The top 5 creative campaigns you need to know about right now

This week: Three intentionally weird campaigns—plus, purpose from Corona and comedy from Apple.

Montana TikTok ban—how creators and marketers are navigating the uncertainty

Both creators who earn an income through TikTok and brands that rely on the platform for marketing are stuck in limbo following the app’s statewide ban.

‘Metaverse Is Not Dead’: Investment Turns to Interoperability and Success Metrics

You’d be right for thinking that the metaverse–once the buzziest term in the industry–is dead, given the number of headlines since, at least, last September claiming such. Mashable reported that Meta’s Horizon Worlds was short of meeting its monthly active user goal of 500,000 by 300,000 monthly active users. Internal documents at Meta showed only…

Nvidia revela o futuro dos games: conversas “reais” com personagens através de IA


A demonstração ainda é bem básica, mas a tecnologia promete transformar a imersão nos jogos

Leia Nvidia revela o futuro dos games: conversas “reais” com personagens através de IA na íntegra no B9.

Netflix Starts to Crack Down on Password Sharing

The streaming company had said it was looking for ways to increase revenue. And one way was to make more people pay for the service.

Inside Fox’s Legal and Business Debacle

Fox’s handling of the defamation suit brought by Dominion Voting Systems, which settled for $787.5 million, left many unanswered questions.

Chloé Zhao dirige campanha para promover o mundo sombrio de “Diablo IV”

diablo iv

Vencedora do Oscar por “Nomadland” dirige campanha criada pela 72andSunny

Leia Chloé Zhao dirige campanha para promover o mundo sombrio de “Diablo IV” na íntegra no B9.

Mary Turner Pattiz, Rock D.J. During FM’s Heyday, Dies at 76

She was known as “the Burner” for her seductive delivery, but off the air she was anything but a wild rock ’n’ roller. She later became an addiction counselor.

How WBD Leveraged the NBA to Drive Record Revenue in First Stanley Cup Finals

In Warner Bros. Discovery’s first year hosting the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the company leveraged the power of the league and the NBA to help drive record ratings and revenue. The company and Disney/ESPN split the rights to the NBA and the NHL as part of a seven-year TV deal, and this year it’s WBD’s…

Diablo IV Characters Beg for Salvation in Dark Film by Oscar-Winning Director Chloé Zhao

Players of Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV take on the role of a powerful hero who must save the world of Sanctuary from demons led by Lilith, the queen of hatred. A launch film from creative agency 72andSunny, directed by Oscar-winner Chlo? Zhao and Kiku Ohe, gives players extra motivation by having characters from the game…

Watch the newest commercials from Sherwin-Williams, Dramamine, Verizon and more

Sherwin-Williams promotes its Memorial Day Sale, which runs today through June 5.

ChatGPT: aplicativo para iPhone agora disponível no Brasil

chatgpt app download iOS android

App pode ser baixado no iOS em mais 33 países, totalizando 48

Leia ChatGPT: aplicativo para iPhone agora disponível no Brasil na íntegra no B9.

Volkswagen cria instalação com a tinta mais preta do mundo para demonstrar perigos do ponto cego

Volkswagen Black Spot

Tinta é capaz de absorver até 99% dos raios de luz e esconde esculturas à vista de todos

Leia Volkswagen cria instalação com a tinta mais preta do mundo para demonstrar perigos do ponto cego na íntegra no B9.

Car Maintenance Brand Feu Vert’s Mascot Turns Avenger (Almost)

Vehicle maintenance brand Feu Vert has turned its faithful brand mascot Ramses into an action hero–or at least that’s the potential pitch for its latest ad campaign. The company, which claims to service the cars and bikes of 10 million customers across its 450 car centers in Europe each year, has a white cat as…

Programmatic Advertising Comes to the New York Subway

Buying ads on the New York City subway is moving into the digital age. In recent years, ads on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s trains and platforms have helped grow digitally native startups, firms like Casper and Hims, into household names. But despite being a place for buzzy brands to advertise, the process of buying ads…

Filmmaker Byron Atienza on the Paul McCartney project that changed his life

The founder of A Bunch of Savages on embracing opportunities and having “the guts to ask for more.”

Columbia Sportswear Is a Case Study in How to Expand Your Customer Base

Very little about our world exists as it did in 2019. For a company like Columbia Sportswear, that year may as well exist in a different century. In the lobby of Columbia’s headquarters at its campus just off Route 26 in Portland, Ore., longtime company president Gert Boyle’s face looks down on the lobby from…

Marketing winners and losers of the week

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence score a win over the Dodgers and Ford gives AM radio a reprieve—plus why it was a bad week for Target and Bioré.

Agency news you need to know this week

VCCP launches an AI creative agency, Wunderman Thompson Canada appoints a president and more.

Predawn Picket Lines Help Writers Disrupt Studio Productions

Workers from other unions have shown solidarity with the strikers, catching entertainment companies off guard.