Lyon Biennale – The ex-sugar factory


Paintings on silos, a new capital of Asia, typographic wallpapers, replica of Shanghai hardware store, EU Green card lottery and porcelain human bones for a biennale that celebrated contemporary artists who believe that art has to offer more than a spectacle continue

Top 50 Pop Culture Trends in January 2010 – From Creepy Kid Photobombs to Sensual TV-Tography (COUNTDOWN)

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Top 50 Fashion Trends in January 2010 – From Liquid Bikinis to Mafia Hipster Wear (COUNTDOWN)

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Top 50 Tech Trends in January 2010 – From Otherworldly Digital Art to Kinetic Bike Wheel Technology (COUNTDOWN)

( For the month of January 2010, these are the Top 50 tech trends, which include Otherworldly Digital Art, Apple iPad Frenzy and Safe Sexting Apps. The rankings are based on millions of views and 2645 new…

It’s just not worth the risk

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Advertising Agency: Concept, Oman
Art Director: Ravab
Copywriter: Ravi Achan
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“Audiobooks from”

Advertising Agency: McCann, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Geir Florhaug
Copywriter: Frank Standal Dybhavn
AD Assistant: Rune Tyvold
Account Director: Atle Skageng
Project Manager: Tone Bøygard
Published: January 2010

GoodNites: Rope

Children who are no longer using diapers can wear Good-Nites to prevent bed wetting. We show Good-Nites being worn as fashionable underwear to show children that Good-Nites aren’t diapers.

Advertising Agency: Diamond Ogilvy, Seoul, South Korea
Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Creative Director: Jieun Kang
Art Directors: Seongmin Jang, Jongok Shin, Kyoungjin Park
Copywriter: Jaehoon Shin
Illustrators: Hosung Chung, Donghyun Kim
Photographers: Youngsik Lee, Yunhee Choi
Published: October 2009

BBC Winter Olympics

Un trailer d’une durée de 40 secondes pour la couverture de la chaîne BBC autour des prochains jeux-olympiques d’Hiver 2010 à Vancouver. Un travail et une production du studio AKA, sur une réalisation de Marc Craste et de Jon Klassen. Un conte stylisé autour d’un héros inuit.


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Top 20 Trends of the Day (Jan 29) – From See-Through Face Mods to Barnyard Bridal Fashion (COUNTDOWN)

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NFL Stuck on Stupid in ‘Who Dat’ Flap

After decades of Saints fans chanting "Who Dat?" at games, the National Football League, in its infinite wisdom, has started sending cease-and-desist letters to business owners in New Orleans, telling them to stop selling "Who Dat?" merchandise as it infringes on NFL trademarks.

Coroner Candidate Calls Opponent Dr. Frankenstein in Ad

TPM has found a rather charming ad currently being run in the Orleans Parish race for coroner. According to TPM, the ad from Dwight McKenna, "attacks the incumbent coroner, Frank Minyard, as a Dr. Frankenstein who sells body parts." That can't be true, can it? Well, yes, it is.

Deutsch Loses Prevacid Account to Euro

NEW YORK ( — Interpublic Group of Cos.' Deutsch, New York, has lost another key account: ad duties for Novartis' heartburn medication brand Prevacid.

Wireless Weaponry – Armatix .22 cal at the Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (GALLERY)

( The wireless watch controlled .22cal pistol by Armatix (shown here in pic #1,) was the show stopper at this year’s Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show. The $10K 007-style linked LED gun won’t fire…

Tips to Maintain Your Network

As I went through college and entered into the industry, I met many people. Some became great friends and great connections, while others I severely neglected, and they eventually faded away. Along the way, I've made many mistakes when maintaining and growing my network. As a result, I've gleaned some simple tips for avoiding some of the major pitfalls.

Ad Land

Assista abaixo um curta de animação produzido pela produtora britânica COY. Ele traz uma série de mensagens  subliminares de propagandas conhecidas. Eu não vou falar quais são os ícones que consegui identificar, porque vai perder a graça. Faça isso e depois escreva nos comentários aquilo que você descobriu ;-)

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Cheddar Explodes, Bing Bings, Wired Connects, Pirelli Prances

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In an effort to bring life to their “Cheddar Explosion” campaign, Kraft Macaroni Cheese is sponsoring the demolition of Texas Stadium.
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Calendário Pirelli 2010 [NSFW]

Pirelli Calendar 2010

Há 37 anos nessa indústria vital, a Pirelli lança seu tradicional calendário com modelos em poses desinibidas. Desde o fim do ano passado, as imagens do calendário circulam por aí, com a pergunta: Como isso ajuda a vender pneus?

Se mulher pelada (ou quase) ajuda a vender cerveja, porque não venderia pneus? Pendurado nas paredes de borracharias e oficinas pelo mundo, o calendário deve oferecer mais argumento de venda do que aquele seu amigo mecânico enrolador.

A edição 2010 do calendário Pirelli foi fotografado por Terry Richardson, aqui mesmo no Brasil, na Bahia, e o making of você pode assistir abaixo. É um dos raros posts que deveremos avisar: NSFW, ou traduzindo, não dê play no seu trabalho, se o seu chefe for um mala.

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Catcher in the Rye Tattoos – Super Fans of J.D. Salinger Get Permanent Tributes (GALLERY)

( I know what it’s like to love an author’s work so much that you get something by them tattooed on you. I have a Hunter S. Thompson tattoo on my upper arm, and I love it as much as these people must love…

Het Klokhuis Titles

Après The Seed for Adobe, voici un excellent travail du réalisateur Johnny Kelly signé chez Nexus Productions. Une séquence d’introduction pour le programme TV scolaire “Het Klokhuis” destiné aux enfants néerlandais. Un concept en stop-frame autour de l’animation d’une pomme.


Portfolio de Johnny Kelly.

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Pushing Parents to Be Parents

In a new campaign, "Time to Be a Parent," Toy New York is partnering with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America to encourage parents to play an active role in helping to keep their kids drug-free by being more than just a friend to children.