Freshpet Tricks People Into Eating Its Dog Food, and It's Pretty Hilarious

Tricking someone into eating something disgusting—tarantulas, worms, insects in general—is nothing new. Some game shows have whole segments based around that look of horror that comes over someone’s face when they realize what they’ve just swallowed.

Usually it’s only fun for the audience. But in this new video from ShareAbility, pet food company Freshpet found a way to make it somewhat enjoyable for the victims, too—or at least, not as gross as it sounds.

The presentation helps. The secret dog food here is presented like a foodie’s dream—fancy-looking grub in small portions. But it’s when the tasters are told what it is that the magic really kicks in. (Plus, the little kids are charming.)

Advertising: Freshpet Dog Food Promotes Products Sourced in the U.S.

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