Media Companies Join to Extend the Brands of YouTube Stars

Keywords Press will release six to 10 titles annually, both in print and digital formats.

Books of The Times: ‘Console Wars,’ a Gaming Industry Clash by Blake J. Harris

“Console Wars” is the author Blake J. Harris’s take on one aspect of the video game industry.

Bits Blog: Amazon vs. Hachette: When Does Discouragement Become Misrepresentation?

After Amazon’s aggressive stance against a major book publisher became public last week, criticism and complaints mounted. But Amazon seems confident it will get what it wants.

Chipotle Experiments With Disposable Literature

The fast-food chain has enlisted prominent writers like Toni Morrison, Judd Apatow and George Saunders to write essays and notes for its cups and bags.

Books of The Times: In ‘Stress Test,’ Timothy F. Geithner Recalls Crisis Days

Timothy F. Geithner, the former Treasury secretary, recounts his view of the financial crisis in “Stress Test.”

Claiming a Copyright on Marx? How Uncomradely

Fans of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are objecting to a publisher’s claim of copyright on Marx translations.

William H. Honan, Journalist and Author, Dies at 83

Mr. Honan was

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a culture editor for The New York Times and the author of several books.

Author of the Book ‘Gravity’ Sues Warner Bros. Over Credit

The best-selling author Tess Gerritsen filed the suit, claiming the studio failed to give her a “based upon” film credit — and part of the profit — for her book published in 1999.

ArtsBeat: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Finally Becoming an E-Book

Harper Lee has agreed to let “To Kill a Mockingbird,” one of only a few classics currently available only in print, to be published as an e-book in July.

Lois Wallace, a Respected Agent of Prominent Authors, Dies at 73

Ms. Wallace formed a small but prestigious literary agency that represented Erich Segal, William F. Buckley Jr., Joan Didion and Don DeLillo.

Clinton Publisher Settles on Title for New Memoir

“Hard Choices,” which recounts Hillary Rodham Clinton’s years as secretary of state as she emerges as a potential presidential candidate, is due out in June.

Advertising: Children’s Book to Soothe Parents of the College-Bound

The investment company T. Rowe Price has published a rhyming picture book to help worried parents plan for the cost of sending their children to college.

Bookstores in Seattle Soar, and Embrace an Old Nemesis:

Though many independent bookstores have blamed the giant online retailer for their struggles, there are signs of a thaw in tensions in Seattle, as many Amazon employees are buying books in brick-and-mortar shops.

C.E.O. of The Times Co. to Publish a Book on Language

The book, “Enough Said,” will examine language in the digital age, drawing on lectures that the executive, Mark Thompson, gave at Oxford.


Robert Slater, 70, Journalist Covering Israel and Author

Mr. Slater covered Israel for Time for two tumultuous decades and wrote more than two dozen books.


‘Gone With the Wind’ Prequel Coming in October

The estate of Margaret Mitchell, author of “Gone With the Wind,” has authorized a prequel, being written by Donald McCaig, called “Ruth’s Journey.”


Surging Rents Force Booksellers From Manhattan

The rising cost of doing business in Manhattan is driving out many of its remaining bookstores, threatening the city’s sense of self as the center of the literary universe.


Journalist Receives Big Advance for Jann Wenner Biography

Joe Hagan, a contributing editor for New York magazine, will have access to the Rolling Stone publisher’s archives to research and write the book.


Khushwant Singh, Provocative Indian Journalist, Dies at 99

Mr. Singh, a diplomat, journalist and a chronicler of the bloody sectarian strife in India, was also known for his wit and bawdy stories.


Book on Jewish Gangsters of Murder Inc. to Cost $4,200

The collector’s edition of “The Brownsville Boys: Jewish Gangsters of Murder, Inc.” is lavishly illustrated, printed and boxed, and sells for $4,200 per copy.