It’s like hurting yourself / Une idée victime de déjà-vu?

Amnesty International 2012
“If you don’t report it, you are hurting yourself”
Source : Coloribus
Agency : Draft FCB Caracas (Venezuela)
Voice For Victims – 2017
“By tolerating silently, you abuse yourself”
Source : Coloribus
Agency :
Bates CHI & Partners Mumbai (India)

Listen Closely to the Sound as You Pan Around Honda’s Innovative New 360 Video on Facebook

A fun new 360-degree video uses spatial audio to bring to life some of the different ways consumers might use the new Honda CR-V. A couple laughs by a campfire on a wooded getaway. A welder takes a blowtorch to a sculpture. A group of kids throw down in a water-balloon fight on a suburban…

Need to Escape Your Social Media Information Bubble? There's an App for That

Ad Age “Media Guy” columnist Simon Dumenco’s media roundup for the morning of Monday, March 6:

It was an eventful weekend! Per usual, President Trump tweeted something outrageous — in fact, something so outrageous that it’s been completely dominating the news cycle (see No. 1) … which is arguably very useful for the Trump White House, because it’s diverting some attention from, you know, other stuff (see, for instance, No. 6). Anyway, let’s get started …

1. New York’s Daily News offered up a single-word main headline on its Sunday front page — and then did it again today:

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RE/MAX: Subway tile

Video of Subway Tile

RE/MAX: Market

Video of Market

RE/MAX: In the time

Video of In the Time

Snickers: “Rockstar” video game

Video of SNICKERS® – “Rockstar” Video Game

Snickers: “Wrestler” video game

Video of SNICKERS® – “Wrestler” Video Game

Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in March – From Artisan Animal Lollipops to Acupressure Yoga Mats (TOPLIST)

( As is often the case, food and beverages have made a big imprint on the March 2017 lifestyle trends. People continue to find adventurous and delicious ways to get their daily fill, though healthy…

O poder das sombras e silhuetas no cinema num único supercut

Nós adoramos assistir um apanhado de cenas com os melhores detalhes do cinema, e no vídeo que você confere acima é possível assistir alguns dos melhores takes de sombras e silhuetas, confira. A simplicidade da técnica confere na maioria das vezes todo o destaque para um personagem que não é possível enxergar, servindo de estímulo […]

> LEIA MAIS: O poder das sombras e silhuetas no cinema num único supercut

Petra Collins Drenches Gucci’s New Eyewear Ad in Colorful Fever Dreams of Her Childhood

You know what’s funny about other people’s nostalgia? No matter how distant from your own experience, romanticized memory somehow always feels familiar. To promote Gucci’s 2017 spring/summer eyewear collection, photographer Petra Collins created “A Hungarian Dream.” The video–which has that tantalizing familiarity, even when it’s alien–is fueled by her own childhood recollections. Imagine bike rides…

Isobar, Firstborn Join Forces to Increase Competitive Edge

Dentsu Aegis Network U.S. agency Firstborn has joined the global network of sibling shop Isobar, helping to expand the breadth and depth of the agencies’ digital, design and technology offerings.

The shops will operate under one P&L, which “changes the incentive,” said Isobar U.S. Co-CEO Geoff Cubitt.

“We will pitch as separate agencies and continue to have our own clients, but we’ll also jointly pitch together and be able to win business that we may not have been able to win before,” said Dan LaCivita, who will continue to serve in his role as CEO of Firstborn. He will also join the Isobar U.S. management team.

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Brooke Bond: Forgotten 90s

Video of Brooke Bond Red Label Forgotten 90s

Monday Morning Stir

-The IPA is celebrating 100 years of British advertising. Here, via More About Advertising, is a 1959 Ogilvy cigarette spot helmed by Carol Reed of “The Third Man” fame.

-Back to the present day, where Digiday’s latest “confessions” implies that consultancies are coming to steal your business…for real this time.

-Can new product lines and mcgarrybowen save JC Penney?

-FX is brilliantly promoting The Americans by buying ads around stories about Trump’s alleged Russian connections.

-So you want to use that “zoom in on the…” meme? Too late. Erwin Penland and every other social media marketer already beat you to it.

-“Millennials are quite open to viewing ads as long as the content they are viewing is free on their mobile devices,” a shocking Nielsen study finds.

-Did the data firm that handled strategy for Donald Trump’s campaign really work miracles, or are they just repackaging the same data as everyone else? (SPOILER: it’s the latter.)

-Seafood chain Captain D’s has picked Cincinnati’s Empower MediaMarketing as its new media AOR after dropping TM Advertising and launching a creative review in December.

Top 90 Beverage Trends in March – From Wine-Infused Coffee Beans to Preservative-Free Fruit Sodas (TOPLIST)

( 2017 March beverage trends reveal unique product innovations in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and drinking-related items.

One such example is the coffee created by Molinari Private…

Brawny: Vernice Armour

Video of Vernice Armour | Brawny Paper Towels

Brawny: Brittany Wenger

Video of Brittany Wenger | Brawny Paper Towels

Brawny: Dr. Patty Lopez

Video of Dr. Patty Lopez | Brawny Paper Towels

Brawny: Dr. Anna Kornbrot

Video of Dr. Anna Kornbrot | Brawny Paper Towels

The March on Austin: Washington Casts a Shadow on SXSW

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival promises to have a very different tone than last year, when then-President Obama was warmly welcomed for a keynote presentation on civic engagement in the 21st century. For the creators, marketers and entrepreneurs descending this weekend on Austin, Texas, politics in the wake of President Trump will surely be top of mind, perhaps even overshadowing some of the innovation in virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Instead of undermining the value for marketers eager to enlist technology in their work, however, the dynamic might highlight connections that are increasingly important to recognize.

“Rather than a piece of technology or launch of a new app, this year’s conference will really be about the way all the things happening in politics are being threaded through what everyone does,” said David Grant, president of PopSugar Studios, the video unit at publisher PopSugar. “While in the past typically the focus is on a few new toys to play with, this year it is about how do these new toys affect journalism access and the ability to distinguish between real and fake news?”

From New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s opening keynote to a panel on sexual harassment and gender bias in the advertising industry, social impact and civic activism will be a running theme throughout the music, film and entertainment confab.

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