Agora que “Star Wars” é da Disney, o que Darth Vader vai fazer?

Agora que a Disney é dona da franquia “Star Wars” – adquirida a preço de banana com a compra da Lucasfilm – a empresa reciclou um antigo vídeo que usava pra divulgar a “Star Tours” para comemorar o negócio.

Darth Vader e seus Stormtroopers passeiam pela Disneyland, curtindo as atrações, bebendo um refrigerante, e até tirando a espada do Rei Arthur da pedra.

Dizem os maldosos, que tudo isso já é uma prévia do novo “Star Wars: Episódio VII”, prometido para 2015.

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Divine Gothic Editorials – The Interview Russia November 2012 Stars a Somber Laura Kampman (GALLERY)

( Darkly divine, the Interview Russia November 2012 editorial showcases Gothic style fashion for the dramatic woman. Interestingly, this photoshoot doesn’t focus entirely on black ensembles….

Photorealistic Drawing

L’artiste italien Diego Fazio, plus connu sous le pseudonyme de DiegoKoi, possède un talent indéniable. Ce dernier parvient à créer des œuvres au crayon d’une précision et d’une netteté incroyable, permettant de confondre le résultat avec une photographie. Plus d’images dans la suite.


Forced Smiles Illustrate Importance of Good Toothpaste


Here are three scenarios in which holding a smile is a very important thing. All to hype the importance of good toothpaste. In this case, Green Beaver Frosty Mint Toothpaste. Created by Toronto-based United Content and directed by Untitled Films’ Jamie Travis, the three ads take a look at the smiling life of a politician, an office worker subjected to a high energy, OMG-filled re-telling of a wedding proposal and a couple getting married and silently pondering the true meaning of their vows.

It’s nice to know a toothpaste company can appreciate the importance of the forced smile.

Air New Zealand Debuts Hobit-Themed Safety Video


Following appearances by Richard Simmons and Ed O’Neill, Air New Zealand has enlisted some of the cast and the director, Peter Jackson, of The Hobbit for its latest in-flight safety video. In the video you will se Dean O’Gorman who plays Fili, J.R Tolkien’s grandson, Mike Tolkin and great grandson, Royd Tolkien and Larry Curtis and Cliff Broadway from One Ring.

In the video, shot by Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, viewers can find hidden “elvish codes” which can be entered here. Twelve (get it? rhymes with elvers) winners will receive round trip airfare on Air New Zealand and six nights accommodations to see the world premiere of the film, the movie set and other surprises.

7 Steps to Becoming A Social Business


So by now all of you have your outward facing social media programs in full swing, right? But what about your own agency or brand? What about internalizing everything you’ve been preaching? What about becoming a social business?

Recent research from McKinsey Global Institute estimates that social networking could potentially contribute between $900 billion and $1.3 trillion in annual value in just four industry sectors, and that two thirds of this value lies inside the company, not on consumer or personal social networks. More specifically, the McKinsey study found that companies using social technologies realized measurable benefits such as:

– 25% less time spent on emails
– 35% less time searching for information
– 20-25% improvement in knowledge worker productivity

Sound good? Of course it does. Download this free whitepaper from Clearvale and find out how you, too, can achieve these numbers.

BBDO Re-Imagines AT&T’s ‘ Whiz Bang’ Ad For Halloween


Aligning AT&T with the Holiday Spirit, BBDO New York has re-imagined its Whiz Bang commercial for Halloween. The agency added in several “ghost bombs” behind and around the happy 4G mobile users as they go about their daily communications.

Babies Take A Dump, Make Funny Faces, Sell Diapers


It’s like the new cat video. OK, perhaps not but everyone likes a cute baby video, right? How about a montage of babies making “poopy face”? Oh yes. To sell its store brand diapers, ALDI of Australia has enlisted some professional poopers and filmed them in action. At weddings. On airplanes. At sporting events. At photo shoots.

Powerless Phone Chargers – Crank the Eton Boost Turbine 2000 to Charge Phones without Electricity (GALLERY)

( The Eton Boost Turbine 2000 can charge your cell phone, even if there is a power outage.

