Season

Examples of the trend include “CSI: Cyber,” “Madam Secretary” and “Scorpion” on CBS; “Allegiance,” “Odyssey” and “State of Affairs” on NBC; and a potential series on TNT, “President X.”

Bits Blog: Amazon vs. Hachette: When Does Discouragement Become Misrepresentation?

After Amazon’s aggressive stance against a major book publisher became public last week, criticism and complaints mounted. But Amazon seems confident it will get what it wants.

F.C.C. Backs Opening Net Neutrality Rules for Debate

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 to open for public debate new rules meant to guarantee an open Internet.

Digital Music Service to Pose New Challenge to Subscription Model

A new company will sell licensed smartphones that allow users unlimited free music downloads, hiding the price of the music in that of the phone.

Media Decoder: Programs on Demand, Just for PBS Members

The service, which will not be widely available before next spring, will reinforce the idea that members are investors in PBS programming, said Jonathan C. Abbott, chief executive of WGBH Boston.

The Media Equation: Warnings Along F.C.C.’s Fast Lane

Time and again, when the government tries to insert itself between the Internet and its users, it gets clobbered. This could end up the same way.

Apple’s Pursuit of Beats May Foretell a Shift

Apple, which has been hesitant to enter the streaming market, could finally be taking the plunge.

Hachette Says Amazon Is Delaying Delivery of Some Books

Amazon, which controls more than a third of the book trade in the United States, is marking many books published by Hachette Book Group as not available for at least two or three weeks.

Cable Fees and Football Help Profits Climb at Fox

The Super Bowl, new digital streaming TV deals and higher fees for its cable networks resulted in a stronger-than-expected gain in quarterly profit at 21st Century Fox.

Media Decoder: Slate Raising Its Investment in Podcasts

Slate is introducing two new podcasts at a time when other news publications have shrunk their podcast offerings in favor of video programming.

Moviefone Will Add Broadcast and On-Demand TV Information

Type in any title, and broadcast times and on-demand viewing options will pop up, allowing viewers to turn on a television at the appointed time or click a button and watch immediately.

The Media Equation: A Key Player in a Scandal, V. Stiviano Feeds the Media’s Appetite

If you wanted to see clearly into how all the various components of the modern media ecosystem interact, you could not come up with a better real-time experiment than the Donald Sterling story.

Kinfolk Magazine, the Martha Stewart Living of the Portland Set

Kinfolk Magazine has gained a foothold with the design-foodie elite for its elegant white pages showing dreamy young people doing earthy things.

As Netflix Resists, Most Firms Just Try to Befriend Comcast

Most companies have not publicly spoken out against the proposed Comcast merger, partly to avoid antagonizing a company with which they do business.

Advertising: Famous Faces Cross Over to Online Video

The online video industry is relying on TV, radio and movie stars to spice up its offerings.

Spotify Teams With Sprint on a Mobile Music Plan

The deal gives Sprint customers in the United States free access to Spotify’s paid version for up to six months, and further discounts beyond that.

Yahoo to Offer TV-Style Comedy Series on the Web

The move plunges Yahoo directly into the world of original programming, joining the likes of Amazon, Netflix and others to challenge traditional TV producers for viewers’ attention.

The Media Equation: New Challenges Chip Away at Cable’s Pillar of Profit

A future where consumers will be able to assemble an à la carte menu of entertainment suddenly seems much closer.

Common Sense: Amazon’s Shrinking Profit Sets Off a Seismic Shock to Its Shares

For a second quarter in a row, the Internet retailer’s stock fell sharply after its earnings report, suggesting that investors may be growing wary.