Publicis Sapient Chief Experience Officer Joins Tech Company Focused on Disaster Management

Publicis Sapient’s chief experience officer is leaving the agency to join a tech company focused on disaster management working, in part, to fight Covid-19 via contact tracing. John Maeda is exiting the role but will remain at Publicis Sapient in an advisory capacity as chair of the experience advisory council. He was unable to share…

How hand-painted billboard ads turned Wall Drug into a tourist hotspot

How hand-painted billboards and free bumper stickers turned a South Dakota pharmacy into one of the largest tourist empires in the country.

Watch live at 10:30 a.m. EDT: DDB's new North America CEO on marrying data with creative

In this live episode of Ad Age Remotely, Justin Thomas-Copeland discusses efforts around diversity and winning new business.

Here's a novel notion: An ad agency that promotes itself

The shop, founded in 2019 by a triumvirate of former holding company agency execs, boasts of having an edge over all its rivals, big and small.

Why an agency exec behind P&G's 'Like a Girl' took a job with a food startup

Karuna Rawal, CMO of Nature’s Fynd, discusses the future of food and the experience of switching to a startup.

Harold Evans, Crusading Newspaperman With a Second Act, Dies at 92

In Britain, he helped redefine high-quality newspapers and challenged legal restrictions on the press. In America, he brought new scope and glitz to book publishing as the head of Random House.

Harry Rosen: Set the tone

Harry Rosen Integrated Ad - Set the tone

As part of the launch, Harry Rosen is taking an unconventional approach with casting, focusing on inspirational Canadian role models who are elevating their communities. Role Models will emphasize Harry Rosen’s brand values including Leadership, Creativity, Inclusivity and Passion and become living symbols for how Harry Rosen helps men set the tone in their personal and professional lives. The lead actor in the video executions, Emmanuel Kabongo, sets the tone in his personal life by working with his brother to coach various sports camps to help kids build confidence and promote leadership in the community.

Invokana: The Lurking Threat

Invokana Integrated Ad - The Lurking Threat

Approximately 1 out of every 3 patients with type 2 diabetes is also living with diabetic kidney disease (DKD). DKD can lead to many issues including dialysis, heart failure, and eventually death. The snake represents the insidious, threatening nature of the disease. As it slowly wraps around the large “T2D,” the snake contorts itself into the letters “DKD,” revealing the seriousness of the issue. This HCP-targeted campaign was created to bring this very real, often overlooked threat to life and to communicate the new renal benefits of treatment with INVOKANA.

Sydney Water: Love Water

Sydney Water Integrated Ad - Love Water
Sydney Water Integrated Ad - Love Water

Sutter Health: 1,000 Things

?mdat: Hear women's voices

?mdat Print Ad - Hear women's voices

McDonald's: Wh4t3v3r_d00rs

McDonald's Print Ad - Wh4t3v3r_d00rs
McDonald's Print Ad - Wh4t3v3r_d00rs
McDonald's Print Ad - Wh4t3v3r_d00rs

When gamers play a game they spend hours immersed in this world. So much so that taking a break and going out to get food can seem impossible. So, McDonald’s created their first ever campaign strictly for gamers to promote their McDelivery service. Showing gamers that with McDelivery they’re Never AFK (Away From Keyboard). The visuals demonstrate that whatever door they’re at in their game, we’ll deliver tasty McDonald’s food to their door, at home.

ASICS: Living Run

ASICS Digital Ad - Living Run
ASICS Digital Ad - Living Run
ASICS Digital Ad - Living Run

We know the 2020 have been the weirdest year for all of us, it challenged us to create new routines, new dynamics, new workspaces and made a 360 degree change in our lives. If we used to run, go to the gym we wouldn’t do it anymore, now our spaces will tell another story; but against all odds there was something that wouldn’t change. We transform our living spaces into a whole space, where we work, we live and breathe.

Shipt: Delivery Done Differently

“Delivery Done Differently” highlights Shipt Shoppers and illustrates Shipt’s mission to spark connections that show why every person counts.

PETA: The Price Behind Your Likes

PETA Digital Ad - The Price Behind Your Likes

What’s the price behind your likes? The elephants are beaten, stabbed, and even shocked until their spirits are broken. This ad has a message for social media — elephants aren’t photo props.

Zeplug: Need an EV charger?

Zeplug Print Ad - Need an EV charger?
Zeplug Print Ad - Need an EV charger?

Home4Animals Foundation / The Voice Foundation / Soi dog Foundation: Pet Shows for Good

Vivo: Notifications

Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications
Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications
Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications
Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications
Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications
Vivo Digital Ad - Notifications

Nothing more annoying than a notification message in the middle of those crucial battles.

Phonak: The Wonder of Sound

Phonak Integrated Ad - The Wonder of Sound

Hearing solutions provider Phonak has launched a new integrated campaign, “The Wonder of Sound,” to promote its Paradise device, the company’s most technologically advanced to date. The campaign aims to remind audiences of how pure, authentic sound can transport us—and that next-level technology can restore a hearing-impaired person’s sense of wonder.

Featuring state-of-the-art speech enhancement and personalized noise cancellation, the Phonak Paradise device began roll-out globally in late August.

“The Wonder of Sound” campaign centers on a global social activation playing off the 7 Wonders of the World, inviting people to help define a new set of wonders by submitting videos that capture the most awe-inspiring, joyful and impactful sounds they’ve ever heard. Those who submit are encouraged to share their posts as widely as possible across Facebook and Instagram, after which a panel of seven celebrity judges will choose the official 7 Wonders of Sound.

The activation is being fueled by a series of broadcast and online videos that demonstrate how the device helps people rediscover the wonder of sound in iconic places thanks to its outstanding sound performance. For example, one spot features the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland with the sound of waves crashing off the rocky coastline. “Is the tide crashing against the Cliffs of Moher one of the wonders of sound?” reads the on-screen text, before the spot cuts to the device and its benefits. That work is running across the U.S., France, Germany and the UK.

As people engage with the campaign, they’ll learn about how Paradise’s unrivaled performance breaks down barriers and brings back the joy of listening.

Google: Google Insta-Highlights

Google Digital Ad - Google Insta-Highlights

While many in Thailand use Google to search for answers they need, very few used the search engine to look for football related information. We wanted to show Thais that Google search was the easiest way to get in-depth real-time football information anytime.

Due to being in a different time zone, most international matches happen late at night in Thailand. we used this opportunity to recreate late-night football matches as daily Instagram stories so fans do not lose sleep over them. We used game date from Google search – scores, goals, penalty, fouls, and schedule – and recapped complete matches on Instagram. Fans could dive deeper and unlock game insights by simply swiping up to open Google Search.

By using Instagram to bring football fans to the Google Search bar, we scored over 1.3 million daily active users, and a 4% increase in usage intent for the football onebox feature.
We call that a game changer.