How to fight cucumber bacteria ?with a condom

Following the bacteria on cucumbers that has already killed 14 people in Germany, Durex has released a print ad…


Advertiser: Durex

Africanas, um retrato real da mulher do século 21

Eu não conheço pessoalmente a Eliza Capai, mas conheço um trampo bem legal que ela fez com o Arthur Louback pra Petrobras via colmeia.

Nesse final de semana, tive contato com outro projeto dela, o Africanas. Trata-se de um documentário rodado em Marrocos, Mali, Cabo Verde, Etiópia e África do Sul, onde ela traça um retrato fiel, na medida que a variedade possibilita, dessas pessoas que carregam as dores e as delícias do matrimônio, da Aids, da poligamia, da miséria, da riqueza, de culturas milenares e, essencialmente, do amor. Tudo isso no planeta Terra versão 2011.

Escrevo sobre isso neste espaço não apenas para apresentar-lhes a ideia, mas também porque todo mundo pode fazer parte do projeto e ajudar a Eliza a contar essa história. Todos os detalhes pra fazer isso estão aqui.

Dá um cheiro no trailer/convite e diz se não lhe vem uma puta vontade de abraçar algo assim.

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Writen by Terry. Terence D’Costa is a very dear friend and a top-notch creative in the Himalayas.

See I told you. Now that you’ve made the logo larger, it’s looking nice and visible now.

It was visible then too. Even if you had cataracts in both lenses but now it’s ruined the layout.

Can we kinda like, move it a bit to the left?

It’s aligned to the headline and if we move it any further to the left, we…

Exactly, align the headline to the logo then.

Can I align a nuclear-tipped heatseeker to your gluteus maximus?

And make the words ‘New Improved’ a bit larger.

Larger like the logo larger or like sidewinder meets keister larger?

Yes, much better and I was going through the copy and it’s nice but can we use another word for exciting?

How about… nice?

Nice! Much better. Nice is so much nicer, isn’t it?

Not half as much as barf.

In the first line of the body copy, can we have the word ‘new’ in bold please? It’s like kinda lost in there.

It’s like kinda like kinda kinda. What else is new?

After all, we need our consumers to know we’ve like, changed the formula.

Right, but that’s what the ad is already talking about in the headline.

We should make it clear to our consumers in the body copy too.

Hello. Isn’t that the entire purpose of the ad?

That’s why we must have the word ‘new’ in bold. In fact, use bold caps wherever the word is used across the ad.

How about we also take it up a few notches size wise and underline it just to be sure?

Great idea!

Yeah and how about we overlay it in tomato red and apply a fat yellow stroke, just so that it’s the first thing you see.


A bevel effect maybe with an outer glow for that, you know, aura around what you’re saying?


Right and just in case some folks are colour blind, how about we add a starburst behind it everywhere it appears across the body copy and hang on, what do we need body copy for? Let’s just have the word ‘new’ repeated thirteen times just so that we’re 100% sure that consumers get it.

Yes, yes, yes !

Here’s when you strategically withdraw and let him, her, it self-sire another Godzilla. And just in case you’re wondering, I’m NOT referring to a client here. In a lopsided world of brilliant equals, the equanimity of the wise is often tested by the brilliance of the otherwise. Go figure.


Contiki: Pin Me If You Can

I love this Pin Me If You Can promotion from Contiki by Poke London. Five locals show their surroundings in a set of video clues and give hints about the location. All you have to do is drop a pin on the map to guess where they are—not which town they’re in, but the very spot on which they’re standing.

Like the Contiki page for extra clues then watch the videos which not only give you clues to the location but do a nice job of selling the sights of the area. A promotion that actually does the job of selling the product. A rarity these days.


Oli the puppet wants to save the children

Viral ad made for the 48 hour contest on the Cannes Lions Youtube channel for Save the Children.

