Perdigão promove encontro dos programas de Eliana e Rodrigo Faro no SBT e na Record

Faro e Eliana_

Depois de fazer a estreia da família de Ivete Sangalo na publicidade, a Perdigão agora mira um grande crossover na televisão brasileira. No próximo domingo (4), Eliana e Rodrigo Faro vão visitar o programa um do outro no SBT e na Record, respectivamente, para compartilhar uma feijoada. A ação criada pela DPZ&T é relativamente simples …

Leia Perdigão promove encontro dos programas de Eliana e Rodrigo Faro no SBT e na Record na íntegra no B9.

Remotely Riding the ‘Red Ocean’ of Tactical Shooter Games With Riot

Considering the fact that many people recently found themselves with free time and a desire to escape reality, you might think it’d be easy to launch a new video game during the shutdown that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. But Riot Games’ Nikki Lewis and Casey Clough will be the first to tell you that this…

This Intricate AR Sculpture Warns of the Dangers of Climate Change

As augmented reality has gained traction as a tool for retailers and brands during the pandemic, artists have also begun to explore its potential as a storytelling medium for fine art. One such foray was a recent collaboration between artist Dustin Yellin, Droga5 and the National Wildlife Federation, which seeks to portray the dystopian ravages…

Ad Tech’s IPO Frenzy Gathers Pace

For the third straight week companies providing everything from specialist mobile services, performance-measurement and content recommendations have gone public or filed the paperwork to do so. Ad-tech company Integral Ad Science and discovery platform Taboola each listed on the Nasdaq today, just 24 hours after IronSource debuted on the New York Stock Exchange at an…

The surprising ways COVID-19 changed consumer behavior

Healthline’s new study on COVID-19’s effects on consumer behavior reveals seemingly conflicting views on health, work-life balance and personal resilience.

Gap plans to close all of its U.K. stores and offload operations in France

The retailer plans to maintain its e-commerce operations in Europe.

Lu e Anitta preparam lançamento de clipe juntas para marcar chegada de Magalu ao Rio de Janeiro


A chegada do Magalu ao mercado fluminense, no mês de julho, será marcada por uma estratégia robusta de comunicação e mídia que envolve filmes publicitários, prestação de serviços e entretenimento. A empresa se uniu à Anitta para colocar em prática uma série de ações que vão dar a cara do Rio de Janeiro para a …

Leia Lu e Anitta preparam lançamento de clipe juntas para marcar chegada de Magalu ao Rio de Janeiro na íntegra no B9.

Estreia do documentário de Juliette gera mais de meio milhão de mensagens no Twitter


O documentário “Você Nunca Esteve Sozinha”, que aborda a vida da campeã do BBB21, Juliette Freire, vem sendo um dos principais assuntos entre os brasileiros no Twitter nos últimos dias. Entre segunda-feira, 28/06, e quarta-feira, 30/06, a plataforma já contabilizou mais de 550 mil mensagens com a hashtag #VoceNuncaEsteveSozinha. A repercussão levou o documentário do …

Leia Estreia do documentário de Juliette gera mais de meio milhão de mensagens no Twitter na íntegra no B9.

EBY Counters Victoria’s Secret’s Inclusive Rebrand by Increasing Funding to Empower Women

Victoria’s Secret recently announced its newest rebrand, which replaced its typical “Angels” with a diverse slate of well-known female activists and models, including soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe, South Sudanese refugee Adut Akech and transgender model Valentina Sampaio. Direct-to-consumer underwear company EBY, however, is speaking out about this rebrand, stating the importance of championing all women…

‘Your Home Is Your Dressing Room’: How Influencers Help Consumers Craft Their Closets

“Before they were called influencers, we just called them bloggers,” Raissa Gerona said early in her conversation with Lisa Lacy for Adweek’s Social Media Week L.A. summit. Gerona is the chief brand officer of the clothing company Revolve. She then drew a straight line from the original influencer platform–magazines–to blogs, then to Facebook and now…

Angel City FC Reveals Its New Logo Ahead of the 2022 Season

Angel City Football Club (ACFC), the first-ever majority female-owned soccer team in the world, has launched its new logo ahead of the 2022 season. ACFC revealed the new look in a rousing two-minute anthem video titled “Our House: Our Anthem.” Having chosen its official colors–Armour, Sol Rosa and Asphalt–the organization asked eight different artists to…

Twitch Creator TimTheTatman Creates His Own Mix of Sour Patch Kids

Streaming platform Twitch teamed up with beverage, candy and food giant Mondel?z International on a limited-edition custom mix of Sour Patch Kids candy featuring popular Twitch creator TimTheTatman. The collaboration, put in place with agency Spark Foundry, marks the largest initiative to date between Sour Patch Kids and Twitch, the largest Twitch campaign of any…

McDonald’s trims tech fees for U.S. franchisees

The restaurant giant is slashing the planned fees by 62% to help ‘reset’ the relationship. 


Gretzky, Jordan, Mahomes, Osaka and other stars invest in sports streaming service

Buzzer’s funding has totaled about $24 million since it was founded in January 2020.

Twitter dives into NFTs, offers newly created assets in giveaway

The social media company is giving away 140 new NFTs on Rarible.


Twitter lança coleção de NFTs (mas ela não está à venda)


Com um CEO que curte as possibilidades de descentralização da economia, até que demorou pro Twitter se envolver no mercado de NFTs. Nesta quarta (30), a plataforma anunciou o lançamento de uma coleção de artes digitais com a tecnologia de tokens não fungíveis, mas contrariando expectativas ela não está à venda. A série no caso …

Leia Twitter lança coleção de NFTs (mas ela não está à venda) na íntegra no B9.

This Viral Beer Poster Trend Shows Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to TikTok

Models in bikinis reminding you to “Find Your Beach” and “Get Some Summer” were once the staple of beer campaigns, but brands like Budweiser, Miller Lite and Heineken have recently diversified their outreach to attract more than just the male gaze. While the brewers themselves may be moving past sexualized marketing, TikTok users are giving…

TikTok Limits 7.2M+ Accounts in Q1 2021 for Belonging to Users Under 13

TikTok removed 11,149,514 accounts during the first quarter of 2021 for violating its community guidelines or terms of service, representing fewer than 1% of total accounts on the video creation platform, and 7,263,952 of those were removed from the full TikTok experience for potentially belonging to a person under the age of 13. The company…

How to Mint NFTs With Sustainability in Mind

The Aria Network, an integrated marketing group, announced the launch of its new NFT exchange today, called the Aria Exchange, as well as its five-year deal with the National Basketball Retired Players Association. The exclusive contract will give Aria the rights to mint NFT collectibles of almost 1,500 former NBA, WNBA and Harlem Globetrotters players….

Gut opens in Toronto with Tim Hortons as first client

Global agency’s first outpost in Canada will service coffee chain “Timmies.”