How Twitter’s Board Went From Fighting Elon Musk to Accepting Him

It’s highly unusual to move from a “poison pill” to a $44 billion deal in under two weeks. But Twitter’s board ran out of options.

How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable

A string of setbacks made the pundit flee television, the Republican establishment and even his home. He re-emerged with what may be the most racist, and successful, show in the history of cable news.

How Tucker Carlson Reshaped Fox News — and Became Trump’s Heir

As the host turned a civil war at Fox to his advantage, he found himself at the forefront of the nativist forces transforming conservative politics.

What to Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise

A Times examination of the host’s career and singular influence at Fox News shows how his trajectory traces the transformation of American conservatism itself.

Disney Executive Geoff Morrell Is Out After Less Than Four Months

Geoff Morrell’s brief tenure was defined by the company’s being drawn into the partisan political fray, most notably in Florida.

Watch the newest commercials from Amazon, T-Mobile, Dove and more

In a Mother’s Day–themed spot, Amazon focuses on India’s all-female delivery stations.


Philip J. Hilts, 74, Dies; Reporter Exposed a Big-Tobacco Cover-up

In one of his many scoops for The Times, he revealed how the tobacco industry had hidden its own research showing that nicotine was harmful and addictive.

Samsung apologizes for how ad showing female runner is being interpreted

Samsung apologized for an ad depicting a woman running alone at night following criticism.

Ikea Adds a Twist to Its Iconic Swedish Meatballs, but These Aren’t for Humans

Consumers chow down on more than 1 billion of Ikea’s famously filling and addictive Swedish meatballs every year, and through the magic of brand extension, fans have been able to buy meatball-scented candles and meat-free plant balls from the global retailer. Next up is another offshoot of the iconic product with ingredients that include clay,…

Uber hires Johannes Leonardo for its creative account

Other agencies believed to be in the pitch include The Community and Mother.

Sprout Social Shares Annual Look at When to Post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

There’s no time like the present, as the old saying goes, but according to social media analytics company Sprout Social, it may not be the best time for brands to post on social platforms. Sprout Social released the 2022 edition of its annual Best Times to Post on Social Media report, which mines engagement data…

Ikea’s newest meatballs are for insects

An environmental campaign in Denmark turns the iconic item into bug food called Swedish seedballs.

Pew Pegs Parents’ Attitudes on Kids’ Use of Devices, Social Media Before, During Pandemic

Pew Research Center shared its insights on the attitudes of parents in the U.S. toward technology use by their children and how the pandemic impacted those attitudes. The think tank conducted a survey on the topic in March 2020, just prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, and it contacted many of the parents who participated…

Dove : Toxic Influence / Dove Self-Esteem Project (2022) 3:48 (USA)

Health & Beauty

Dove has come up with a new experiment, and as an experiment I decided to watch this with my teenage daughter, to see how she reacted to the ad.

Elon Musk's Twitter trolling of McDonald's and Coca-Cola is a warning for brands

Meanwhile, Wendy’s and Pizza Hut show how some marketers are trying to catch Musk’s attention.

Uber: Fatherly advice

Order Uber…Your Uber is here

Uber has a wide network of cars which results in a fast and reliable service. This copy shows that by the time you order a car through the Uber app, it will arrive in almost no time.

Video of Uber-Fatherly advice

Now: Feel Good Spending Less

NOW® is launching its first-ever fully-integrated national brand campaign and first work from Milwaukee-based Hanson Dodge, which was named NOW’s agency-of-record in February. The brand, which provides high quality supplements, but without a premium price tag, wants to cement in people’s minds that they can “feel good spending less with NOW.” While people want to feel they are doing the very best for their health, they also don’t want – or need – to break the bank. In a series of TV, print, digital and social media ads, we see high energy moments and vibrant and joyous colors, accompanied by uptempo soundtracks and laughter. The multi-million dollar effort launches this week and will run through the end of the year.

Cactus Names Kelly Rowntree Its New Chief Strategy Officer



Move Comes On The Heels Of The Denver Agency’s 40 Percent Growth Since 2020

Agency news you need to know this week

McDonald’s created a program to empower Latino voices, WPP launched an ecommerce offering, and more.

This Guerrilla Activation Imagines a World Where Women Athletes Dominate News Coverage

With women’s pro sports on a steady uptick in sponsorship and popularity, it’s become increasingly difficult to explain the comparative lack of coverage female athletes receive through online and print sports publications. Fortunately, people are working both on and off the field to change this. The Portugal-based sports advocacy group Raparigas da Bola is teaming…