Ukraine War Tests the Power of Tech Giants

Google, Meta, Twitter, Telegram and others are levers in the conflict, caught between demands from Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the U.S.

Why Marketers Should Care About The Latest Transatlantic Data Deal

The constant tug-of-war between the U.S. big tech companies and European regulators over cross-border data transfer has led to some extreme claims in recent weeks. While the eventual outcome may not be as drastic as Meta having to pull its services in Europe, marketers should still be clued up about the latest transatlantic data deal….

Dollar Shave Club Answers the Prayers of Shy Poopers Everywhere

Are you a shy pooper? As in, do you shudder at the thought of having to poop within earshot of anyone? If so, razor brand Dollar Shave Club has a solution. In what could be eventually revealed as an April Fools’ Day prank, Dollar Shave Club announced it is developing a “brown noise machine.” Instead…

With Its blu. Data Platform, Horizon Media and Hershey’s Embark on the ‘Next Wave’ of Client Work

Last year, U.S.-based independent media agency Horizon Media walked away with The Hershey Company’s U.S. media business at the end of a six-month media review. One key to winning the business? Horizon’s proprietary data platform, blu. Hershey’s invited every holding company to participate in the review, according to Charlie Chappell, vp of media at Hershey’s….

The Cost of Progress Beyond Performance

As this series comes to a close, the desire to be aspirational–inspirational, even–rings hollow. For many, Black History Month is little more than an opportunity to misappropriate and exploit Black culture for financial or reputational benefit–often both. It’s a performative gesture for people, companies and institutions who otherwise ignore Black people, and our cries for…

How the marketing industry is responding to the Ukraine war

Ad Age tracks how agencies, brands and others are taking action following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

TikTok Boosts Maximum Video Length to 10 Minutes

Creators of longer-form content on TikTok may not have to break up their videos into parts anymore, as the platform extended the maximum length of videos to 10 minutes from three. TikTok started out with 15-second videos before going up to one minute, and the maximum was boosted to three minutes last July. The 10-minute…

Exclusivity Reserved: How Resy Helps American Express Grab a Table at the Hardest-to-Get Restaurants

A commitment to exclusivity is an essential quality of any lasting relationship. As the three-year anniversary of American Express’s acquisition of restaurant reservations platform Resy approaches this spring, the promise of exclusive access to merchants and dining patrons is at the heart of both brands’ symbiotic marketing strategy. In July 2021, Resy and Amex became…

Sister Rosetta Tharpe Lives and Rocks On Through Special Lifestyle Collection From Gibson

Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was one of the first women to perform using the ’61 Les Paul SG Custom electric guitar. Gibson is marking the 61st anniversary of the iconic instrument with a campaign celebrating Tharpe’s often overlooked contribution to music. A limited-edition lifestyle and…

Instagram Continues to Simplify and Bring Consistency to Its Various Video Formats

Instagram said Monday that it is rolling out a consistent viewing experience for videos on its platform, regardless of how they were created. Videos watched on Instagram will all have access to features such as a full-screen viewer and the option to tap them to mute the audio, and Instagram added that it is also…

Sporting Events Worldwide, Including the World Cup, Are Locking Out Russia

While many global industries have been sluggish to take a hard stance over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, one high-profile exception has been the international sporting community. Backlash against Russia and its ally, Belarus, has been rapid, decisive and worldwide in scope. One of the most vocal critics has been the traditionally neutral International Olympic Committee….

Andrew Cuomo launches ad campaign in effort to rehabilitate image

The ad drew immediate rebukes from victim and women’s rights organizations.

This Ukrainian Company Created a Free Image Library to Combat Russian Propaganda

With social media users quickly showing how eager they are to share news and resources about the war in Ukraine, there is growing concern about the potential for misinformation to be spread widely in the process. Adding to this threat is the power of the Kremlin’s propaganda machine, which has been in full force since…

Meta, Twitter Detail Safety Measures Regarding Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Meta and Twitter took several steps over the weekend to address safety and security on their respective platforms related to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. On the advertising front, Meta head of security policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a tweet late last Friday that all Russian state media entities are prohibited from running ads or monetizing…

Watch the newest commercials from Uber, Microsoft, Jersey Mike’s and more

Jersey Mike’s wants you to know that you can help support the Special Olympics USA Games by buying a sub on March 30—the sandwich chain’s 2022 Day of Giving.


Adweek Podcast: Profiles in Black Creativity

Digital Editors Chlo? Harper Gold and Colin Daniels and special guest Derek Walker, founder of Columbia, S.C. agency brown & browner join Shannon to discuss Adweek’s Profiles in Black Creativity spotlight series, which was originally started by Walker. During the conversation, they discuss the origins of the series and highlight some of this year’s featured…

What Is the ‘Informed Call’?

Today, sales teams have so much more information available to them before reaching out to leads–it is the digital era, after all. So, instead of relying on the old standby cold call, savvy sales professionals should be using the “informed call.” The informed call is backed by a data-driven approach–a much warmer way to break…

Citroën: Electro-Happy

A little over a year after the launch of Citroën ë-C4, the first electric road sedan from Citroën, the brand presents a new relaunch campaign: ‘Electro-happy’ in collaboration with its agency BETC.

Going electric changes everything, really everything.

In this feel-good, optimistic comedy, we discover the euphoric effect of the electric power combined with Citroën’s comfort, on the daily lives of owners of the electric Citroën ë-C4.
It’s a joyful daily life that puts the little worries of everyday life in the background.

Video of Citroën – Electro Happy (EN)

Etsy waives Ukraine-based seller fees

Etsy said it will waive all seller fees for Ukraine-based sellers as Russia continues its invasion.

TikTok: How to Organize Your Favorite Videos Into Collections

TikTok allows users to add videos to their Favorites so that they can easily view them later on. Users can also organize the videos they’ve favorited into collections for even easier browsing. For instance, if someone routinely favorites recipe videos, they may want to create a collection for the recipe videos they’ve favorited. Our guide…