Straptastic Sneakers – The Supra NS Spring 2010 Strapped II Kicks Are Smokin’ (GALLERY)

( The Supra Strapped II is here and the shoe, which is designer Steve Aoki’s signature sneaker, has been redesigned. The Supra NS Spring 2010 Strapped II retains the same four-strap design as the original…

For the lines.. Reynolds

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Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai
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Nobody Beats The Drum

Un clip très créatif et inspiré, réalisé avec 400 blocs de bois et non en 3D. Une séquence en spot-motion avec près de 4 085 images, conçu par Rogier van der Zwaag pour le groupe d’électro Nobody Beats the Drum en provenance d’Amsterdam. A découvrir dans la suite.


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The wind of unchanged / Un “air” de ressemblance

eoliennes2008 eoliennes2009
Seat Leon Cupra 240 HP – 2008
Agency : Grey Milano (Italy)
Volkswagen Scirocco  – 2009
Source : Cannes Lion Archive
Agency : Medina Turgul DDB Istanbul (Turkey)
On a beau savoir que la pub ne vend que du vent, ça manque quand même d’un peu d’air frais… la ressemblance n’en demeure pas moins décoiffante!
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Shaving Cream History Lessons – Famous Faces Get Creamed in ‘Faces of History’ by Ruadh Delo (GALLERY)

( When you put shaving cream into the hands and mind of Ruadh DeLone, awesome things happen. ‘Faces of History’ is one of those awesome things.

I am a lover of shaving cream and history, so it’s a no-brainer…

Artistic Currency Scribbles – ‘Defaced Presidents’ Ruins Perfectly Good Money With Perfectly Good Ar (GALLERY)

( ‘Defaced Presidents’ is a tribute to everyone who has ever taken a pen to a piece of money and let their imagination run wild. These portraits are well done and wonderfully creative.

I heard somewhere…

Asics Running Expansion in the forest viral video

In this video the Asics shoes are in layers…

Advertiser: Asics Running Expansion

Designer Sports Heels – Puma and Alexander McQueen SS2010 Collection (GALLERY)

( Alexander McQueen’s memory will live on with a lot of his collaborations, ideas and aspirations coming out this year.

One such collaborative effort worth noting is the Puma and Alexander McQueen SS2010…

Book Review – World of Giving


Acknowledging that each of us is inclined to give, this illuminating publication reveals how a beneficent deed contributes to an environment of increasing generosity in addition to enhancing the capabilities of its recipient. As a shared value, giving can grow to be a meaningful collective force that affects the world in surprising ways continue

As Aventuras de Mário, o Publicitário | 78

As Aventuras Mário Publicitário

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Top 50 Bizarre Trends in February 2010 – From Wacky Galaxy Gowns to Porcine Power Converters (COUNTDOWN)

( For the month of February 2010, these are the Top 50 bizarre trends, which include Wacky Galaxy Gowns, Freak Show Photography and Tiered Cake Attire. The rankings are based on millions of views and 2114…

Top 50 Eco Trends in February 2010 – From Layered Luxury Vehicles to Greenified Fashion (COUNTDOWN)

( For the month of February 2010, these are the Top 50 eco trends, which include Layered Luxury Vehicles, Mixed Source Handbags and Lightning Powered Bikes. The rankings are based on millions of views and…

Top 50 Tech Trends in February 2010 – From Big Screen Cosplay to Webcam-Ready Valentines (COUNTDOWN)

( For the month of February 2010, these are the Top 50 tech trends, which include Big Screen Cosplay, Gravity-Defying Bikes and Lightning Powered Bikes. The rankings are based on millions of views and 2114…

Top 20 Trends of the Day (Feb 27) – From Bad Coptography to Hidden Storage Seating (COUNTDOWN)

( For the day of February 27th, these are the Top 20 trends, which include Bad Coptography, Modern Day Creaturetography and ‘Jersey Shore’ Bans. The rankings are based on hundreds of thousands of views and…

Dubai Rugby Sevens

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Advertising Agency: JWT, Dubai
Creative Director: Chafic Haddad
Art Director: Layan Aziz
Copywriter: D V Hari Krishna
Account Head: Prabhakar Iyer
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Strawberry Shortcake Covers – Lula Spring/Summer 2010 Shows Supermodels in Stockings (GALLERY)

( Everybody loves little-girl fairytales and stories, and the latest edition of Lula Spring/Summer 2010 is bringing those characters to life. In the mag’s Strawberry Shortcake-inspired collection of covers,…

Bad Girl Photospreads – Anna Selezneva Shows Off Leathers in Numero #111 March 2010 (GALLERY)

( Model Anna Selezneva fulfills every woman’s bad girl fantasy, trotting around in slinky leather outfits and tousled hair in her latest spread for Numero #111 March 2010.

Photographer Camilla Akrans stems…

Handmade Homes – The Ross Street House by Richard Wittschiebe Hand Architects (GALLERY)

( At 2,700 square feet and the definition of a geometric gem, the Ross Street House was designed by Carol Richard, founding partner of the Atlanta-based architecture firm Richard Wittschiebe Hand, with the…

Audi – Friendly Competition

Voici un excellent spot pour le constructeur automobile Audi, baptisé “Friendly Competition”. Il confronte les modèles S4, A6 et Q5 avec la concurrence BMW. Une guerre publicitaire entre les marques qui se traduit par des campagnes interposées depuis plusieurs années.


Dans le même esprit : Audi D7 Concept

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Modern Day Creaturetography – These Charlie White Photos Depict Oddities (GALLERY)

( The Charlie White photos are strange and unusual. This particular series of photos are the most interesting, as it depicts a strange ‘Lord of the Rings’ Gollum-like character in everyday situations. The…