Citroën: Eye catching DS3

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Hugo Battistel, Stéphane Daniel
Creation: Heidi Van Damme, Sébastien Van Reet
Accounts: Juan Vanhufflen, Margit Vervecken
Project director: Grégory Clément
Developer: Laurent Dochy

Vodka Smoke : Lets Go

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, New Delhi, India
Regional Executive Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi
Chief Creative Officer: Ashish Chakravarty
Creative Directors: Rohit Devgun, Kapil Batra
Art Director: Shikha Trikha
Copywriter: Aneesh Ayyappan
Illustrator / Designer: Shikha Trikha
Typographer: Shikha Trikha
Post Production:


Your life is more precious. Your car, more so.
Don’t drink and drive.
Issued in the public interest by Orbits on the eve of the New Year.

Advertising Agency: Pan Ad, India
Creative Director: Chandrashekhar Zinge
Art Director: Chandrashekhar Zinge
Copywriter: Ambar
Evangelist: Sujeet Madwaikar

Gorillaz – The Fall Album

Le groupe Gorillaz vient de lancer leur nouvel et dernier album “The Fall”. Pour l’acquérir, il vous suffit de rejoindre le fan club du groupe. Ecrit et enregistré par Damon Albarn pendant leur tournée entre Montréal et Vancouver, l’album est à écouter en intégralité sur Fubiz dans la suite.

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Perth Arts Festival

Une intéressante démonstration d’art et d’animations vidéos créé par le studio anglais FutureDeluxe pour le Perth International Arts Festival. Un film produit par Radical Media / Heckler sur la bande son “Magnetic Man – Flying into Tokyo”. A découvrir dans la suite de l’article.


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Top 100 Fashion Trends in 2010 – From Zig-Zag Haircuts to Sensuously Shaded Photoshoots (COUNTDOWN)

( For 2010, these are the top 100 fashion trends , which include Zig-Zag Haircuts, Fashionable Nudetography and Death-Defying Stilettos. The rankings are based on millions of views and 29,000 new trends.…

Natural Wood Finish Hair Colour.

Natural Wood Finish Hair Colour.
Gaia Salon

Advertising Agency: Out of the Box, India
Executive Creative Director: Viral Pandya
Art : Viral Pandya, Guneet Pandya
Copy : Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul, Guneet Pandya
Photographer : Sunil Gupta
Digital /Typography: : Ajay Yadav, Sunil Singh

Ad Verbatim

Terence DCosta is a very dear friend and a very very talented Advertising Creative, working out of the Himalayas in Nepal. He writes this column ‘Ad Verbatim’ for himself and for us.

Leave your blinkers by the door and come on in. Let’s have a chat. The parlour has no spiders no, no, no and I am just the fly. Your average fly on the wall, swattable solely by subjectivity. And the objective of it all is objectivity of course. We’re going to take off those rose-tinted Raybans and take a quick tongue in cheek peek at anything even remotely connected to the world of Advertising.

We have the freedom to dissect, debate and certainly to disagree. And because I prefer a light-veined plasma over the mundane phlegm, we shall, occasionally digress. But before we do, what in heaven’s name is all the fuss around Creativity?

Now I did say ‘remotely’ connected to advertising…

Jokes aside. What according to you, is creativity? What does the consumer believe it is? Are you on the same page with your agency or client when it comes to a basic understanding of that which makes the advertising soul tick? More often than not, we either haven’t bothered to stop and ask or we’ve been far too busy being productive or worse, ‘creative’, to listen. It isn’t like asking you to stare into a mirror and ponder existence. It isn’t rocket science either.

Creativity is the ability to make something out of, a supposed, nothing. The nothing is supposed because we, unlike the dude (or if you’re into nature, the dudette) upstairs, aren’t true creators. We just borrow from the universal scheme of things. And so does Mr. Cameron.

If you brush your tresses in a way you’ve never done nor seen anyone do before, you could be accused of creativity just as much as when you liqui-doodled while you took a leak. But in advertising, creativity is a little more. It is the ability to make a purposeful something out of a directive set of insights, analyses and givens. Pity, to the average creative bloke, the last bit is often overlooked as ‘nothing’.

