Top 55 Kitchen Ideas in December – From Chainsaw-Like Meat Carvers to Massive Holiday Cookie Cutters (TOPLIST)

( From chainsaw-like meat carvers to massive holiday cookie cutters, the December 2019 kitchen ideas feature a plethora of devices designed to make your holiday hosting duties a breeze.

One of the…

Top 100 Marketing Trends in December – From Cheeky Marketing Strategies to Merchandise Promotions (TOPLIST)

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Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in December – From Medical Alert Pendants to Neck-Stretching Solutions (TOPLIST)

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Top 100 Fashion Trends in December – From Archival Bold Retro Outerwear to Cactus-Based Leather (TOPLIST)

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No, Whole Foods Did Not Name Mitch McConnell Person of the Year

In addition to sharing wine pairings and hacks for a stress-free Thanksgiving with its 4.4 million followers, Amazon’s upscale grocery chain Whole Foods Market had to repeatedly clarify over the long weekend that it did not name Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell its 2019 Person of the Year. It was the monthly trade magazine WholeFoods…

Top 50 Interactive Trends in December – From Festive Soda Truck Tours to Immersive Tea Marketing (TOPLIST)

( These December 2019 interactive trends span from festive soda truck tours to immersive tea marketing.

In anticipation of the holiday season, many brands are working to create immersive retail…

Top 65 New Ventures Trends in December – From Sports-Branded Light Ales to Cake-Like Vegan Donuts (TOPLIST)

( The December 2019 new ventures trends showcase how companies are pushing the parameters of their business to surprise and delight audiences. This can be in the form of a new product activation or a…

Thanksgiving Sales Surpass $4B, Showing Nothing is Sacred Anymore

In 2015, outdoor retailer REI launched its #OptOutside campaign, in which it closed all stores on Black Friday so employees could spend the day outdoors. Four years ago, closing on Black Friday was a bold concept. By 2019, however, not even Thanksgiving Day is exempt from end-of-year retail madness as U.S. consumers spent a record-setting…

The Biggest Black Friday Ever Saw $7.4B in Online Sales

The 2019 holiday shopping season is finally underway with $7.4 billion in online sales on Black Friday, marking 19.6% growth year-over-year (YOY). That’s according to figures from data provider Adobe, and puts Black Friday 2019 $500,000 behind Cyber Monday 2018, which holds the record for the biggest day in U.S. ecommerce to date. Adobe forecasts…

Top 80 Health Trends in December – From Intimate Care Balms to Wellness-Focused Advent Calendars (TOPLIST)

( The December 2019 health trends range from intimate care balms to wellness-focused advent calendars.

One innovation that’s perfect for the festive season is Saje’s 12 Nights of…

Top 100 Gadgets Trends in December – From Old-Fashioned Smart Bulbs to Aviation-Inspired Flashlights (TOPLIST)

( A pattern that can be identified in the December 2019 gadgets list is the concept of portability, which is inherently tied to the idea of convenience. Many tech-forward products seek to alleviate…

Sova: But you harass your body 8 hours every night

Sova Print Ad - But you harass your body 8 hours every night
Sova Print Ad - But you harass your body 8 hours every night

McDonald's: Clock

McDonald's Print Ad - Clock
McDonald's Print Ad - Clock
McDonald's Print Ad - Clock

Posten: In Those Days

Video of Posten – In those days

Virgin Media: Now That's Christmas-ing

Mini Heat Press Appliances – The Cricut EasyPress Mini Handles Any Kind of Small Job (GALLERY)

( The Cricut EasyPress Mini is a versatile heat press appliance that will enable avid DIYers to create an array of customized gear from the comfort of their own workshop. Boasting a compact design…

Villains of The Heart by Peepal Tree, Pune

Advertising Agency: Peepal tree Advertising, Pune, India
Copywriter: Priya Gupta
Creative Directors: Priya Gupta, Sushant Lokhande
Art Director / Illustrator: Ram Gore

The heart is a damsel in distress being threatened by cholesterol – the villain. Rosave is the real hero who beats the villains and protects the heart.

Fox Corporation: Account Manager, Digital Client Services

Commensurate to experience:

Fox Corporation:
Working across all of the FOX Sports and Entertainment digital platforms, there is great potential for growth and achievement within the organization.
New York City, New York (US)

65 Gift Ideas for Your Dad – From 13-Pocket Cargo Pants to Penalty Box-Themed Shot Glasses (TOPLIST)

( From 13-pocket cargo pants to penalty box-themed shot glasses, these gift ideas for your dad will inspire you to get something your beloved father will enjoy and actually use.

One standout example…

Autores de “Cards Against Humanity” lutam contra inteligência artificial pelo emprego na Black Friday

Para celebrar a Black Friday e aproveitar a ocasião para atiçar a venda de seu jogo e pacotes de cartas, o “Cards Against Humanity” este ano decidiu promover um desafio inusitado: e se os autores dos itens do celebrado jogo tivessem que lutar contra uma máquina? Pois é exatamente isso que um grupo de roteiristas …

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