This Film Shows How Period Stigma Nearly Stopped the First Woman Soccer Referee

Conversations around reproductive rights remain at the forefront of many industries and political agendas. However, one common experience–menstruation–still remains heavily stigmatized as many still face discrimination. In an effort to reinforce the importance of fighting gender biases, Kimberly-Clark brands Kotex and Brazil’s Intimus launched a short film following the story of the first Brazilian woman…

Hive: How to View NSFW Content

The Hive social networking application allows users to share mature or “not safe for work” (NSFW) content, so long as creators tag it as containing mature content. For instance, someone could share a photo of a painting or sculpture featuring nudity, so long as they tagged the post as being NSFW. By default, posts marked…

How boxing is using TikTok to win over Gen Z—and turning fighters into influencers

The boxing promotional company Top Rank has seen massive follower growth across its social media channels in 2022.

Norn Jordan Joins We Are Royale As Creative Director


LinkedIn Details Updates for B-to-B Advertisers

LinkedIn closed out November with a flurry of new advertising features and enhancements to pages on its platform. The professional network’s new Group Identity option leverages its first-party data by grouping members based on shared professional traits such as company, industry or job title, letting business-to-business marketers measure, optimize and target without needing individual trackers…

Ad Age 2022 Diversity Council

Could Theatrical Movies Shut Out Streamers for the Top Oscars?

A year after Apple’s historic best-picture win, the lead categories could be filled entirely by big-screen films. But don’t call it a comeback just yet.

Snapchat Adds Setting to Comply With California Privacy Rights Act

Snapchatters across the U.S. have access to a new privacy setting in the application, but it only functions for those located in California. The California Privacy Rights Act takes effect Jan. 1, and a new California Privacy Choices option at the bottom of the app’s Privacy Controls in its Settings screen gives users the option…

The future of mental health campaigns

The Ad Council’s Mental Health Initiative aims to change the conversation about mental health.

Spotify Retrospectiva 2022: Marília Mendonça é a artista mais ouvida no Brasil; Bad Bunny e Taylor Swift lideram no mundo

O Spotify revelou hoje a sua já tradicional e aguardada retrospectiva do ano. Como sempre, os usuários da plataforma podem criar sua própria memória personalizada, com o Spotify Wrapped, que se tornou uma grande ferramenta de promoção e engajamento da marca nas redes sociais. No ranking oficial do Brasil, porém, não deu pra outro gênero …

Leia Spotify Retrospectiva 2022: Marília Mendonça é a artista mais ouvida no Brasil; Bad Bunny e Taylor Swift lideram no mundo na íntegra no B9.

CNN Cuts Jobs as Cost-Cutting Pressure Mounts

Chris Licht, the network’s chairman, said that the company would be notifying affected employees later this week.

Twitter Quietly Discontinues Covid-19 Misinformation Policy

Twitter’s policy on misinformation related to Covid-19 is no more, as the company quietly updated a nearly two-year-old blog post with a terse, one-sentence statement and no explanation for the move. The social network said atop its updated blog post, “Effective Nov. 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing the Covid-19 misleading information policy.” Twitter…

TikTok and dabloons—how brands can participate in the new fake economy

Dabloons become an easy way for brands to participate in TikTok’s latest trend.

Hive: How to Change Who Can Comment on Your Posts

By default, Hive allows all users to comment on other users’ posts on the social networking platform. However, people have the option to change who is allowed to comment on their posts. Our guide will show you how to change who can comment on your posts in the Hive application. Note: These screenshots were captured…

Forever 21’s Roblox shop is now influencing real-life merchandising decisions

Forever 21 will begin selling physical replicas of virtual items that were popular in its Roblox store.

During the Holiday Shopping Weekend, Meta Ad Prices Returned to Earth

In an economy filled with dark clouds, marketers got some light relief during the busy Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend: In general, it was cheaper to advertise on Meta compared with the year before, signaling somewhat a return to normalcy, while ad rates on TikTok again grew, albeit from a smaller base. As measured…

Spotify's 2022 Wrapped includes word search murals, trivia and your listening personality

Audio platform Spotify aims to be more interactive and playful in its end-of-year campaign.

Michael Feingold, Forceful Drama Critic, Dies at 77

For decades he wrote about theater in The Village Voice, but he also was a dramaturge and a Tony-nominated translator.

Outfront Media Takes Social, OOH Combo to Next Level With Revamped Prime Offering

The math is simple for full-service out-of-home media company Outfront Media: Social plus out-of-home equals social out-of-home. Chief marketing officer Jodi Senese told Adweek the OOH sector has been undergoing a digital evolution over the past decade, adding, “A lot of the assets have turned digital, with live boards that look like giant iPads on…

MLS ad partnerships soar as Apple TV deal boosts soccer league

While soccer’s World Cup in Qatar currently has the attention of the world, marketers aren’t sleeping on Major League Soccer.