Advertising: A Supplement Retailer Pumps Up Consumers

A new advertising campaign by GNC called “Beat average” plays to the unwillingness of many people to identify as below the median.

Bookstores in Seattle Soar, and Embrace an Old Nemesis:

Though many independent bookstores have blamed the giant online retailer for their struggles, there are signs of a thaw in tensions in Seattle, as many Amazon employees are buying books in brick-and-mortar shops.

DealBook: Liberty Media Will Sell Most of Its Investment in Barnes & Noble

The sale removes one of Barnes & Noble’s major backers as the company tries to navigate the changing landscape for books and media.


Advertising: A Home Fixup Campaign for the Web

Ikea sent five employees on a home renovation tour, which they are filming for the Web.


With New Rewards Card, Amex Focuses on Busy-Mom Market

The card, called Amex EveryDay and highlighted in an ad campaign starring Tina Fey, is aimed at women the company sees as a key to growth.


Net-a-Porter Founder Natalie Massenet Looks to Expand on Success

Natalie Massenet has already made Net-a-Porter a powerful force in the fashion world. Now, with a new, high-profile post and a print magazine on the way, she is charting a new course.


Advertising: Cloudy Forecast for Holiday Spending Prompts More Promotion

With consumers expected to spend more cautiously this holiday season, retailers are increasing advertising, discounts and other efforts to attract them.


Domino 3.0

A beloved magazine returns from the dead (again). And this time it’s all about commerce.


Groceries Are Cleaning Up in Store-Brand Aisles

Over the last three years, sales of store-brand products grew 18.2 percent compared with 7.9 percent for national brands, according to Nielsen.


Advertising: Fall Campaigns, With an Eye on Holiday Sales

Some brands pass on conventional advertising like commercials or print ads to stand out and to motivate consumers to become customers.


Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble Reach a Deal

Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest book chain, had been locked in a disagreement with Simon & Schuster over how much it was willing to pay for books.


The Media Equation: Why Barnes & Noble Is Good for Amazon

Having a bookstore in your neighborhood, as opposed to one that is bookmarked on your browser, is an invitation.


Fork in the Road for Barnes & Noble

The nation’s only major bookstore chain has no clear path forward, reviving fears among publishers, authors and agents about its future.


Advertising: A Contest From Target With a High-Tech Twist

Target joined forces with technology blog of the magazine Fast Company to find a shopping app. A group of developers from advertising agencies won the top prize.


Regulator in France Raids Office of Apple

Authorities reportedly want to know if Apple ordered its wholesalers not to deliver some products on time to retailers.


Advertising: When a Founder Is the Face of a Brand

Tying an executive’s personality to his or her business can be highly successful until the executive ages, leaves, dies or gets into trouble.


Dumping the Face, and Founder, of Men’s Wearhouse

George Zimmer, the founder of Men’s Wearhouse and a frequent presence in its commercials, was fired by the company’s board on the day of its shareholders’ meeting.


Advertising: Courting Thrifty Consumers With Value and Quality Brands Stress Value and Quality to Reach Thrifty Consumers

Companies like Procter & Gamble are promoting their value by introducing less expensive alternatives to their premium products to court cost-conscious shoppers.


Advertising: Back-to-School Shopping Campaigns, Already?

The tenuous state of the economy is a major reason for the earlier arrival of back-to-school shopping campaigns.


Wal-Mart Hires Former Bush Aide as Chief Image Maker

Dan Bartlett, a former adviser to President George W. Bush, will succeed Leslie Dach, a former Clinton White House staff member, as executive vice president for corporate affairs.