Creative: Rodolfo Torres

View the campaign Oli the puppet wants to save the children

Ecological recycling? / Un bel exemple d’éco-pycat?

sechoirNissan sechoirrenault
(click the image to watch movie)
Nissan Leaf Elecric vehicle – 2011
Tagline : “100% electrical, zero gas”
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : TBWA (USA)
(click the image to watch movie)
Renault ZE Electric Vehicle – 2011
Tagline : “100% electrical, 0% emissions”
Source :
Agency : Publicis Conseil Paris (France)

Zara Phillips joins Beckham as Samsung Olympic ambassador

Samsung Electronics has signed up horse-riding gold medallist Zara Phillips as its UK ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

LBi Creative chief puts his beard on the line for charity

LBi resident weirdy beardy, Simon Gill, and his gang of renegade ramblers are setting
off on an epic 30hour trail of the Yorkshire Dales for the Oxfam Trailtrekker 2011.

While he’s mooching around the moors (and during the week before) he’ll have the facial hair
of your choice around his chops.

But he ain’t cheap! He’ll only do it if your donations reach £2,500
So what will it be? Vote & Donate –


RAC picks Rapier for £7m DM and digital

RAC, the breakdown service, has appointed Rapier as the lead agency on its £7 million direct marketing and digital business.

The Resort. By Origin Beanstocks

Advertising Agency: Origin Beanstalk, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Mustafa Kapasi, Kisan Solanki
Art Director: Kisan Solanki
Copywriter: Mustafa Kapasi, Anisha Nair
Illustrator: Sachin Parab, Ejaz Ahmed, Manisha Kole
Account Director: Shom Majumdar, Pinki Shah
Photographer: Stock

Keo Karpin, No More Hair Problems : Rediff Y&R Gurgaon

Advertising Agency: Rediffusion Y&R, Gurgaon, India
National Creative Directors: Meenaxi Achan, N padmakumar
Executive Creative Director: Ambika Soni
Art Director: Rakesh Jha
Copywriter: Hassan Danish
Photographer: Image courtesy photolibrary
CGI: Mao Lin

Volkswagen: Rare Beast Origin

Advertising Agency: AKQA, Washington, USA
Creative Director: Ginny Golden
Associate Creative Directors: Jefferson Liu, Nick Strada
Art Director: John Whitlock
Creative Strategist: Christine Sheehan
Agency Producer: Scott Little
Account Directors: Laura Breines, Katie Fouts
Account Executive: Erin Chandler
Production Company: Boxer Films, LA
Director: Robert Groenwold
D.P.: Tim Hudson
EPs: Beth George, John Clark
Editor: Robert Groenwold
Producer: John Quinn

Mercedes-Benz: Diner

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster Werbeagentur, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Thimoteus Wagner
Creative Director: Jonas Keller
Art Director: Jonas Keller
Copywriter: Daniel Pieracci
Production Co: Element E
Director: Alex Feil
Director of Photography: Alex Barber

The Tale Of A Fairy Chanel movie by Karl Lagarfeld

The new movie from Chanel.

Advertiser: Chanel

Shots have been fired

Somebody has finally said what we've all known for a long time now – that big brewers worry more about their latest gimmick than their actual brew. Well done, Breckenridge Brewery. Well done.









Social media to steer Tourism Ireland road trip

Tourism Ireland is launching a week-long social media campaign giving the Facebook and Twitter communities the chance to determine the places a British couple will visit.

Signs of Revolutionary Spring in Europe

Will the people’s rebellion go continental?

Micah M. White

From Adbusters #94: Post Normal

The energy is in Europe now
Gareth Fuller / AP Images

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Audio version read by George Atherton – Right-click to download

In the United Kingdom, an increasingly lenient judiciary is emboldening climate change protesters. Two recent cases have shown that judges are now receptive to the “lawful excuse,” also known as the “necessity defense” in the US, the legal argument that it is not a crime to act illegally if it is done to prevent a larger harm such as global warming. At a recent sentencing, one judge even praised protesters who had intended to shut down a coal power plant as “decent men and women with a genuine concern for others” and said, “I have no doubt that each of you acted with the highest possible motives.” Activists are now planning even bolder actions.

