Advertising: New Smokey Bear Gives Hugs, Not Just Warnings

The venerable bear is now less an authority figure than a paragon of positive reinforcement who embraces people who show they know how to avoid causing fires.


Advertising: A Wienermobile Road Rally, Mapped Out by Fans on Social Media

Social media services like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are shifting how brands, like Oscar Mayer, Chevrolet and A.1., use events as promotions.


Facebook to Shield Ads From Offensive Content

The company said it would remove advertising from pages with content that might be offensive or controversial.


Advertising: Commercials With a Gay Emphasis Are Moving to Mainstream Media

Until recently, ads with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender themes were usually limited to media those consumers watched and read.


As Social Media Swirl Around It, Supreme Court Sticks to Its Analog Ways

In a city beset by leaks, the Supreme Court’s rulings remain stubbornly opaque until they are handed out (on paper, first) by the court’s public relations staff.


Campaign Spotlight: For Olivari Olive Oil, a Campaign About ‘Little Things’

A brand of one of the world’s largest olive oil producers has embarked on a social media campaign to increase its name in the American market.


LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing Presence

LinkedIn’s Influencers program, which consists of people in leadership positions posting about their lives and careers, has transformed viewer engagement on the site, its chief executive said.


Facebook Says It Will Simplify Options for Advertisers

The social network said it would overhaul the way it sells ads, and eliminate about half of the existing styles, to simplify the process for marketers.


Advertising: Nonprofit Group to Help For-Profit Marketers Reach Youth

A unit called TMI, as in “Too Much Information,” will offer services including research, strategy related to mobile devices and text messaging, social media and Web site production.


Turks Angry Over Dearth of Protest Coverage by Established Media

As protesters took to the streets across the nation, Turkish TV channels stuck to scheduled programming, and people turned to social media to find out what was going on.


On Newsstands, Allure of the Film Actress Fades

Film stars are no longer the reader magnets they once were, so magazines are turning to TV actors, reality stars and musicians.


As Vandals Take to National Parks, Some Point to Social Media

Park personnel say there is reason to believe that a spike in vandalism and graffiti that has found its way into the wilderness coincides with the rise of social media.


Advertising on Social Media Bumps Up Against Free Speech

Social media sites are trying to determine what sort of control they have over user-generated content, particularly when it affects advertising.


Facebook Says It Failed to Bar Posts With Hate Speech

Facing pressure from women’s groups and its own advertisers, the site said it would overhaul its process for monitoring offensive content.


Twitter Lets Brands Find Viewers of Their TV Ads

A new product, Twitter Amplify, will help brands match advertisements with Twitter commentary by viewers.


China’s Social Media Fuel Citizen Quake Response

The rapid grass-roots response to the April earthquake in Sichuan Province reveals how far China’s nascent civil society movement has come since a major quake in 2008.


Media Decoder: The Economist Looks to Colleges for New Readers

The new campaign is primarily digitally based and builds on the fact that many new readers first learn about the magazine from a professor or parent.


Link by Link: Media Critics Turn to Twitter

Various Twitter accounts poke fun at news media outlets like The Huffington Post, Slate and The New York Times.


Social Media’s Effects On Markets Concern Regulators

After a Twitter hoax caused the Dow to drop temporarily by 150 points, regulators are increasingly concerned about the combination of social media and high-frequency trading.


Media Decoder: Center to Offer Tools for Gauging Impact of Media

With $3.25 million from two foundations, the Norman Lear Center will create a “global hub” for people who want to measure the actual impact of media.