Coldwell Banker: Somebody to Love

The difference between a house and a home is love – and sometimes the smallest things are all it takes to fill that void. The latest Coldwell Banker advertising campaign, titled “Somebody to Love,” is a reminder of just that, as we follow two lost souls on a journey to find home. This sentiment is also why Coldwell Banker founded the Homes for Dogs Project, a partnership with aimed at helping adoptable dogs find loving homes. Together, the pair has helped more than 20,000 dogs find homes and are poised to continue this effort throughout 2017. Because everyone deserves a loving home.

Video of Somebody to Love (:60) – 2017 Coldwell Banker TV Commercial

Snickers: CluelessSmart

Snickers: CluelessSmart

Snickers posters remind customers that satisfaction begins where hunger ends.

Snickers: DeliriousSane

Snickers: DeliriousSane

Snickers posters remind customers that satisfaction begins where hunger ends.

Snickers: FuriousSmiling

Snickers: FuriousSmiling

Snickers posters remind customers that satisfaction begins where hunger ends.

BBDO, Michel Gondry Reunite for Dreamy FedEx Spot

BBDO and Bjork superfan Michel Gondry last teamed up in the fall to create a Bacardi spot tracking the movements of some button-up bros and Jersey Girls on one night in Manhattan.

Now the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind guy is back in the director’s chair for a very different client: FedEx.

You’ll recognize his familiar style, though. The ad—very appropriately titled “Dream”—begins with an Island of Misfit Toys-style scene that amounts to a fantasy version of what happens at FedEx while you sleep.

That wasn’t quite magical, but it did include a bit more of the indie “whimsy” than your average shipping company spot.

And we get why Gondry chose to focus on kids for this one. As the protagonist of his best movie put it, “Adults are, like, this mess of sadness and phobias.”


Agency: BBDO New York
Client: FedEx
Title: Dream

Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kain
Senior Creative Director: Tom Kraemer
Creative Director: Dan Kenneally

Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Amy Wertheimer
Senior Content Producer: Sofia Doktori

Director of Music: Rani Vaz

Director of Business Affairs: Bernadette Naughten
Business Affairs Manager: Kathy Bannon

Group Planning Director: Sangeet Pillai
Senior Communications Planner: Nicole Landesman

Senior Account Director: Kathryn Brown
Account Director: Daniel Langlitz
Account Manager: Alexandra Dobush
Account Executive: Taylor Baird
Project Manager: Noreen Masih

Production Company: Partizan
Director: Michel Gondry
Director of Photography: Shawn Kim
Producer: Raffi Adlan

Edit House: Exile
Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen
Assistant Editor: Christopher Fetsch
Head of Production: Melanie Gagliano
Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

VFX: Method Studios
Executive Producer: Stuart Robinson
VFX Supervisor: Doug Luka
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Flame Artist: Chris Hunt
Senior VFX Producer: Bennett Lieber

Netflix libera pela primeira vez conteúdo adulto no serviço

Por ser um serviço que qualquer um pode assinar, a Netflix nunca trouxe ao serviço algum tipo de conteúdo voltado somente apenas para adultos. Ao menos até agora. A empresa de streaming disponibilizou pela primeira vez uma série original dentro desse tema hoje. Veja acima. Com isso, a Netflix começa a explorar uma nova gama […]

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Coke Takes Over From Pepsi as MLB Sponsor

Coca-Cola is getting back in the big leagues. The soda giant is taking over from PepsiCo as the official soft drink sponsor for Major League Baseball, just in time for Opening Day next week.

PepsiCo had kept a stranglehold on sponsorships for the Big Four major pro leagues in the U.S. since taking over from Coke as National Basketball Association sponsor in 2015. PepsiCo still holds sponsorship deals with the National Football League and National Hockey League. Coke has the Major League Soccer sponsorship.

The MLB deal was first reported today by Sports Business Journal and confirmed to Ad Age by a Coca-Cola spokeswoman. She described it as a multi-year deal but did not disclose other terms. An MLB spokesman declined to comment.

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Santa Monica’s Supermoon Wins Creative Reviews for Startups AutoGravity and ipsy

Santa Monica indie agency Supermoon is expanding its client roster.

The shop, staffed primarily by veterans of the Deutsch organization, recently won reviews for startups AutoGravity and ipsy.

The former is a financial technology startup that looks to connect car buyers with financiers before they even visit the showroom via a smartphone app. The latter is a cosmetics subscription service and “online beauty community” founded by YouTube star and makeup expert Michelle Phan.

Supermoon will create the first TV spots for both companies, with AutoGravity’s branding campaign launching in California before going nationwide. The ipsy’s effort aims to get consumers to try the company’s signature “glam bag,” a regular subscription package of various makeup products.

Beyond TV, the AutoGravity work will also include digital, social and OOH.

“Our challenge is to make consumers aware of us before they think of buying a car,” said AutoGravity CMO Serge Vartanov, adding, “Supermoon’s collaborative approach and expertise in launching a digitally innovative brand made them the right agency for our us.”

