The Media Equation: Warnings Along F.C.C.’s Fast Lane

Time and again, when the government tries to insert itself between the Internet and its users, it gets clobbered. This could end up the same way.

Common Sense: Amazon’s Shrinking Profit Sets Off a Seismic Shock to Its Shares

For a second quarter in a row, the Internet retailer’s stock fell sharply after its earnings report, suggesting that investors may be growing wary.

Media Decoder: Start-Up Ozy Media Adds Axel Springer as a Backer

Axel Springer of Germany is poised to announce an investment in Ozy Media, an online news site whose target audience is what it calls “the change generation.”


Start-Up Site Hires Critic of Wall St.

Matt Taibbi will start his own publication focusing on financial and political corruption at First Look Media, which is financed by the eBay founder Pierre Omidyar.


The M.T.A. Switches Ad Agencies After 22 Years

Korey Kay & Partners, creator of “If you see something, say something,” is being replaced by two agencies: Pulsar Advertising and the Arcade Creative Group.


Top Editor at People Magazine Leaving Time Inc.

Larry Hackett will leave Time Inc., the company said, and the editor of Entertainment Weekly, Jess Cagle, will succeed him.


Gabriel Snyder, Former Editor of The Wire, Joins Mobile News Start-Up

Mr. Snyder has joined, a start-up founded by the web entrepreneur Jason Calacanis.


Walt Disney’s Chicago Birthplace to Become a Private Museum

A couple from Los Angeles have bought Disney’s birthplace in Chicago and plan to turn it into a private museum.


Sued Over Pay, Condé Nast Ends Internship Program

The publisher took the action after two former interns sued, complaining they had been paid below minimum wage for summer jobs at W Magazine and The New Yorker.


An Interview With Pierre Omidyar

The founder of eBay explains his thinking in backing a general-interest news site with Glenn Greenwald.


The Media Equation: Tech Wealth and Ideas Are Heading Into News

The technology industry and its various power brokers are suddenly investing significant sums of money in preserving news capacity and quality.


Snowden Journalist’s New Venture to Be Bankrolled by eBay Founder

Pierre Omidyar will finance the news site drawing Glenn Greenwald away from The Guardian, where he reported on the revelations by Edward Snowden.


Advertising: Time-Shifted Viewing, Plans for Las Vegas and Bossy Little Girls

Highlights of the 10th annual Advertising Week, including a panel discussion on a TV network’s advertising plans and a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook.


‘Breaking Bad’ Props to Be Auctioned sees a market in the stuff movie and TV shows are made of, including the dull green Aztek used by the show’s meth-dealing antihero, Walter White.


American Tells of Odyssey as Prisoner of Syrian Rebels

Matthew Schrier, a photographer, says he was held for seven months by jihadi fighters opposed to President Bashar al-Assad. After being robbed, tortured and accused of being an American spy, he escaped in July.


James Truman, a Crown Prince in a New Kingdom

Mr. Truman, once a titan of the publishing world, has branched out to record production, the winemaking business, organic farming and even the circus.


Technology Industry Extends a Hand to Struggling Print Media

Whether from a sense of obligation, responsibility or guilt, the technology elite has taken up the cause of helping print journalism adapt to change.


The Rise and Fall of the Computer-Animated ‘Foodfight!’

The ill-fated, computer-animated “Foodfight!” took multiple food-brand corporate mascots and made them characters.


Rowling Book Skyrockets to Instant Hit

Booksellers who struggled to sell a book by Robert Galbraith are now struggling to get hold of the same book, whose author was revealed to be J. K. Rowling.


Ticketmaster Accuses 21 of Fraudulent Ticket Buying

The company accused 21 people of circumventing its online security system to try to buy huge numbers of tickets to resell at a profit.