‘Frozen’ Helps Lift Profit for an Energized Disney

The movie and its hit soundtrack contributed to a 27 percent increase in net income for the company’s second fiscal quarter.

Call for Limits on Web Data of Customers

The long-awaited administration report suggests that tech companies disclose the information they collect on customers.

Campaign Spotlight: ‘Rio 2’ and Vita Coco Kids Embark on a Partnership

The coconut water drink company is among more than a dozen brands that have “Rio 2” promotion deals with 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios.

Advertising: Like That Vase on the TV? Click Your Phone to Buy It

The moment that products appear on television screens, viewers are encouraged to purchase them on their second screens.


With New Rewards Card, Amex Focuses on Busy-Mom Market

The card, called Amex EveryDay and highlighted in an ad campaign starring Tina Fey, is aimed at women the company sees as a key to growth.


Reporting From the Web’s Underbelly

Brian Krebs’s widely read blog, Krebs on Security, covers a particularly dark corner of the Internet: profit-seeking cybercriminals who make billions off spam, malware and frauds.


Skin Deep: Beauty Bloggers Parlay Social-Media Success into Entrepreneurship

A new generation of beauty bloggers is managing to parlay social-media success into entrepreneurship.


Republicans Spar on Leaks and Surveillance, Underscoring Partisan Shake-up

House Republicans on Tuesday offered sharply divergent views about secret government surveillance programs and the leaks that made them public, underscoring the unsettled nature of a political debate that has scrambled the usual partisan lines.


Groceries Are Cleaning Up in Store-Brand Aisles

Over the last three years, sales of store-brand products grew 18.2 percent compared with 7.9 percent for national brands, according to Nielsen.


Advertising: A Contest From Target With a High-Tech Twist

Target joined forces with technology blog of the magazine Fast Company to find a shopping app. A group of developers from advertising agencies won the top prize.


Publisher Drops Book Deal With TV Chef Paula Deen

Fans had made a to-be-published book by Paula Deen a top seller on Amazon, but the publisher, Random House, joined the list of business partners that have cut ties to the embattled chef.


Diabetes Drug Maker Suspends Deal With Deen

The pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has altered its ties with the celebrity chef Paula Deen, the public face of Victoza, its diabetes medication.


Advertising: Freshpet Dog Food Promotes Products Sourced in the U.S.

The refrigerated dog food maker takes a patriotic turn in a new campaign to highlight its fresh ingredients.


Economic Scene: In a Copyright Ruling, the Legacy of the Betamax

A 1984 Supreme Court decision to permit home videotaping shaped the evolution of digital media. A ruling last week might have a similar effect.

The Media Equation: Martha Stewart Struggles to Stay on Top

As Martha Stewart shifts away from media and toward merchandising, a lawsuit between Macy’s and J. C. Penney has highlighted retailers’ continued hunger for strong brands like hers.