“When we launched Supermoon, we put our focus on young brands because that’s the kind of work we love,” said Kyle Acquistapace, who joined Supermoon as president last fall after 16 years with Deutsch in L.A. “We’re grateful for the trust of our clients and look forward to moving them to the next level.”

Both of these clients have relatively small marketing footprints, but they plan to expand with the help of Supermoon’s work. The agency’s most recent win was Snap Kitchen, a healthy on-the-go food chain led by CMO and former Taco Bell marketer Tressie Lieberman.

Novo “Ghost in the Shell” mira no original, mas deixa boas ideias pelo caminho

Com Scarlett Johansson como protagonista, adaptação do anime investe na ação em vez da reflexão

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Watch Colbert Hilariously Trash Congress for Siding With Big Cable

Ad Age “Media Guy” columnist Simon Dumenco’s media roundup for the morning of Thursday, March 30:

Today we’ve got a lot of questions: How much is Donald Trump really worth? Lawmakers in 24 states have a plan that might help us finally figure that out. (See No. 6, below.) How much is Jeff Bezos worth? (See No. 1.) What has Elon Musk been feeding his unicorn? (See No. 4.) Should Congress pass a law “allowing traffic jams to call you during dinner to give you gonorrhea”? (See No. 7.) And so on! Anyway, let’s get started …

1. It’s official: “Jeff Bezos is second-richest person in world behind Bill Gates,” per The Seattle Times.

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Watch the Newest Ads on TV From Samsung, Acer, Travelocity and More

Every weekday, we bring you the Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new and trending TV commercials tracked by, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention analytics from 10 million smart TVs. The New Releases here ran on TV for the first time yesterday. The Most Engaging ads are ranked by digital activity (including online views and social shares) over the past week.

Among the new releases, a little girl uses the Acer Switch Alpha 12 convertible laptop in tablet mode to give her a parents a totally convincing presentation titled “Reasons why we need a horse.” The Travelocity gnome says that “With the Travelocity Customer First Guarantee, your only worry will be choosing which filter to use.” (Cue scene of a perfect couple taking a pic of the perfect skyline view from their perfect hotel room.) And Samsung shows off the “Infinity Screen” of the Galaxy S8 with a breathtaking underwater tableau starring a scuba diver and a whale.

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Renault: The Sauna

Video of Dacia Sandero – The Sauna

Renault: The Ping Pong

Video of Dacia Sandero – The Ping Pong

Renault: The Barbecue

Video of Dacia Sandero – The Barbecue


La Voz del Corazon (Voice from the Heart) was born as an act of protest where pregnant women with megaphones connected to their developing children heartbeats allowed them, for the first time, being the ones expressing themselves in favor of being born and against the abortion law being discussed in the Chilean parliament. The initiative started in Santiago and it has expanded throughout the world, becoming the most seen and shared pro-life demonstration in history.

Video of #thevoicefromtheheart

Doulux: Slipping

Video of Doulux: Slipping

As YouTube Tinkers With Ad Formula, Its Stars See Their Videos Lose Money

First they came for prank videos, then they came for sexy make-up tutorials, then they came for gamers, then they came for politics, weed and everyone — YouTube basically came for everyone.

The video site is not messing around with its ad-block button as it scrubs itself clean for marketers after hundreds of brands froze spending there because ads were appearing alongside objectionable, and even terrorist-backed, videos.

It has sent a note to advertisers telling them about new filters they can apply to campaigns that will help them avoid more types of objectionable content. There used to be two filter categories known as “sensitive subject exclusions” for “sensitive social issues” and “tragedy and conflicts,” which advertisers could proactively avoid.

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The Day I Spent Making an Ad With the Late, Great Chuck Berry

This is a guest post by Steve Landsberg, co-founder and chief creative officer at New York independent agency Grok.

It was January 1985. I was a copywriter at DDB. My art director Gary Goldsmith and I got thrown into a creative gangbang for the VW GTI. The brief was simple: position the GTI as fun to drive.

Hey, let’s take Chuck Berry’s song “No Particular Place to Go” and show a GTI driving all over the place! We changed the opening lyrics to “Driving around in my GTI, my baby sittin’ by my side.” The client loved it.

Go go go Johnny go.

Around this time, I saw a rock and roll documentary on TV featuring Chuck Berry. He was going through hard, lean times, playing small clubs with local house bands. He was a solitary and bitter guy, resentful of the music executives who ripped him off and of not making the big money like the many bands so heavily influenced by his music.

Meanwhile I was thinkin’, maybe we could get Chuck Berry to re-record his own song. He could use the money. And why go the typical route and pay studio musicians to imitate Chuck Berry if we can pay the real Chuck Berry?

Ain’t got nothing to lose.

At DDB, some folks thought he’d never do it. But persistence exceeded resistance. Calls were made. Negotiations were made and remade. A deal was struck. It would be Chuck berry’s first commercial.

It goes to show you never can tell.

