Boston Pizza Canada "BP in Bed" (2018) :40 (Canada)

Introducing the world’s first pizza box designed to eat pizza in bed.

Chick-fil-A – Michelangelo – (2016) :30 (US)A

Chick-fil-A - Michelangelo - (2016) :30 (US)A
Erich & Kallman, a new San Francisco-based advertising agency, is launching a new national advertising campaign for Chick-fil-A using famous historical figures to teach us that chicken for breakfast is not so crazy. It’s a long way from those cows climbing on billboards everywhere. It’s all TV and all odd, here’s Michelangelo being “this guy”. Just quirky enough to stick out pf the clutter but tame enough to not offend anyone.

“The campaign is a really fun way to go right at the inherent tension, as choosing chicken for breakfast isn’t an obvious option to many right now.” said Creative Director and agency co-founder Eric Kallman. “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Chick-fil-A on such a big campaign.”

Chick-fil-A – Beethoven's song – (2016) :30 (USA)

Chick-fil-A - Beethoven's song - (2016) :30 (USA)
Remember in the 80’s when people had answering machnines messages playing “nobody is home… nobody’s hooooooome” to the tune of Beethoven? This is a bit like that, except about chicken.

McDonald's "Gvavicheese VA" (2016) 1:26 (France)

This ad is a spoof of Gravity. And it is hilarious. Dabitch quipped that French food is so good they have to make really good McDonald’s ads to make up for it. I tend to agree.
“Are their pickles on there?”
“You know there are pickles, man!”
The rug pull at the end is also decidedly French. I’m freaking lovin’ this.

McDonald's "Unbelievably huge" (2016) :30 (Ireland)

For the first time ever, McDonald’s is launching its Monopoly promotion globally. In Ireland, this is big news. No, strike that. It’s huge news.

Black Forest Organics "Streaker" (2016) :30 (USA)

The Real Gummies of the Black Forest are back. In this episode, the parents are strolling causally through the forest when they discover their song and his friends are taking the whole “au naturel” thing a bit too far. That’s right, they are streaking. And it’s even pixilated. Hehehe. And while the mom is all pearl clutchy, the dad is proud of his son. Which is only slightly creepy. This looks like it was quite the fun campaign to work on.

Dairygold "#MakeaMinute" (2016) 1:00 (Ireland)

Dairygold butter is spreadable, right from the fridge saving you time with its convenience. Question is, what will you do with that extra time? This spot answers the questions in a series of vignettes featuring friends, family, loved ones, music, and all the other cool things you could be doing instead of waiting for your butter to get to spreadable consistency. Neat trick of balancing a lifestyle message with product benefit here.

McDonald’s “Passengers” (2016) :15 (USA)

McDonald’s “Passengers” (2016) :15 (USA)
You can’t choose who sits next to you on an airplane, lord knows. But at least you can choose two of your favorite meals from McDonalds. This is quite a relatable spot.

McDonalds “Parents” (2016) :30 (USA)

McDonalds “Parents” (2016) :30 (USA)
You can’t choose how cool your parents are, but you can choose two of your favorites at McDonalds. I like the dad’s logic: Of course it’s a selfie. I took it myself.

Ghirardelli "Bestdressedsnack" (2016) :15 (USA)

Update your snack style with Ghirardelli ‘s milk chocolate covered cashews with seal salt added. Not sure about making “Update your snack style,” a thing, but if you offered me a handful of these guys, I wouldn’t say no.

Daiya "Cheesier than ever" (2016) :15 (USA)

Here is the endless sitcom laugh track spot for Daiya pizza, in 15 second format, instead of the 60 second. Which works better? Which is funnier? You decide.

Daiya "Cheesier than ever" (2016) :60 (USA)

Daiya is a cheese substitute but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t cheesy. In this fake sitcom we see a wife who has made a pizza with Daiya and her husband says to her “Pizza? Now that’s a thing I enjoy,” followed by 50 seconds of studio laugh track. I guess it could have been funnier if the opening dialogue was even halfway approaching the husband making a joke, but instead, no, it’s just bad acting and innocuous dialogue followed by 50 seconds of laughing. It’s a very nice take on the cheesiness of sitcoms. The upshot is that now I know Daiya is pronounced like Day-Ah, and not Die-ah, so at least I learned something.

Black Forest Organics "Enhancements" (2016) :30 (USA)

The real Gummies Of The Black Forest are back and this time they, well…let’s just say “Got your nose,” will have a completely different meaning after you watch this.

Black Forest Organics "Dinner" :30 (2016) (USA)

This spot stars The Real Gummies of the black forest. A quasi-reality TV family who are humblebragging about the fact they are organic. Best line “Why is dad always saying he’d like to take a bite of Mrs Johnson’s…?” Funny stuff. Although the Gummie Dad need to be slapped for teaching Gummie privilege to their child. In the next episode, we’ll watch as he declares words like “sugar,” and “gelatin,” to be trigger words never to be uttered in his presence. He’ll then demand safe spaces on his little Gummie college campus.

Black Forest Organics "Enhancements" :15 (2016) (USA)

In this installment of The Real Gummies Of The Black Forest, the daughter’s caught her parents getting all hot and bothered with each other and just knows she’ll need therapy as a result. Very silly stuff.

Popeyes "Southern Fair" (2016) 1:00 (USA)

Comedy Central’s made an ad for Popeyes Chicken, in the style of a movie trailer. It features two “star-crossed lovers” who fall in love but face the drama of the girl’s pop, who doesn’t think the boy is “fair,” enough. As in county fair. But it’s also a play off the “fair deal,” from Popeyes. You can see the jokes coming a mile away, but I appreciate the seersucker suits.

McDonald's France wants you to come as you are

McDonald’s is official partner of the UEFA Euro 2016 and it wanted to extended a welcome hand to the European fans who will descend on France this summer. Under their tagline Come As You Are, BETC Paris and McDonald’s celebrates all fans, regardless of the teams they support. Photographed by Kim Reenberg, the visuals demonstrate the power of good sportsmanship, tolerance and diversity by showing fans holding up scarves that support two countries. with the country names merging to become a new country.

Metro "The daily catch" (2016) :53 (Germany)

Fish used to be wrapped in newspaper when it was sold. Metro took that old behavior and turned it into a way to prove how fresh their fish is in this simple execution. Fishermen from all over Europe would wrap their day’s catch in their daily newspaper before shipping out. So when it arrived in stores you’d know exactly when and where your fish was caught. I suppose it’s also a great way to use up all those hard copies of newspapers. Win win.

Carl's Jr "$4 Real Deal feat Lil Dicky" (2016) :30 (USA)

Even though it was a bold move away from its usual T&A for Carl’s Jr, 72andSunny still can’t escape the millennial hype, in this incredibly forgettable spot featuring Lil Dicky. As his wiki bio says, he’s a former account guy turned copywriter named David Burd. So it’s even more meta than it looks. For those of you who didn’t work with Burd, or who aren’t 23 and don’t know who him by his stage name, it’s okay. Like this $4 Real Deal at Carl’s Jr, I’m sure they’ll replace him with someone else next time. Remember kids: it’s called viral because it dies off quickly every year or so. Just like the flu.

Schneider's "Fist Bump" (2016) 1:36 (Canada)

Heartwarming through-the-years spot from Schneiders featuring the relationship between dad and son, and traditions, and hot dogs and sandwiches, just in time for Father’s Day. It’s real without feeling cloying. And just enough emotional pull to give me a tiny lump in my throat. The ending is actually quite sweet. Sometimes a fist bump ain’t enough. Good casting on the son, too. He had the right amount of vulnerability and pathos.