Patch Sites Turn Corner After Sale and Big Cuts

Patch’s new controlling owner took over in January, and soon after, only 15 percent of its news staff was left. It has managed to turn a profit in the last three months.

Advertising: Already Crowded, Upfront Week Keeps Snowballing

“Everybody wants to get in on the action,” said Joe Mandese, editor in chief of MediaPost, who estimated there would be “almost 100 events” by the time the upfronts conclude.

Advertising: For Online Video Publishers, a New Tack on Luring Ad Dollars

Publishers of online video at the Digital Content NewFronts indicated they were trying to make it easier for marketers and agencies to spend on video.

Advertising: Mocked on Internet, Diet Coke Alters Ads

Mocked in social media, the soft drink’s slogan “You’re on” is being dropped from its ad campaign after only three months.

Advertisers Seek a ‘Second Screen’ Connection With Viewers

Companies try to reach multitasking television watchers through their smartphones, tablets and laptops with Twitter and Facebook posts that are relevant to popular programs.

No Regrets for the Founder of Tumblr After Yahoo Sale

While conceding he was “terrified” going into the deal, David Karp says he is happy with the autonomy the microblogging service has under its new owner.

Advertising: Push to Put Brands in Video Content

The move to integrate brands and products into video content and the resulting revenue have prompted the development of more original video programming.

The Great Unwatched

Online video ads were supposed to be a marketer’s dream. Instead, many become lost in an unruly maze.

Advertising: Courting Video Advertisers With Infinite (and Growing) Air Time

The 2014 NewFronts, presentations for buyers of online advertising, offer an expanded calendar of events reflecting the rapid growth of the field.

Advertising: Home Décor Retailer CB2 Invites Pinterest Users to Furnish Apartment

Professional designers will offer several options for furnishings, and site visitors will vote to decide what will be used.

Hot Spots: Ads Look to Stand Out Amid the Political Clutter

The 2014 election cycle has ushered in a rush of political advertising, with campaign ads airing as early as last spring and record-shattering spending for the first quarter of the election year.

Advertising: With a Mouthful, A&W Hopes to Draw Baby Boomers’ Offspring

The restaurant chain, which peaked in the 1960s and ’70s, hopes a campaign that includes a 304-character hashtag will attract the younger generation.

Advertising: For a New Burt’s Bees Line, Check Your Calendar

The personal care brand Burt’s Bees is promoting anti-aging products in messages that will appear as appointments in electronic calendars.

DealBook: James Murdoch Joins Board of Advertising Start-Up

The appointment comes as True[X], a venture capital-backed start-up, refreshes its board, bringing in industry expertise as it grows.

Advertising: ‘Turketarian’ or ‘Meatatarian’? It’s All in the ‘Framily’

Campaigns featuring coined and made-up words are increasingly prevalent on television, in print, online and in social media.

Advertising: For Opening Day, a Campaign to Love Baseball

A salute to opening day will start the effort, by BBDO New York, which will focus on young stars and how attending games can provide lifetime memories.


Advertising: Like That Vase on the TV? Click Your Phone to Buy It

The moment that products appear on television screens, viewers are encouraged to purchase them on their second screens.


A Kiss Is Just a Kiss, Unless It’s an Ad for a Clothing Company

Some experts suggest that a video sensation showing 10 pairs of strangers kissing for the first time could force major fashion designers to rethink how they advertise.


Advertising: Wendy’s Turns Up Volume on Adoption Drive

Wendy’s has long supported adoption, but now the company is putting it front and center with a national advertising campaign and an adoption hub on its website.


Campaign Spotlight: H&R Block Ads Suggest the Only Certainties Are Death, Taxes — and Hipsters

An online-only campaign pokes fun at a “hipster tax crisis” as April 15 approaches.