The deal was $15,000 cash. We had to record in Chuck Berry’s personal studio on his compound in Wentzville, Mo. There would be no autographs and absolutely no cameras.

Along with me and Gary, the team from DDB included TV producer Regina Ebel; music director Mike Doran; account supervisor Charlie Zollo; music producer John Hill; his engineer Glen Kolotkin.

We flew way out to St. Louis, drove 30 minutes south, and arrived at a driveway marked by large granite headstone engraved with the words Berry Park. The long, winding driveway led us to a modest ranch house that looked a little worse for wear. Dogs barked as we grabbed our cameras and Charlie reminded us, in no uncertain terms: “NO CAMERAS.” Then Chuck Berry came out to greet us.

I got the wiggles in my knees.

After our awestruck hellos, Chuck directed us past two small in-ground swimming pools, half filled with dark water and dead leaves, to a large building across from his house that was used as a local night club. This, too, had seen better days. Inside was a low stage surrounded by tables and chairs, a bar, and a jukebox. The group followed Chuck into his side studio, but I hung back because I just had to see the songs on Chuck Berry’s jukebox.

Seven hundred little records, all rock, rhythm and jazz.

Chuck’s daughter Ingrid and her boyfriend arrived (he played rhythm guitar). The piano player showed soon after, but the drummer was a no show, so, Ingrid’s guitar-playing boyfriend took his place. Then we discovered the studio’s 24-track system had about four working tracks.

Chuck and his band reviewed the 30-second musical arrangement and started warming up. After a little rehearsing, Chuck walked straight over to me and said, “I need a little chord to get the song going. Is that cool?” I still can’t believe the King of Rock ‘n Roll asked me for permission to adjust his own song. “Yeah sure Chuck,” I stuttered. A few more takes followed, but then some equipment broke down—and while it was getting fixed, Chuck started jamming. No Particular Place To Go flowed into Nadine then Roll Over Beethoven and more. Chuck even did his signature duck walk.

It’s such a sight to see somebody steal the show.

Then the equipment was fixed and our private show ended. “OK, boys, let’s play for money,” Chuck said, and they played a few more takes. Berry wasn’t happy with the drummer, so during a break he casually drifted over to the set and started tinkering. “Hey, lay one of these down,” he called to the guys in the booth, and played what would become the drum track. Then he did the same thing on piano, and after a few hours of sheer jaw-dropping joy, we had what we needed.

Well, I looked at my watch and it was time to go. The bandleader said, “We ain’t playing no more.”

It would have been the end of a perfectly wonderful and crazy day…but it got even better. Chuck asked, “Would you all like to come inside for a drink?” Yeah, we all said, squeezing around Chuck’s kitchen table while his two female assistants prepared his dinner of spaghetti with tomato sauce and a side of peas.

“I don’t drink anymore, but they keep giving me these,” he said while holding a cardboard box filled with an assortment of airline liquor bottles. I took a vodka (maybe two). He also gave us gold-colored souvenir matchbooks with “Chuck Berry” written in black type. We drank and watched him eat. “Chuck, eat your peas,” scolded one of his assistants. He finished and asked, “Would you like a tour of the house?” as we all thought, “Are you fucking kidding me?” and responded with a polite chorus of yes and thank you.

We then followed Chuck to his study where almost every square inch of wall space was covered by framed gold records, awards, photos, and letters from Presidents, music royalty, and other VIPs. Back to the kitchen through the living room, we couldn’t help but notice the round king-sized mattress on the floor, with two projection-TV screens playing. One satellite channel was tuned to Johnny Carson, the other was hard-core porn. Chuck said something I didn’t quite catch, and I thought about his assistants’ job descriptions.

Too much monkey business for me to be involved in.

Last time I saw Chuck Berry he was waving me goodbye. “I’ll see you in London, I’ll see you in France,” he said, playfully pointing at each of us as we shook hands, hugged, and thanked him for everything. We got back into the cars where our lonely, empty cameras had spent the day.

Stendhal Syndrome, also known as hyperkulturemia, is a psychosomatic illness triggered when individuals feel totally overwhelmed in the presence of concentrated works of art or what they perceive to be immense beauty. The effects are short-lived and do not require medical attention.

Or maybe we just had the rockin’ pneumonia.

We drove back to our hotel in silence, exhausted from sensory overload with smiles on our faces. We didn’t even turn on the radio. We were still listening to Chuck Berry.

Snapchat's New Search System Sifts Through 1 Million Stories

Snapchat is giving users more search powers that will open up the app and take it from mostly private communication to more public content sharing.

The messaging and media app beefed up its new search page with a way to sort through content to unlock specific subjects. Now, users can type in “puppies” or “Fashion Week” and call up video Stories related to the topics.

This Stories search opens another window into the content on Snapchat, which has been a rather closed experience for users, who mostly see videos from friends and accounts they follow. Now, content uploaded to Our Stories, which is a public setting, could be surfaced with a search.

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PeopleCare: The revelation

Video of PeopleCare – Reveal the potential of your managers