Media Decoder: ‘Radiolab’ Enlists Listeners to Track Cicadas

“Radiolab” has scheduled Cicada Tracker Maker events to help people build sensors that will detect the temperatures that herald the emergence of cicadas.

Disney Junior Challenges Nick Jr. in Preschool TV

After a year, Disney Junior, a channel aimed at preschoolers, already has the top three preschool cable programs.

Bassem Youssef Posts Bail as Egyptian Authorities Press Case

Bassem Youssef, a popular television host, is accused of insulting President Mohamed Morsi and denigrating Islam.

Baygon: Wasp, Ant, Mosquito

“Treat them as they treat you.”

Advertising Agency: ZEA BBDO, Caracas, Venezuela
Creative Directors: Gerardo Pernía E, Nelson Jimenez
Art Directors: Andrea Pulido, Daniela Bello
Copywriter: Jean Paul Alfaro
Illustrator: Antonio Aponte
Photographer: Frank Beaufrand

All-Ukrainian Charity Fund: Food

“Food can’t be used to buy booze! Buy food – help the homeless!
The All-Ukrainian Charity Fund “Social Partnership”

Advertising Agency: Tabasco, Kiev, Ukraine
Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov
Associated Creative Director: Valentyn Minchuk
Art Director: Nataliia Telitsyna
Copywriter: Olena Krapivka
Designer: Sergey Zapara
Designer: Andrey Zhivov
DTP: Yuriy Matvienko
Account manager: Veronika Velichko

Critic’s Notebook: Game Developers Conference Celebrates Indie Creators

Led by Journey, the game of the year, independent studios outgunned majors for attention at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Discovery Expands Its Reach Overseas to Ensure Growth

With a proliferation of channels competing for a diminished number of total viewers, media companies have looked elsewhere for growth.

Papers Worldwide Embrace Web Subscriptions

Online advertising, once seen as the great hope for the future, has begun leveling off, which is accelerating the push for new Internet business models.

Hello World

Valentin Ruhry est un artiste contemporain qui a imaginé cette œuvre appelée « Hello World », composée de centaines de commutateurs électriques, proposant d’afficher cette expression. Une installation présentée en 2011 au Austrian Cultural Forum New York, à découvrir en images dans la suite de l’article.

Hello World3
Hello World2
Hello World

Advertising: Social Marketing Drives a New York Renaissance

Marketers are being drawn to digital realms like social media, in which agencies in New York — home to Silicon Alley as well as Madison Avenue — are increasingly proficient.

Incomplete Elliptical Reflectors – The Ego Mirror Design Looks Like Molten Metal (VIDEO)

( The Fetiche brand design duo Carolina Armellini and Paulo Biacchi created a limited edition mirror design called Ego Mirror for Brazil’s Artimage gallery.

Left incomplete and distorted with a…

Media Decoder: PBS to Show Block of ‘Martha’ Programs

Reruns of “Martha Bakes” will follow new episodes of “Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.”

Watch List: New American Versions of Foreign TV Shows Are in the Works

American TV has a long tradition of imitating foreign shows, and the fall season may include several new forms of flattery, with “Friends and Family,” “Pulling,” “Rake,” “Second Sight” and “Spy.”

Sprint: Helipad

Advertising Agency: Team Sprint Leo Burnett & Digitas, USA
Executive Creative Director: Michael Boychuk
Global Chief Creative Officer: Mark Tutssel
Chief Creative Office: Susan Credle
Creative Directors: Colin Selikow, Vince Cook
Copywriter: Lauren Omanoff
Executive Producer: Nicky Furno
Producer: Brian Fox
Production Company: Station
Director: Brendan Gibbons
Account Director: Melissa Wolf
AAE: Jake Bruene
Digital Account Director: Joey Curtis
Digital AAE: Sarah Bieber
VP Digital Creative: Melissa Healy

Wooden DIY Bicycles – Jurgen Kuipers’ Sawyer Bike Design is a Fly Way to Plough Through Your City (GALLERY)

( Jurgen Kuipers is a dutch designer who is world renowned for the emphasis his works that use unorthodox materials to create leisurely transportation, and his latest plywood crafted Sawyer bicycle…

Coffee Mug Handbags – The Monogram Bag Mug is Even Better Than the Real Thing

( Unlike a real designer handbag, the Monogram Bag Mug from retailer Urban Outfitters will only set you back a mere $14. Overdraft all spent? Credit cards maxed out? Don’t worry, because you can…

31 Goth-Inspired Men’s Looks – Goth Look for Guys Become the New Staple in the Industry (TOPLIST)

( Black, leather and lace are the key ingredients used in producing a look that can only best be described as Gothic-chic. In the troubled times of adolescent youth, it was common to come across…

13 Pokemon-Attired Looks – These Pokémon Franchise Looks will Please any Pokéfan (TOPLIST)

( The Pokémon franchise will forever be a part of the human experience. The overflux of Pokémon is a staggering amount, so it’s only appropriate that people should begin outfitting their attire in…

Sinvino Java Tea: Play Table in the Sky

To create the comeback of a JAVA TEA, a tea for meal. First released 23 years ago the product vanished from store, but now Otsuka Foods had decided to revive it. A different approach was needed to stand out from competitors. To present a concept “Play Table”, invited diners to eat at a table suspended 40 meters in the air by a crane in Tokyo’s most populated area. The meal was accompanied by JAVA TEA and served by waiters. Perfect Refreshing view made eating more enjoyable, as they demonstrated that dining can also be play with JAVA TEA. JAVA TEA made a brilliant comeback. Numerous comments posted to social networks, all the Japanese TV, radio, and print media made reports. JAVA TEA and “restaurant in the sky” trending heavily in online search engines. Stores asked to stock the product, and “Play Table” concept continues to influence eating trends.

Advertising Agency: Frontage Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Creative Directors: Yasushi Machida, Tsuyoshi Ohka
Copywriters: Kinya Okamoto, Yoshifumi Nishihara
Agency Producers: Hirotaka Fukatsu, Daichi Ushiro
Account Executive: Minoru Kuboki
Production company: Taiyo Kikaku
Photographer: Senzo Ueno
Production Producer: Hideya Takita
Offline Editor: Tomohiro Suzuki
Online Editor: Dai Haga
Sound production company: Aiin
Music Arranger: Sato Yu
Released: May 2012

41 Exciting Eyewear Editorials – From Movie-Inspired 3D Goggles to Premium Celebrity Eyewear (TOPLIST)

( Exciting eyewear is key to everyday life, whether you need a pair of glasses for practical use, a pair of classy shades to wear to block out the sun and simply look great or something wacky that…