The recent Hurricane to strike the east coast of the United States caused a lot of power failures, leading…

Transformer-Inspired Animal Abodes – The Optimus Prime Chicken Coop is Adorable and Mobile (GALLERY)

( A recent home construction project of a Transformers-inspired Optimus Prime chicken coop has gone viral. The homemade mobile chicken coop was made by Tez and is made to look similar to the popular…

Toyota alerta para os acidentes ocasionados pela marcha à ré

Para promover a câmera traseira em seus carros, a Toyota convocou o artista Ernest Zachaveric para realizar uma interessante ação ambiente na Bélgica.

A proposta era alertar os motoristas para proteger o que está atrás, já que todo ano acontecem casos de crianças atropeladas enquanto se está na marcha à ré do carro.

O trabalho de Zachaveric consiste em grafite com intervenções de objetos reais, e vários de seus murais já são bastante conhecidos depois de terem rodado a internet no início do ano.

Instalada em um estacionamento em Bruxelas, a ação foi criada pela agência Happiness.

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Carbon Fiber Snowmobiles – The Snolo Stealth-X is So Light That It Can be Carried as a Backpack (GALLERY)

( Launching in December, the Snolo Stealth-X is a carbon fiber sled that screams style and of course, stealth.

Not many details have been released about this mysterious convertible sled but a team…

Michael Moore Gives Romney A Cock Punch


In what is both hilarious (old people swearing) and utterly lame (poor copywriting and direction), Michael Moore taps the Greatest Generation to advocate for Obama. In a nursing home scenario, five old farts peer into the camera and tell us why we should vote…and vote for Obama. The work comes from and its Voters Rising effort.

Forget your Past

Timothy Allen a toujours été un passionné de lieux abandonnés. Centrant ses clichés sur la capacité d’évoquer des images du passé dans le présent, ce dernier a trouvé dans cet ancien bâtiment de l’ère communiste à Buzludzha en Bulgarie le terrain de jeu parfait pour fournir cette série incroyable « Forget Your Past ».

Forget your Past23
Forget your Past22
Forget your Past21
Forget your Past20
Forget your Past19
Forget your Past18
Forget your Past17
Forget your Past16
Forget your Past15
Forget your Past14
Forget your Past13
Forget your Past12
Forget your Past11
Forget your Past10
Forget your Past9
Forget your Past8
Forget your Past7
Forget your Past6
Forget your Past5
Forget your Past4
Forget your Past3
Forget your Past2
Forget your Past
Forget your Past24

Emergency Disaster Pods – Life Armor Can Help You Survive Another Hurricane Sandy (GALLERY)

( With Hurricane Sandy having come and gone and leaving a long trail of destruction and debris, Japan introduces Life Armor, which may be able to prevent more casualties in the next natural disaster….

Chic Elder-Inspired Lookbooks – The Wildfox Resort 2013 Collection Focuses on Granny’s Closet (GALLERY)

( As vintage couture continues to break waves in the realm of fashion, the Wildfox Resort 2013 collection rebrands the idea of modernized vintage and takes it one step further and focuses the…

Hovis launches tactical Halloween campaign

Hovis has launched a tactical Halloween print and outdoor campaign promoting its Hovis Seven Seeds loaf, which marks the first work undertaken by its new advertising agency JWT London.

New York – Night and Day

New York – Night and Day est une création originale de Philip Stockton. Ce dernier s’est amusé à combiner des images de différents spots de New York, de jour et de nuit. La combinaison donne un résultat cherchant à explorer les différentes perceptions d’un lieu en fonction de l’heure de la journée.

New York - Night and Day-6
New York - Night and Day-3
New York - Night and Day-2
New York - Night and Day-1
New York - Night and Day-5

Pictures: Media Week Awards 2012 – the afterparty

The afterparty pictures from the Media Week Awards, which took place at Grovesnor House last Thursday (25 Oct).

Video: Media Week Award winners

This year’s Media Week Awards’ winners told us on camera how excited they were to have won gongs, particularly Carat.