Video Games as Prescription Drug Marketing – Viagra’s ‘Viva Cruiser’ Axed by FDA

Holy crap! There was a Viagra game and I didn’t know about it? Talk about leaving their target audience out of the loop! It sounded like fun too.

According to Multinational Monitor, “Viva Cruiser” gameplay…

DIY Credit Crunch Tailoring – The Waistband Stretcher

( After that huge Thanksgiving dinner, you may not be able to squeeze yourself into those new snug jeans. Taking your pants to the tailor for alterations can be a big expense. Here comes the Waistband Stretcher…

41 Viral Vodkavations (CLUSTER)

( Vodka is the world’s most popular spirit, and thus has rightfully inspired some incredible innovations. From bottles that must be broken to be poured to skull-shaped packaging, incredible advertising and…

DNA Tests to Determine Athleticism – Atlas Sports Genetics Swabs for ACTN3 (GALLERY)

( If the research Atlas Sports Genetics follows proves to be correct, parents might have a much easier time selecting sports for their children to play.

The Boulder-based Atlas Sports Genetics is offering…

Buying Liquor to Plant Trees – TRU Organic Vodka Treevertising (GALLERY)

( In one of the more extraordinary product marketing schemes, TRU Organic Vodka is promising to plant a tree for every bottle of vodka you down. If you’re going to have a drink or five, why not help plant…

Collaborative Cardboard Art – The Box Doodle Project (GALLERY)

( The premise of David Hofmann’s ‘The Box Doodle Project’ is simple, according to his website: Rearrange a cardboard box to make a figure or object, thereby making the most out of the least.

David Hofmann’s…

Ads of the World Research: Done, 3

Done, 3

Art director: Marcelo Melo
Copywriter: Nuno Leal

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.

Ads of the World Research: Done, 2

Done, 2

Art director: Marcelo Melo
Copywriter: Nuno Leal

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.

Ads of the World Research: Done, 1

Done, 1

Art director: Marcelo Melo
Copywriter: Nuno Leal

This is a submission for the AotW-R competition.

25 Dramatic Sinks (CLUSTER)

( From washing your dishes in the same water that flushes your toilet to reusing water, kitchen and bath sink designs have made huge strides to be more efficient. Bath and kitchen designers know that the…

The Simpsons – Catch Me If You Can

Just saw this on TV, and had to look it up on YouTube.


And in case you’ve been living under a stone all your life, you can see the original “Catch Me If You Can” opening sequence right here.

Papercraft Cancer Campaigns – Speakerboss (GALLERY)

( ‘Speakerboss’ is a series of fourteen papercraft speakers made in the colors of the rainbow by Sjors Trimbach in honor of a good friend of Trimbach’s who was diagnosed with cancer. There are two sets of…

Faux Skin Sinks – ‘Ethnic’ Bath Vessels (GALLERY)

( Vitruvit created a wild collection of bathroom sinks they refer to as their “Ethnic” collection. As part of the overall design of a bathroom, these sinks can provide a focal point or blend in to help the…

Design-Conscious Dumbbells – Vita Weights (GALLERY)

( I’ll wager that most home gyms don’t contain dumbbells as aesthetically pleasing as these Vita Weights. Their ergonomic shape makes them comfortable to use, and their sleek design means these Vita Weights…

Pure Fat Chocolate – Odies’ Honest Packaging

These Odies Pure Fat chocolate bars make no attempt to trick consumers into thinking that their guilty craving is healthy.

In the marketing world, where every little deception or exaggeration is exploited,…

Resort-Worthy Outdoor Furniture – Henry Hall Designs (GALLERY)

( You how you can tell that the rich are different from you and me? By the quality of their furniture, and specifically, by the design and luxury of their outdoor furniture. Henry Hall Designs specializes…

Inked Organ Fakes – “True Love Tattoos” is a Promotion, Not Parlor

Some time ago, Trend Hunter published a story about a heart surgeon and tattoo artist named Dr. Valentin Vikunjevski, who ran a business called “True Love Tattoos.” This doctor purportedly performed open…

Roadside Rubber as Art – “Blown” (GALLERY)

( Christopher Griffith’s third book, “Blown,” spins roadside rubber into art. After six years of hunting down and photographing shredded tires left as rubbish on the highways of the United States, the graphic…

Pistol-Shaped Appliances – The Gun Hair Dryer (GALLERY)

( We’ve seen strange miscellaneous gun-inspired items pop up before; it seems like every day, something new comes out. It is inevitable that the weaponry influence would continue onto, yes, a hair dryer.…

Shocking Anti-Drug Abuse Ads – Barnardo’s ‘Break the Cycle’ Campaign

In Barnardo’s latest campaign for children, ‘Break the Cycle,’ shockvertising is used as a way to raise drug abuse awareness. 

The ‘Break the Cycle’ ad depicts a teen girl in the following order: trying…