As a result, you get what I call ‘creative calisthenics’. I call them that because I see this erudite supermonkey perched prettily on the advertising iceberg – serendipitously far removed from the hogwash of marketing and sales mumbo jumbo. Nonchalant to the point of condescension when he’s faced with absolutely anything rational. The calisthenics are what you get when you chuck him a brief. It’s a regimen he’s elevated to an art form. Watch closely as he cartwheels backwards into a tempestuous trance and promptly pole-vaults in with an in-your-face solution he’s yanked out of his musty closet of unused (read locally) formulae. Note the toothy grin.

“Formula 184 should do the trick. No try 901. Yes 901, that’s the one you need!”
(you don’t ask why because you realize he’s programmed not to do whys – much like your brand manager)

“It’s creative, isn’t it?”

“Erm… it is… but..”

“Then there you go. Run along now and don’t forget to bow.”

(the last thing you see before you pass out is a faceless someone holding up a placard that reads ‘applause’).

And so the stories go. Twice more tragic are the ones that twist tangentially from the lesser confines of the client’s own imagination and rocket into the predictable obvious as a mutated series of conveyor belt options uncannily reminiscent of fifth-grade autistic art. Haha, that’s a different fettle of kitsch. Ah well, time to fly. This wall’s getting too wet for my liking, you liqui-doodler you!

MF Global Sify Securities: Nodders

Advertising Agency: Six Inches Communication, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah, Sanjay S
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Reshma Basankar
Copyhead: Amit Badle
Visualizers: Souchitra Sarkar, Sachin Rane
Client Servicing: Neha Verma,Cheryl Britto

Stihl: Bush, Brick, Tree

Advertising Agency: DDB AUckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Head of Art: Dave Brady
Art Director: Steve Hansen
Copywriter: Paul Kim

Top 100 Bizarre Trends in 2010 – From See-Through Face Mods to Jessica Rabbit Cross-Dressers (COUNTDOWN)

( For 2010, these are the top 100 bizarre trends, which include See-Through Face Mods, Intense Optical Illusions and $75 Million Mega-Mansions. The rankings are based on millions of views and 29567 new trends.…

Indian Oil Xtramile by Y&R

Advertising Agency: Rediffusion Y&R, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Prashant Bhor
Copywriter: Ritabrata Saha
Photographer: Amol Jhadav

FNSF (Fédération Nationale Solidarité Femmes) / Association against domestic violence: The day

Advertising Agency: WCIE, Paris, France
Creative Director: Ivan Pierens
Art Director: Arnaud Wacker
Copywriter: Renan Cottrel
Director: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Account manager: Grégoire Weil
Production company: Wanda
Sound design: The
Published: November 2010

The biggest street phone billboard in the world

Have you ever seen a working phone as giant as this one in the video? Nice ambient media campaign.

Advertiser: Tele 2

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden

Pirelli Tyres: Smoke

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Comand Cristian
Copywriter: Vicky Gitto, Matteo Lazzarini
Photographer: Paolo Franco
Published: November 2010

72AndSunny Sets Sights on Global Expansion With MDC Deal

NEW YORK ( — After a year of steadily inking deals with little-known shops, MDC Partners has taken a majority stake in a well-known one: West Coast creative agency 72andSunny.

Newton Compton Editor E-Book: Dracula, Sherlock Holmes

“Stories are made of paper. Newton Compton Editor E-Book.”

Advertising Agency: Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Francesco Taddeucci
Art Director: Laura Taddeo
Copywriters: Marco Diotallevi, Marta Policastri
Illustrator: Federica Muscillo

National Bank of Oman | The Donation Box that paid for itself

Advertising Agency: Asha Advertising & Marketing, Oman
Creative Director: Balakrishnan
Creative Copy Head: Cherry Koshy
Art Director: Tariq Ansari
Client Servicing: Suresh Nair
General Manager: Jayanto Banerjee

Bexomer by Point Blank

Advertising agency: Point Blank Advertising, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Lyndon Louis
Art Director: Jayant Dethe
Copywriters: Lyndon Louis, Prasad Pradhan
Illustrator: Jayant Dethe
Account Manager: Ruchelle Dias
Directors: Sujeesh Sukumaran, Bindu Menon

Salvation Army catwalk in the tube by Fretex video

How to promote second hand clothing? By organising a surprise catwalk in the subway!

Advertiser: Fretex Salvation Army