Caixa de Histórias 179 – Kalciferum

Nesta semana recebemos Andrei Fernandes para adentrarmos o mundo perigoso de seu livro “Kalciferum”. ======== OUÇA Download | iTunes | Feed ======== COMPRE O LIVRO Amazon ======== COMENTADO NO EPISÓDIO Mundo FreakSP Fantástika ======== FALE CONOSCO. Email: Facebook: Twitter e Periscope: Instagram: Grupo de Leitores no Facebook – Pandores: ==== …

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Big Tech Claims It’s Not Choking Competitors, but Data Suggests Otherwise

Some of the biggest household names in tech–Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon–faced the ire of lawmakers and regulators in Washington, D.C. earlier this week during the largest antitrust hearing in decades. Questions focused on market power and accused the companies of various practices–from buying out smaller firms to reshaping algorithms–that leave other tech and media…

Remake de “O Rei Leão” sofre para escapar da nostalgia auto-imposta

Dentro da atual dinâmica cada vez mais rígida e despida de magia que toma a rotina fordiana de reempacotar suas animações mais famosas em versões “de carne e osso” digital, a Disney havia encontrado até aqui um único e bem vindo respiro inesperado com a nova versão de “Mogli: O Menino Lobo”, que combinava os …

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Porsche: #ElectricityTalks

Video of Hey Porsche, watch this video. Love, Electricity

Video of Hey Electricity, get ready for the Taycan.

Potigás: Faceapp

Potigás Print Ad - Faceapp
Potigás Print Ad - Faceapp

Potigás is responsible for the distribution of piped gas in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The company aims to achieve long-term commercial success by contributing to economic, social and sustainable development in all communities in which it operates.

By giving great importance to the environmental responsibility defended by the company, we use the functionality of a viral app to convey the message regarding the time that our traces of consumption will spend in the world, making aware about the correct destination of items, such as plastic.

Penny Market: Like 1994

Penny Market Print Ad - Like 1994
Penny Market Print Ad - Like 1994

Lira was the Italian currency before Euro. Penny Market wants now to re-introduce the prizes from 1994 for its 25th birthday promo celebrations. This is why Lira paper money made a funny comeback in these prints.

Disney Calls Heiress’s Pay Criticism a ‘Gross and Unfair Exaggeration’

Walt Disney’s grandniece Abigail Disney had said she was “livid” about the company’s pay practices after a visit to Disneyland last year.

Amazon Gets Rattled as Calls Grow for Reform

It’s not often we see Amazon lose its cool. After all, this is the company that faced criticism about selling potentially biased and inaccurate facial recognition technology to law enforcement agencies and didn’t break a sweat. Nor did it bat an eyelash when 8,000 employees asked for it to take a stronger stance on climate…

Netflix Misses Subscriber Growth Forecast, but Downplays Its Streaming Competition

With the upcoming loss of two of its most-streamed television series, The Office and Friends, Netflix has had a tough few weeks. On Wednesday, the company faced down another bout of bad news: The streaming service told investors it missed its paid membership growth forecast by nearly half. In the second quarter of 2019, Netflix’s…

Twitter Added a Broadcast-Scheduling Feature to Media Studio

Twitter added a broadcast-scheduling feature to its Media Studio. Product manager Kevin Takashi Cohen said in a blog post that the new feature will enable video producers to plan ahead with their production teams, as well as capture people’s attention before the broadcast starts and get more of them to tune in live. He also…

Shutterstock homenageia 50 anos do Homem na Lua em campanha sobre seu acervo

No próximo dia 20 de julho é comemorado os 50 anos da chegada do Homem à Lua. E aproveitando o gancho da data, a Shutterstock lançou uma homenagem ao pouso da Apollo 11 na lua em uma versão que mostra mais um pouco do seu acervo. A campanha brinca com a ideia de “teoria da …

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Parallel Histories

Parallel Histories
Parallel Histories
Parallel Histories

Starting one idea, project or plan can be easy, but doing it and keeping is harder. Think about guys that are legends in the industry of products or services. If they projects don’t start with a good marketing ad plan, maybe they were just in it half way or left it.

Netflix Stock Tumbles as Subscriber Growth Falls Far Below Expectations

The streaming giant said it had added 2.7 million subscribers for the three months ending in June, well short of the five million Wall Street investors were expecting.

Case Agency: Digital Associate Creative Director


Case Agency:
Wanted: Talented, passionate, highly experienced ACD to lead creation of engaging digital experiences for our clients, primarily in luxury and beauty
New York City

‘Your Wildest Hot Dog Dreams Can Come True.’ Oscar Mayer’s Wienermobile Is Now on Airbnb

James had a giant peach. SpongeBob had a pineapple. But some lucky link lovers will have them all beat when they drift off to sleep inside a giant wiener on wheels. Today is National Hot Dog Day, and Oscar Mayer is celebrating by posting its iconic Wienermobile to Airbnb for a limited number of nights…

Adobe’s Survey Shows How People Are Using Emojis to Communicate With Brands and Each Other

A new study from Adobe sheds a little more light on what today’s emoji users think of using picture characters for communication. Today, on World Emoji Day, the company has released results of a survey of 1,000 U.S. emoji users that provides insight to the most popular emojis and how they’re used in life, at…

Twitter Added the LiveCut Video-Publishing Tool to Media Studio

Twitter introduced its new media-publishing tool, LiveCut, integrating the functionality of real-time video-clipping service SnappyTV into its Media Studio. Product manager Kevin Takashi Cohen said in a blog post that SnappyTV will be sunset by Dec. 31, adding that it consulted with its partners who use SnappyTV to ensure that LiveCut will meet all of…

Parents Might Recognize These Humorous Signs of a Kid Running on an Empty Tank

Advertising things for kids, especially food, follow a predictable pattern. The little rascals are hungry, but damn if they’re not happy and excited to burst through the door to a get a little snack when tummies rumble. Then, impossibly perfect mom or dad gleefully puts together a spread, and everyone laughs their way to the…

FaceApp armazena seus dados enquanto “você fica velho”, mas nada diferente de outros apps

Em 2017, o FaceApp apareceu como um app viral pela primeira vez, porém, o sucesso durou pouco, já que muitos usuários abandonaram o aplicativo alegando variados problemas de funcionalidade. No entanto, na última semana o FaceApp se viu em meio a uma nova onda bem-sucedida, principalmente por apresentar novos filtros (21 no total), entre eles …

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Crowne Plaza: New Memories

Crowne Plaza Print Ad - New Memories

The goal of this print ad is to make people understand they need a new vacation, since their last vacation memories are not so bright.