In France, the last few years have seen the publication of major anticapitalist works. Alain Badiou, in his The Communist Hypothesis, argues that the only path forward is to reembrace the principle of radical egalitarianism underlying the abstract concept of communism. Also worth mentioning is Badiou’s ongoing intellectual collaboration with Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, whose most recent books, First as Tragedy, Then as Farce and Living in the End Times, represent a compelling outline for radical politics based on an “eschatological apocalyptism” that strives to “interrupt” the contemporary course of history. Then there is the anonymously authored The Coming Insurrection, an anarchist manifesto that calls for the formation of autonomous communes from which to launch sabotage campaigns: “Jam everything – this will be the first reflex of all those who rebel against the present order … to block circulation is to block production as well.” Stéphane Hessel’s Indignez-vous! (Cry out!) is the most recent barometer of popular rage. In it Hessel, a 93-year-old veteran of the World War II Resistance against Nazism, exhorts today’s youth to wage a war of resistance against capitalism in the same way clandestine networks fought the fascists. The pamphlet has sold 600,000 copies so far.

And the entire continent has seen a cascade of passionate protests. In October, the prime minister of Iceland was pelted with eggs; a man drove a cement truck into the gates of the Irish Parliament to protest bank bailouts; and three million people in France participated in eight days of rebellion, blockading oil refineries and fuel depots until gas stations ran dry. In the following months, students in London smashed up the headquarters of Britain’s Conservative Party, and Greece was shut down by its seventh general strike of the year as protesters carried signs that read, “Let us not live as slaves!”

Now, inspired by the Arab people’s revolutionary spring, there are signs that the European continent is set to erupt. On May 15, tens of thousands of precarious workers, students and the unemployed marched in fifty cities in Spain before occupying Puerta del Sol, the central square in Madrid. The lesson of Tahrir was clearly on the minds of protestors. One organizer promised that if police try to “remove us we will sit down, everything will be peaceful, and if we are eventually dispersed we will come back tomorrow.”

—Micah White

Telemundo Hires Cristina, Adds Bilingual Telenovela App

Spanish-language Telemundo Communications Group announced new programming that includes a weekend variety show for former Univision talk-show host Cristina Saralegui. Earlier today Telemundo Digital launched a bilingual Telemundo Novelas App for the iPhone and iPad, with L'Oreal as the launch sponsor.

Pedigree Jumbone Maxi: Pig, Cow, Sheep

“Pedigree Jumbone Maxi. The longer lasting bone.”

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Adrian Ely
Art Director: Elena Dozhdikova, Nikita Voblikov
Copywriter: DIma Nikolaev
Agency Producer: Marina Shponko
Account Director: Maria Ustkachkinseva

EEP EEP EEP EP by Rajeev Basu

Rajeev Basu is a Creative at Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Boulder, CO USA. He has recently launched an independent art project called EEP EEP EEP EP.

EEP EEP EEP EP is a concept album made entirely using alarms (EEP music player pictured above). It is part of a global interactive music-arts project to explore if it’s possible to turn one of society’s most despised sounds, the sound of alarms, into music that people might actually enjoy.

In the project, alarms are the only material used in compositions. As such, the project’s musical style can be described as ‘Musique concrete’ (French for “concrete music”). It is a form of electroacoustic music that uses elements not traditionally thought of as “musical”.

To create the EP, Basu collaborated with world-class musicians. They include Michael Manning (London), David Kamp (Berlin), Dominic Matar (NY) and Malcolm Goldie (London). They have produced work for the likes of; MTV, PUMA, DeadMau5, the artist David O’Reilly and Nike.

In addition, for each of the tracks on EEP EEP EEP EP, Basu created 1 of 1 original track-artwork inspired by them (pictured below). They were made entirely using clip-art. A style he has dubbed “Clip-art Art”. It follows the project’s premise of using something undesirable to create something beautiful.

Basu now asks, if YOU can turn alarms into a musical masterpiece? A pack of the alarms used to make the EP are available for you to download, and give it a try. For each track entered, Basu will create a 1 of 1 original artwork. And he will turn the best three tracks into sound-sculpture installations, to exhibit in 2012 (artist’s impression below).